This Couple Travelled Across America in Their Little Mobile Home on Wheels

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Bored and tired of their routine lives, Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard decided to travel across the United States of America in a very unique and stylish manner. Accompanied by Salies their dog, this couple embarked on their journey travelling in a little mobile house that has wheels!

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The two have been together for over two years and it is already six months since they are travelling throughout the country. For supporting their lifestyle, which is similar to that of a nomad, the couple engage in writing and photography as sources of income.

They built the mobile house after saving a little money and then started their travel that has taken them to several parts of the country.

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The couple has already spent six months travelling and plan to travel for another six months. Until now they have moved from one city to another and have completed a travel of 16,000 kilometres.

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They have travelled to New Mexico, Los Angeles and even as far as Nova Scotia in Canada.

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They have “parked” their wheeled abode in mountains, coasts and several other exotic locations. The “house” has also been stuck in traffic on several occasions, especially at downtown Manhattan.

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They have been to places like Central Park and also to New Brunswick, Canada near the largest axe in the world. Guillaume take snaps of their journey while Jenna writes travel articles.

Guillaume states that their house generates a lot of curiosity among the onlookers who are pleasantly surprised when they look at their mobile home. These people realise the fact that there are alternative methods to live a life and their own lifestyle is not the only one in the world.

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The couple usually travels slowly when they are driving on the freeway so that the people around them can see their mobile house on wheels. The couple is applauded frequently by the people who see them.

They learnt about the idea from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and then built their own tiny log house themselves. The wooden house was built in a year and was completely built by the couple. Though the house looks smaller at the outside but the interiors are actually much bigger.

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The house is totally customised and has 2 stories. It has a floor made of hardwood and a shower. The stairs are built using old crates. There is a dining table that can be pulled down for having meals and a daybed. The mobile home also has a reading nook that has been customised.

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Other features of the house include a kitchen, coal fire and a loft bedroom. On the second floor is a large bed which is also made of crates. The customisation has given the house a personalised look and the couple feels pretty comfortable in the mobile house. The house has 14 windows which are kept open most of the time and this allows fresh and clean air as well as sufficient natural sunlight to enter the house.

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The two of them do feel bored on some occasions and at such times they get involved in several activities in a new place. The house has helped the two to come together and get to know each other.

Their relationship has improved considerably since they have been working on the cabin and living in it together. They did not hate their previous day jobs but now feel that it is impossible for them to go back to their day jobs again.

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According to Guillaume, living in the tiny mobile home that runs on wheels has been a great experience for the couple. They have been to many places and have seen and experienced new things; have met new people and have understood new cultures. They are trying to identify a way to continue living the way they are right now.

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Guillaume is involved in photography as his current profession that is helping them continue on their journey. Jenna now writes for several websites and on the blog the “Tiny House Giant Journey”.

She used to work at a Los Angeles movie studio as an executive assistant. They have learnt many new things from the different people, cultures and places they have encountered in their journey.

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Jenna believes that they have been fortunate since they are able to do what they wanted to do and it was possible only because they took the risks. Other people are not so lucky according to her and therefore the couple highly appreciates the opportunity they have been bestowed with due to their decision to quit their jobs and move around in a tiny mobile home on wheels.

The journey of Guillaume and Jenna is an example for those who have always wanted to live a life on their own terms and wanted to travel to different places, meet new people and learn about new cultures.

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Their lifestyle is symbolic of freedom and independence and what it means to live a free life. While the two have already spent half a year travelling around the country and even beyond it to Canada, they plan to complete a year travelling to different places.

On their journey they have received appreciation from people who have witnessed their tiny little log house on wheels and this has motivated them to keep going.

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It seems for Jenna and Guillaume, the journey has just begun since they have stated that they would like to continue living this way and do not want to go back to their office jobs. As of now, the couple seems pretty content with what they are doing and continue to travel to newer destinations.

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