Designs of Large Log Cabins

Log homes over the years have made a drastic evolution from country weekend homes to primary residences. This trend gave birth to large log cabins with the same rustic beauty but more functionality. Thousands of log structures are built every year with new design ideas being introduced periodically. Potential log home owners prefer a log structure manufacturer or packager for their floor plan design, with there being various customized and stock log cabins to choose from. Before getting to know the many popular designs for large log homes, it is best to know the right steps in building your dream cabin.


Large Log Cabins Primer

Building your log home is a profitable and promising investment. You need to be on the right track if you want to make it happen without any worries. How do you properly and wisely invest in large log cabins?

  • Research

Know the basics of log home building and investment in general. You can use the internet, where you’ll find numerous sources and references. Another way is to attend log home shows to see what different companies have to offer. You can also ask for a recommendation or reference and use the information you get to make informed decisions.

  • Investigate

Residential large log cabins demand a huge amount of your money, time, and energy so you need to check the background of the company you want to employ for your log home construction. Refer to their track record, feedback of their previous clients, and their record with industry approved and recognized associations.


  • Budget

Your finances play a crucial role in your investment. There are large log cabins that are cost effective, while others need a significant amount of money. Decide on a log home that suits your realistic budget. The best log cabin investment is one that you can afford without sacrificing the quality of the floor plan and other essentials in the project.

  • Inspect

You can see the quality of work of the log home contractor through looking at examples of their large log cabins. There are websites available, but the surest way is to personally go to their showroom or depot. A close inspection of their existing cabins will help you determine the quality of their work.

Top Maintenance Issues with Large Log Cabins

Just like any other building structures, log homes also have their upsides and drawbacks. In the case of log structures, there are 3 maintenance concerns that potential owners need to closely consider:

  1. Cracks and Gaps

Wood and timber tend to contract and expand over time. Any large log cabins are then prone to cracks and gaps, especially when the logs dry out and eventually settle. The appearance of cracks and gaps is inevitable. However, you can prevent them during the construction period. Your log home should be inspected and if cracks and gaps can already be seen, you must immediately address the issue. Log home inspection is necessary at least once a year.


  2. Moisture

Today’s large log cabins are also susceptible to moisture, which could eventually lead to a lot of problems.  Water damage is the root of numerous log home issues such as fissures, rotting, and mould growth. The secret to avoiding moisture in your log structure is to have proper drainage and insulation. Ventilate the log cabin and reapply stain. Prevent moisture to ensure there are no damp or humid areas where dangerous mould could grow and proliferate over time.

  3. Sun

Nature has its way of damaging even log house. Too much exposure to the sun will eventually take its toll on your log home. Fading as well as other signs of wear and tear will appear. In order to avoid these damages, apply wood stain or preservative on the logs. Staining is a treatment that serves as a protective measure especially from the dreaded effects of fading.

Designing your Log Cabin Interior

Designing large log cabins is quite daunting, especially if you do it on your own. The good news is that you can actually find a whole range of helpful tips and design ideas on the internet. According to log home experts, balance is the key in decorating your rustic home. Look for a theme and follow that theme for coordinated and coherent results. Your log home will have its provenance, innate characteristics, and highlights. Make your log cabin a reflection of your lifestyle, personality, and taste.


How to Get the Log Cabin Look

  • The Devil is in the Detail

Your dream log home is the manifestation of your longing for a laidback, rustic, and carefree living. A lot of large log cabins showcase the timeless and classic natural looks through the interior designs and accents ‒ hang pictures on your log walls and use vintage inspired materials. Rounded log picture frames, wrought iron decorative, and wooden lamps and lighting fixtures are just few of the details you can add.

  • Stain to your Heart’s Content

Numerous large log cabins undergo staining treatment not just for protection from the elements. Log homes are stained inside and out to achieve that splash of colour. Golden stain is ideal throughout the house. Log home decorators recommend sheer-coloured stains for different rooms or areas inside the cabin for variety. Invest in top quality staining treatment, as this affects the aesthetics and overall quality and functionality of the log structure.


  • Indulge in your Favourite Theme

The design of your log home depends on the theme you choose. Different collections of large log cabins highlight various themes and categories. Here are some of the most popular themes to choose from when designing your dream cabin:

  • Country or Rustic
  • Black and White
  • Beachside
  • Vintage or Retro
  • Futuristic
  • Fairytale
  • Minimalist
  • Contemporary or Modern
  • Victorian or Regal
  • Asian

The best way to spend your hard-earned money is on lucrative investments such as large log cabins. These log structures can serve as your primary residence or become business assets for rental purposes. Remember the most popular designs for today’s log homes and reap the fruits of your investment.

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