Colorful Flowers in Your Garden Space

Many people wish to have beautiful flowers in their yard. Not only do they have a positive aesthetic impact on the outdoors, they also increase the value of the home. More so when they are next to garden sheds. This combo is simply out of this world.

Nevertheless, there is a problem with all this: some flowers are unable to tolerate the intensity of the sun when it gets hot. Thus, you find that they droop around midday and stay that way for a while. Over time, they could die from exposure, and nobody wants that. What is the answer to this question? Well, planting hardy flowers is your best bet. In this way, you have a beautiful garden year-round.

The following list of flowers that will flourish regardless of your region. It is also easy for beginners to successfully plant these flowers. What’s more, you can grow them outside or inside your garden sheds. Here goes:


If you are looking for a flower whose durability you can count on, this is the species for you. First off, they are easy to grow. All you need to do is to provide them with the right conditions for their growth. And once the roots take hold, nothing can stop them. Secondly, they make for lovely arrangements and are a sure way to enhance a plain-looking dinner table. Moreover, they last a long time, even when cut, making them great as decorative pieces.


People often compare these flowers to daisies, and why not? They are quite lovely and are available in an array of colors. Even butterflies can’t seem to get enough of them. If you love the sight of butterflies perching on your garden plants now and then, this is a plant for you. And not only are they pretty, they are also easy to maintain. Any plant described as a hot-climate lover will be easy on you maintenance-wise. And where you wish to have fresh cut flowers for your table, look no further than this.


The bright hue of these flowers is sure to liven up any space. These plants are native to South America and Mexico and are thus not new to high temperatures. When you want a splash of color, you can opt to have the yellow and red ones in play. In this way, you can create a somewhat rainbow garden with one variety. How beautiful would that be!

The good thing about these plants is that they do not call for much care. Once they are in the ground, they mature steadily and stabilize fast. Their independence makes them a go to for many beginners at gardening.

When choosing a variety, it helps to know that you have quite a selection. You can go big by selecting the African type or go lower with the French variety. Now, mix these two, and you get quite a splash of hue or get the single variety which looks a lot like daisies.


This flower is from the sunflower family, and we all know how bright this variety can be. They come in many hues from scarlet to white to yellow, and you can go with one color or mix and match. They grow quite fast, and they do not call for much effort regarding aftercare. If you go for the tall varieties, you will enjoy how they sway in the wind when the weather gets chilly. Oh, and they are also quite resistant to temperature changes. What’s not to love about them?


Eighteen inches of pure beauty. That is what you get with these flowers in your backyard. They feature a bushy appearance and are available in tons of colors. You can go purple or pink, or white or blue. And they have a lovely fruity scent that will have your outdoors smelling great. These flowers also go by the name of summer snapdragons. One look at them will give you a clue as to why this is the case.


These flowers also go by the name Egyptian Stars, owing to their five-point appearance. They do not need much coaxing to grow and once they do they attract tons of birds, butterflies, and bees. They grow to heights of twelve inches, producing flowers with hues of red, white, lavender, and pink.


This flower is unique, and it also goes by the name spider plant. You are not likely to find it in many yards as it looks much like weeds when at the store. For this reason, many people would not get it. However, what they do not know is that these plants grow at fast rates. And at their three of four-foot heights, they produce lovely flowers in the shades of pink, purple and white. With these heights and these colors, your garden soon transforms into a beautiful yard. Then they do not resemble weeds anymore, and you will be glad you waited the six weeks for the flowers to grow.


Beginners should consider planting these flowers. For one, they are straightforward to maintain, even with a busy schedule. Two, they have been around for ages. Thus, you will get lots of information as to how to grow and take care of them. Third, they are available in lots of colors and sizes. The variety itself will wow you, and you can have fun bringing in different types in one garden. Four, you can grow them in many locations, from garden sheds to yards to hanging baskets, the choice is yours. And thanks to their beauty, your yard will feel like a haven each time you set foot there. Plus, you could take up painting as replicating these beauties is a known mood-lifter. How about it?


Having a list of colorful flowers without including the brightest would feel wrong. These flowers are available in a ton of sizes, colors, and forms. Thus, you need not limit yourself to the standard six-foot sunflowers. They are easy to care for and are sure to have a brightening effect on your yard.

Having any of these colorful flowers in your garden space will surely add to the beauty of your yard. Plus, the selections here can withstand high temperatures with ease.

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