How to Create A Peace Garden Next to Your Log Cabin

There is a very famous quote by Alfred Austin about gardening, “The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.” It is a well known fact that gardening is a nice relaxing activity that you can take up to relieve and de-stress. Also, a nice, cozy, blooming garden next to your log cabin can create a beautiful backdrop as well as enhance the beauty of your log cabin.

This may sound surprising, but gardening is also great for your self-esteem, heart health, brain health and stroke risk. So, if you were looking for an activity that can keep you busy as well as lets you explore your creative side, then gardening can be just the right option. Usually, individuals think that gardening is a very boring and time consuming activity, as the only work involved here is to plant seeds. But, that’s a misconception; there is lot more to gardening then just planting the seeds.

However you can’t just abruptly start gardening by planting a few plants here and there around your log cabin. There are certain things that you should keep in mind in order to build up a garden that is gorgeous and a neighbor’s envy.

Build a garden that is beautiful as well as useful: When you are making a miniature garden next to your log cabin, emphasize on creating a garden that not only has ample of color flowers but also has varieties of vegetables and herbs. In other words, make a kitchen garden. This way you can have fresh veggies and herbs for your breakfast and lunch, just outside your log cabin. If you have ample of free space, then you can create a partition, on one side you can have your herbs and veggies and decoration plants and flowers on the other. Kitchen gardens are a great way to save money on produce. You can grow anything from basil to beans to tomatoes and watermelons.

Use different types and styles of pots as planters: It is not necessary that you directly plant the seeds in the soil. If you want to use the space more efficiently, then it is important that you think wisely and plan out things properly. A huge variety of planters are available easily in the market as well as over World Wide Web. Depending on the type of the plant, chose the most apt size and style of planter and beautify the surroundings of your log cabin. If you to keep gardening budgetary then you can also consider making your own planters. You can turn old cans into planters by coloring them or use old kitchen jars and bottles to plan herbs and shrubs. You can also construct hanging terrariums with bait bags. It is up to you how creative you can get when making planters. Just make sure that they give enough space to a plant to grow.

Water features and garden foundations: Water features is a significant part of garden as they assist to give your garden that extra something special. The harmonic flow of the water in the garden is very relaxing as well as the attractive designs of water features enhance the look and feel of the garden. From birth bath to fountains and waterfall, you can choose any type of the water feature for your garden next to your log cabin. While, water feature add charm to your garden, a bird bath can assist the nature in your garden thrive. Another wonderful thing about water feature is that it doesn’t waste water at all. The water in the feature is recycled and also rain water gets collected. So, you don’t have to bother about refilling the feature for a long time.

Chalk it up: If you have limited space next to your log cabin, and you are worried that how you will be able to differentiate with herbs and decorative plants, then chalkboard plant markers can be the solution. The chalkboard markers work wonderfully for individuals who have limited space for gardening and want to build up a garden that comprises of both herbs as well as decorative plants. You can use these markers to differentiate between the plants and easily find out which green leaves are to be added in the soup. They are available in assortments of colors and are easy to write and rewrite. Again, if you are on tight budget then you can make chalkboard plant markers yourself, using wooden planks.

Lighting: Lighting is again really important thing to be added in your garden. A nice lighting in the garden next to your log cabin can not only beautify the look and feel of your garden but also make it accessible during night hours. You can use diffuse light or beam light, or install the light near the water feature to highlight gorgeous looking water feature. Underwater lights can also be used to create a magnificent atmosphere.

Maintenance: Remember, your work, here is not just limited to constructing a garden next to your log cabin. It is important that you daily give some time to gardening, in order to keep it fresh, flourishing and blossoming.  Water your plants regularly, plough the soil, add fertilizers and remove weeds. Whenever you get time, try and spend it in your garden taking care of plants and cleaning the area this will also help you rejuvenate your body, mind and soul and loosen up.

Creating a garden next to your residential log cabin, will also help you get closer to nature and you will realize that there is more in world than social networking and online gaming. Also, a cozy, comfortable garden will help you strengthen your relation with your loved ones, by giving you an opportunity to have evening snacks and tea together in the garden. So, go ahead and create a peace garden keeping these great and wonderful things in mind.

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