Designing the Perfect Log Cabin Floor Plan for You

Your guide to a perfect floor plan. The increased popularity of log cabins has resulted in an increase in demand. There are several reasons that add to the popularity of log cabins including, but not limited to, their versatility and pocket-friendly rates. No matter the reasons for you needing a log cabin, the first and most important thing to consider is how to design the perfect floor plan that can help you enjoy the services of a log cabin for an extended period of time.

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Firstly, it is important that you find the right piece of land where you will erect the log cabin. Therefore, before you start browsing the internet to find the perfect log cabin  for you, it is essential that you find out where that home will be built. For example, if you want your personal working space in your home, then the garden could be the best place, as it can give you enough privacy as well as keep you close to your family members. On the other hand, if you are considering a wooden garage then you need to choose a piece of land where that garage can be easily built. You need to understand that not all floor plan designs are appropriate for all building sites. For example, a walk-out basement generally needs a home to be constructed on a slope or deep set into a hillside.

In addition, some floor plans are designed to take benefit of the home’s location relative to sunlight so that in your property you will have to find out where and how your home will be positioned on your piece of land. Now, once you have decided on the perfect place on your property to build the log cabin the next thing to do is to find the perfect plan, and fortunately it is not so difficult. A log cabin in your garden or wooden garage can easily become a reality as there are numerous blueprints available on the internet or from any manufacturer that deals with log cabins. Furthermore, if you are considering constructing a log cabin as a retreat in a peaceful location, then getting planning permission should also be on your list of things to do. The size, the location, and whether or not it is a barrier to any wildlife are possible rules to be looked into. Additionally, to avoid the risk of having it bulldozed, you should get a permit beforehand. There are other benefits of getting a legal permit too, say if in future you decide to sell the cabin then you can do so with no issues since the building has been legally constructed and has a permit.

Considering some other factors like general layout and energy efficiency are also important. You will have to think about the general layout that your residential cabin is probably going to have, such as how many bedrooms, floors etc. This will help you choose the most appropriate and ideal log cabin. Now as far as getting an energy efficient timber home is concerned, it could be the wisest decision that you make. This way, you won’t only be making an environmentally friendly choice, but it will also help you save thousands of pounds in future energy costs.

Some of The Factors to Take into Account Include:

Thermal insulation: Thermal insulation assists in maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the house. Ceilings, walls and floors will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, offering you great comfort in all seasons.

House wrap and vapour barrier: By ensuring that an “air infiltration barrier” is wrapped around the house completely on the outer side, you can prevent the outside air from entering the insulation cavity and therefore protecting the R-Value.

Room ventilation: Effective ventilation can lessen indoor air pollution, prevent moisture build up and save energy. It is vital to include proper ventilation in to your perfect log cabin plan. It can be achieved very easily and effortlessly, such as by having windows in your timber house.

Roof ventilation: Ventilation is important to prevent mould and rot in your attic and roof. A well-designed roof system will build a natural, smooth flow of air that will help in keeping the framing and roof insulation dry.

Window and door selection: Choosing ideal windows and doors is also an important aspect of designing the perfect plan.

When envisioning a plan, effort, time and money are some more factors that can be taken in to account when designing a plan from scratch.

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