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  • How to Make the Perfect Compost for your Garden

    The perfect compost for your garden is the perfect soil amendment from nature. Composting the right way will not give you that smelly and messy scenario that you have always envisioned. All you need is a comprehensive guide to help you create compost and get the best out of it. Compost for Home Gardens Enjoying your garden becomes even better when you have a beautiful outdoor view and a productive gardening project. You can invest time and money to bring out the best returns, and nothing could be more rewarding than vigorous and healthy plants which give you a great harvest. You get a double reward when you actually keep the kitchen scraps as well as the yard waste from the landfill as your contribution to saving Mother Earth. Compost is one of the most popular trends in the gardening wor... (More)
  • 10 Vegetables that Need to be Grown in a Greenhouse

    A garden is one of the most productive features of your property. You can go for a conventional garden or a greenhouse that would absolutely transform your home outdoors into something remarkable and magical, especially for those with green fingers. Greenhouses were originally and strictly for commercial growing but not anymore. Nowadays, these structures are oftentimes becoming increasingly popular, in particular for home gardeners. Greenhouses in a Home Garden Why would you need a greenhouse in your home garden in the first place? First, these building structures help you grow your own vegetables and enjoy them without any restrictions of the season or outdoor conditions. You can extend your growing period or season by weeks or months than traditional gardening does. Second, there are v... (More)
  • How to Care of your Plants in Summer

    Your garden gives you the ultimate joy and a panoramic view all year round. However, it is more challenging to maintain the beautiful scenery outdoors if you are dealing with the heat wave of summer. Your plants need extra care and attention in order to maintain their lush green look and even survive the hot temperature. Houses are always improved with the right landscapes and gardens and you can make that possible with a well-maintained outdoors, especially when temperatures spike. Summer Plant Care for your Garden The type of plant you have for your residential landscape and garden determines what the best summer plant care is best to use. For instance, you can find sun-loving plants such as cacti and succulents, which could absolutely withstand and adapt to high temperatures. However, ... (More)
  • How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes

    One of the most amazing views you could ever see in your garden is a group of ripe and red cherry tomatoes, growing and blossoming in full swing. The idea of growing tomatoes is an interesting one and you can start even when you are not really sure what to do. All you need is a pot and cherry tomato seedlings to begin. This tomato variety is extremely easy to grow. Most importantly, just one plant gives you a steady crop all season, allowing you to enjoy the bite-size fruit all year round. Popular Cherry Tomato Varieties for Gardens Choosing the right variety of cherry tomatoes could make a huge difference. Here are some of the most popular choices for growing cherry tomato in your garden:    *  Black Cherry – the fruits of this variety have a complex mix of sweet and rich flavour  ... (More)
  • Everything You Need to Know about Cucumber Growing

    Spruce up your garden with the fastest growing and easy to grow cucumber. You can find numerous cucumber varieties to grow such as marketmore, baby Persian, and homemade pickles. Lemon cucumbers are also fun to grow because you needn’t dedicate all your time and energy into your crop. Plant cucumbers from seed and see the plant in no time, giving more colour and fun to your log cabin like no other. Growing Cucumbers in your Garden The truth about cucumber is that they are easy-care and low-maintenance vegetables that love water and sun. They grow almost immediately and quickly flourish, especially if you give them a consistent supply of water and they are planted in areas with good exposure to the sun. These vegetables are not space consuming when it comes to the amount of space you all... (More)
  • The Most Important Tools to Have in your Garden Shed

    A garden shed is an important structure in your home serving numerous functions. Contemporary sheds have more features and designs, making them the best source of aesthetic enhancement for every property. One of the most important things you need to consider is the tools that you need to store in your shed, helping it achieve its main purpose from the outset. So, what exactly are the most important and useful tools that your garden shed should have? Essential Tools for your Garden Shed Garden tools help you carry out your numerous jobs in the garden, helping you to do them smoothly and hassle-free. Different tools in your garden shed serve different purposes, from the most basic chores to the most complicated and demanding work. Garden shed tools are designed to cut grass, plant flowers,... (More)
  • Garden Structures Made of Wood: Things You Need to Know

    Garden structures make your backyard and overall property value even better because these features are additional selling points. No matter what type of wooden garden structure you have, the aesthetic value and curb appeal of your property instantly go up. A garden is basically a place where you can unwind, relax, and just appreciate the beauty of nature, especially if you have a well-maintained landscape. Adding wooden garden structures on the site could make a world of difference. Why are Garden Structures of Wood Important When you have wooden structures in your garden, you’ll be able to spend more quality time in this area, allowing you to relax and refresh. It is also an ideal spot where you can bond and spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones away from all the hustle ... (More)
  • 10 Vegetables You Need to Plant this Year

    A log cabin garden makes a remarkable addition to your property, providing you with more benefits than any other feature in your timber house. Vegetable gardening is always popular among log home owners, however, the type of garden you cultivate and grow mainly depends on the most prevalent weather in your place or location. There are summer to winter gardens to choose from, all with varied features and upsides. Benefits of a Log Cabin Garden The best thing about log cabin gardens is that you can plant the vegetable of your choice and save on your own food bills through consuming your own produce. A vegetable garden ensures you eat safe and healthy food because you organically grow your produce yourself. Growing and cultivating a vegetable garden in your log cabin is a remarkably worthwhi... (More)
  • The Best Time for Seeding Vegetables

    A log cabin is a great investment for home buyers and property investors. Nowadays, people invest in log houses to use as a primary residence or for rental purposes to augment their income. Whatever motivation you have in owning a log cabin, the investment is definitely worth it. There are various features to closely look into if you’re a log house owner and a garden is absolutely one of them. Gardens boost the curb appeal of the log structure from the outside and they also make the log home a peaceful and rejuvenating place to live in. Log Cabin Garden and Vegetable Seeding Invest your time, energy, and your available resources in your log cabin garden and you’ll surely reap the fruits of your investment. Gardens are remarkable features and offer a fantastic return on investment from... (More)
  • Things You Need to Know about the Hedge

    A log cabin garden is never complete without a hedge or hedgerow. Hedge refers to a line of shrubs that are closely spaced, planted, and trimmed to form a certain barrier or boundary mark. Some tree species are also used as hedges, depending on your preferred landscape. A log home increases its market value, curb appeal, and privacy if there are hedges surrounding the property. The Relationship between Log Cabin and Hedges Most log home gardens are accentuated with low, medium, and towering hedges. Contrary to the popular notion, these well-maintained shrubs and foliage come in a wide variety of plant species. To the question: what type of hedge is perfect for your log cabin? The answer would usually depend on the type of garden you cultivate and your needs for aesthetics, privacy, and ot... (More)

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