Designing a Sunroom - With Style

Sunrooms are radiant spaces in which you can relax. As they are, they are adequate, but adding something extra can turn your space that is okay into something worth a second look. You can do so by having furniture in the room or changing the color. Anything that you do should aim at making your space look better and be more comfortable. Plus, you could extend the uses of this space to get more out of it. Let us look at how you can improve sunrooms in log houses:

New Furniture


Sunrooms are ideal places to relax, catch one’s breath, and have chats with your loved ones. As such, they should have furniture designed to accommodate such an environment. When getting chairs, get those in which you can sit for long hours without tiring. The placement of the chairs is also essential. Suppose you want to create an intimate space, you should put the chairs close to each other. In this way, people can huddle up for a conversation as they gaze out at the surrounding nature. There is something about close quarters that gets people to open up on their experiences.

If you have many people frequenting the space, you can go with benches. These seats can accommodate many people and will create a lively setting. Ensure that you have cushions in the seats to allow people to be comfortable while seated.

It could be that you want to use the space as a leisure room. In this case, you can get a lounge or a daybed. Here, you can relax on those warm afternoons as you sip on a drink and catch up on your reading. Plus, you could take naps here.

Where the room will accommodate a few people at a time, you can do with about six seats. In this way, you will have room for extra guests now and then.


Tables are essential pieces of furniture. Not only do they create the hub around which the conversations and activities take place. But they also provide a space in which you can lay out snacks, drinks, books, and other items. Thus, the selection of the table is quite an essential step in this design process.

Go for a low table that is easy to reach for all who will be around it. Envision a game of cards and think of what piece would suit this activity best. For best results, get a piece that is about the same height as the chairs. In this way, you will not have to get up to reach for something from the table. Plus, your guests will feel comfortable when reaching out for drinks.


Accessories come into place for two reasons. For one, they add to the beauty of the setting. Secondly, they add to the comfort of the space, and they thus make it more relaxing. An easy way to accessorize would be to add a comfortable sofa on one side. Alternatively, you can have some comfy chairs. Here, people can have a seat when they wish to lie back and unwind after a long day.

Pillows and throw blankets are also of importance at this stage. When making selections, you can go for hand-knit items as they feel more snuggly as compared to others. However, this is up to you. Let your creativity come into play and work with the theme that pleases you the most.


Log houses are at one with nature. Thus, borrowing something from the outdoors would be a great way to stay in line with this concept. You can get some box planters and other items from the garden and repurpose them in your sunroom. In this way, the sunroom will feel like an extension of the outdoors. Adding plants and flowers in the sunroom is also a great way to stay within this concept.


Windows in these spaces demand a lot of attention as they bring the whole room together. There are tons of designs which you could choose. Suppose you want to keep the harsh sunlight from the room, you can use sliding drapes. In this way, when the afternoon sun gets too hot, you can shield your guests. Alternatively, you could use a retractable mesh screen or other material that works for this purpose.

If you have had the same set of curtains over the years, it will do you good to make a change. You should feel a difference in the space in doing so.


The last step in regards to furnishings is the lighting. Yes, the daylight will serve to illuminate the room. However, it will not be around all day, and you need something to supplement this light. You can work with lamps or other sources of light.


Go with bright colors to add to the liveliness of the room. Not only do they look great, but they also create a glowing effect in the space. You can work on the walls or the furniture, or both. When choosing colors, mix them up a little to avoid having a monotonous look which can get boring fast. Be sure not to use too many colors as this can be disrupting.

Added Purposes

A sunroom can do more than provide a space for relaxation. You can turn it into a dining area, home theater, office space, gym, reading room, or other purposes which you see fit.


When picking out furniture, get durable materials. Think about it this way. These materials will have exposure to the sun for long hours each day. If they are not durable, they will fade, dry, get bleached, or shrink. While cotton and leather look great, they are likely to get damaged under these conditions. It is thus best to go with nylon and polyester for this purpose.

Also, do not overdo the room. The furnishings should make your stay comfortable but should not be so much so that they take away from the openness of the space. Ensure that the sunroom remains airy and bright, even if you have to get rid of most of the pieces. A busy room will feel stuffy and will not serve its purpose.

All the best in designing your sunroom!

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