Gardening Around Your Log Cabin in July

July is here and so is the amazing time where you can plan lot of gardening ideas around your log cabin. This is the best time of the year, where you can give a thorough makeover to your log cabin, and can add more species of plants in the garden to give it a more appealing look. As this month offers you the perfect temperature for the growth of plants, you can be sure of good plantations and you also don’t have to worry about the water supply, as July is not particularly that hot. There are many new specifies of flowers and exotic fruits that you can plan for the plantation while arranging them in a manner that gives your log cabin a very green and amazing look. There are lot many varieties to choose from and to get more ideas; you can even visit the local nursery. If you have open space at the back and front, then you can plan two gardens where you can divide the types of plants suiting the space. As you can also give them the shape of your choice, the plants can be styled and placed according to your liking.

If you have planned to give your log cabin garden a decorative look, then you have to plant the seeds in a way that they grow in a right manner. To start with, you have to consider few important points. Here are some of them:

Right Planning

Before you start with the gardening around your log cabin, make sure that you have planned the entire plantation in a right way. Start with mulching the garden area if you haven’t planted anything on it before. If you have plants already, then make sure that you are placing them into the pots in a manner where there roots are not getting damaged. Many people transfer the plants in a wrong way and thus the plant dies in a week’s time after the transfer. The best way to do it is by taking the entire plant with the mud and placing it right into the pot. This way, the roots will be in the mud and they won’t be getting damaged in the process. If you have included some exotic species of plantation like oranges, blueberries strawberries etc, then ensure that you have made a separation in the garden for them. As exotic species of plants demands more care and attention, you cannot water them like you water the other plants. Too much or too less watering may damage the plants. The best way is to take the guidance from a local nursery before you start with the plantation process.

Selection Of Plants

After making all the right arrangements for the placement of plants and the preparation of the mud, comes the selection of the plants. If you want your garden to be green all year round, then go for the plants that are suitable for all season types otherwise you have to rotate the plantation every season. Exotic plants have an advantage that they are green all year-round and they give you fruits for a particular time of the year. If you are someone who is in love with a green garden, then you can include variety of species of exotic plants. You can also choose from the varieties of flowers like petunia, marigold, geranium, verbena, begonia, African daisy, lavender, fuchsia, and delphinium. These flower choices are really amazing and they will give you garden a blooming look when they will be at their peak in their respective seasons. Remember to include different types of flowers in between and if you are making a row of plants, then keeping a flower in between is always a good idea.

Water Them Properly

After the plantation, you have to make sure that you are taking the right care of all the plants by watering them in a right manner. Watering the plants in the morning is the best way to keep them hydrated. If your log cabin is placed in an area where you get direct sun in the garden, then make sure that you are watering the plant twice a day. Water the plants in a manner where they get even supply of water and don’t leave the gardening pipe in one area. This will water the roots too much and the plant will eventually die.

Keep An Eye On Pests

You have to be very careful about the pests in the garden as they can completely ruin the entire plantation. Make sure that you are using the right amount of pesticide to ensure that you are keeping the pesticide growth in check. Generally, the garden gets infested by snails and the best way to get rid of them is by placing an empty box in the garden. This way, the snails will gather around the box because the box is warm inside and you will be collecting all the snails.

Mowing The Garden

Remember to mow the garden regularly to keep in check the extra growth of foreign plants. Mowing also helps you to have a good grass growth that complements the rest of the plants. If you have a garden grass, then you have to keep an eye on the growth as they tend to grow too fast in the month of July. To make sure that they are not hampering the growth of the other plants in the garden of log cabin, you can trim the grass once a week.

Cutting and Trimming

As July offers the perfect environment of growth, you will find many trees growing real fast around your garden cabin. It may be possible that you may have branches of trees pushing in your garden and restricting the flow of direct sunlight. Make sure that you are trimming such branches on timely basis to ensure that there is a proper flow of sunlight in the garden which is very much essential of the growth of plants. Don’t destroy the entire branch of the tree and trim it in a manner that it stays in shape.

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