What Decorations Should Be in Your Wooden Cabin This Halloween?

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Halloween is the occasion when the family spends some fun time together. It is the time when people take a break from their hectic work or academic schedules and enjoy. To Halloween even more special, a right planning goes a long way.

Halloween is not just about the costume you wear that matches the theme. It includes decorating the house to give it the right look for the occasion. Halloween is special and celebrating it in your wooden cabin is even more special. With the right décor items, you can make Halloween celebration in your wooden cabin remarkable.

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Pumpkins are an important part of Halloween celebrations. For many the word Halloween evokes an image of a pumpkin with a face carved on it. The Jack-o-lantern is not just a plain face carved on a pumpkin; it represents the Halloween itself. For celebrating Halloween in your wooden cabin, you can place few pumpkins in different parts of the cabin.

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Depending upon the size of the garden, set a few of them in various locations in the garden surrounding the wooden cabin in a manner that they are visible even from a distance. Likewise, put a couple of them at the doorsteps of your wooden cabin.

   *  Place the pumpkins in your garden as well as inside the wooden cabin.

   *  In the yard, keep them in places where they are visible.

   *  Inside the wooden cabin, place them on the dinner table and in the living room.

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No matter what the theme or décor, lights play a significant role in setting the mood. Halloween represents a change from the norm and embracing fear through fun and humour. Dim lighting through Jack-o-lanterns and other Halloween themed lights are the best Halloween motifs and create the gloomy environment suitable for Halloween.

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When it comes to log houses, these lights along with the wood used to build the log cabin give a traditional and retro look making the Halloween theme even more impactful. From the perspective of safety, prefer using battery-operated lights instead of candles as candles can easily result in a fire that is quite dangerous in a wooden cabin.

   *  Use lighting that is not too bright and not too dark.

   *  Jack-o-lanterns should have dim but sufficient lighting to make them visible.

   *  Use light shades that create a menacing look suitable for the occasion.

   *  The light shades should blend with the shades of your wooden cabin's walls and must not beof contrasting colours.

   *  Use battery-operated lights instead of candles to avoid any instances of fire.

Horror Pillows

Add to the theme of Halloween by selecting pillow covers with design and colours that add to the horror. A combination of black and orange contribute to the mood of Halloween. Choose pillows with design pattern that match the theme of Halloween. Place them on the garden chair of your wooden house as well as the sofa in the living room.

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   *  Use orange and black theme for pillows.

   *  Prefer pillows with Halloween-themed designs on them.

   *  Place them over the garden chairs so that they can be seen effortlessly.

Kitchen and Tableware

Halloween is about setting the theme and it requires little elements that together contribute to a larger structure. Your wooden cabin itself, due to its rustic and traditional look adds to the mood of Halloween.

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To enhance it further, add the kitchen and tableware with the right types of designs that further add to creating the right atmosphere for the celebration. You can select from several of the Halloween-themed items for placing in your kitchen and dining table. A dark coloured wine bottle along with matching glasses or a pumpkin-shaped dinner casserole contribute immensely to the theme of Halloween.

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   *  Place Halloween-themed wine bottles on the table.    *  Use dark-coloured glasses.    *  For the occasion use other kitchenware that blends with the theme of Halloween and wooden cabin.

Home Décor Items

Consider decorating your wooden cabin with gothic elements to create a sense of murk and fear all around the house. Using a colour combination of black and orange will make the décor elements look perfect and will blend nicely with the overall theme.

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You can choose the décor items matching your cabin. Due to their unique look and style, wooden cabins with well-placed Halloween themed décor items will create the right look required for celebrating Halloween.

   *  Pumpkins can be hanged at different places inside the cabin.

   *  You can also consider hanging a few scary paintings on the walls to enhance the "horror" look and feel of the occasion.

   *  Choose the curtains with dark colour shades. Such curtains will be apt elements for a Halloween décor.

Garden Decoration

Since the visitors coming to your wooden cabin will come through the outside garden, decorate it with Halloween-themed items. Use the leaves and twigs in the garden to give it a more menacing look. Give the garden a haunted look with items such as a witch's broom and hat, black shoes and other similar items.

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   *  Place décor items such as a witch's hat and broom in the garden.

   *  Keep a few pumpkins at different locations in the yard.

   *  Use twigs and leaves at the entrance of the garden and near the cabin to create a sense of horror.

   *  Cover the garden entrance gate, external walls of the wooden cabins and posts on which pumpkins are placed with climbers. A dimly lit garden with clearly visible climbers at different locations will make the wooden cabin look like a house straight out of a horror movie.

You can use several little décor items and place them in the interiors of the wooden cabin and also in the garden. Several such small items are available in the market for Halloween and are based on various movie characters, black magic, totems and other such symbols.

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Although individually they may not seem much, but when appropriately placed, they make significant contributions to the overall dark and horror theme of Halloween. You can make your Halloween celebration really wonderful by decorating your wooden cabin with the right elements.

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