• Pumpkin For Dogs

    If you didn’t know dogs could eat pumpkin, you aren’t alone. It seems pumpkin for dogs is a big surprise to most pooch owners. In this article we will walk you through the benefits of pumpkin for pups. We will also cover how to prepare it in a style your dog will love. Benefits of Pumpkin For Dogs Benefit #1: Pumpkin Seeds Boost Urinary Health My best friend’s dog loves to eat the seeds from our carving pumpkins! They contain oils that promote urinary health in man’s best friend. If your pup experiences incontinence, try adding pumpkins seeds as a normal part of its diet. As an added bonus, the seeds keep kidney stones from forming. Benefit #2: Canned Pumpkin Increases Digestive Health Does your dog regularly experience constipation or diarrhoea? If so, simple canned pumpkin may b... (More)
  • Fermented Vegetables

    There are multiple health benefits to fermented vegetables. In fact, you get the goodness of the original veg combined with the extra advantage of fermentation. In this article, we will walk you through the benefits as well as how to ferment your own veggies. Stay tuned! What is Fermentation? This is a process used to make items like yogurt, wine, beer, and cheese. The purpose originated long ago to keep foods edible for longer periods of time. Fermenting today is mostly done for the taste as well as the health benefits. Health Benefits of Fermented Vegetables Benefit #1: Aid in Digestion and Absorption The process of fermentation breaks down some of the starches in the food before it even touches your stomach. This aids in the digestion and absorption of these foods. Although not a veget... (More)
  • Wooden Ornaments For The Home

    This is the perfect time of year to begin making wooden ornaments to hang around your home. These could be put on the tree, hung from the fireplace, or included in a wreath. In fact, there is nothing to limit you besides your imagination! Our 3 Favourite Wooden Ornaments Wooden Frame Ornaments This is one of the easiest on the list, making it perfect for children and adults. Making a wooden picture frame as an ornament is a touching gift or stocking filler. Who doesn’t like receiving photos of themselves and their loved ones? Materials   * Acrylic paint   * Paint brushes   * Photo(s)   * Bells for jingling   * Ribbon   * Mod podge (or glue)   * Eye hooks   * Wooden plaques (you can find these at any craft store, and even supercenters) Instructions 1. Choose a festive paint colou... (More)
  • Christmas Vegetables

    Although it might seem unbelievable, you can grow your own vegetables for your Christmas meal. Stick with us to find out what you can grow, as well as how to grow Christmas vegetables that will impress your friends and family! What Vegetables Can You Grow? In the winter, there aren’t many plants that grow. That goes double for edible greenery! However, there are a few veggies that can withstand the cold. Some even thrive in the chilly weather! Here’s our list of Christmas vegetables. Brussels Sprouts A traditional Christmas veg, Brussel sprouts can be dressed and cooked in a number of ways. In order to get the best results, plant this iconic edible earlier in the season. We recommend April, and May at the latest. If you don’t know where to start, a popular variety is Trafalgar. In t... (More)
  • How To Plant Ginger

    Ginger is a great herb which comes in handy when making concoctions to treat common colds and adding a spicy taste to foods and teas. As such, it is an excellent plant to have in your garden. Growing it is quite a simple process and what you need most is adequate water and patience in the process. Both edible and ornamental gingers exist, and they all require the following steps during growth. The Planting Stage Suitable conditions The time at which you plant your ginger determines how well it does. Ginger does not grow well in cold conditions, and it is thus crucial that you start cultivation towards the middle of spring. If you live in the tropics, the best time to begin planting would be at the beginning of the wet season. Supposing you live in an area with a limited growing season, yo... (More)
  • Growing Vegetables Indoors

    There are a couple of really great things about growing vegetables indoors during the winter. First, these fresh, home-grown veggies supplement your diet. Second, they provide good bacteria for your gut. Finally, it can be nice to have a bit of greenery inside during the snowy, darker months of the year. A bit of nature improves your mood! If you think you might be interested, stay tuned! We will cover everything you need to know about growing vegetables indoors during this inhospitable time! What Vegetables Can You Grow? Easier   * Potatoes   * Broccoli   * Spinach   * Kale   * Lettuce   * Tomatoes (the smaller the better)   * Onions   * Carrots   * Garlic   * Beets   * Cauliflower   * Herbs   * Peppers   * Beans Harder   * Cucumbers   * Pumpkins   * Sq... (More)
  • Interior Design Ideas For Everyone

    Everyone has a slightly different style. The concept of one size fits all doesn’t work for clothing and it doesn’t work for interior design ideas, either. Luckily, we have put together a list of our top ideas for home interior design! 14 Interior Design Ideas for Everyone Idea #1: Use Your Own Stuff If you’re like most people, you have a ton of old stuff stored around your home. Attics, basements, and back bedrooms can be sorted through to find old treasures! As you find things you like, sort them into piles as to if they would look good together. You’ll be amazed to realize how much cool, decorative stuff you already have. This is great for anyone on a budget! Idea #2: Hit Up Estate Sales Although wooden garage sales are great, estate sales are even better if you’re looking to ... (More)
  • How To Plant Basil On Your Windowsill

    There are times when outdoor conditions prove to be unfavourable for the growth of basil, and this is where indoor options come into the picture. By planting your herbs on your windowsill you get to extend the period in which you can plant them, and you also get to regulate factors such as temperature and moisture. As such, growing your basil on a windowsill holds an array of benefits for you. One of the factors you need to look into when going down this route is to choose a location which has adequate sunlight such that your herbs can grow into healthy plants. You also need to make space considerations such that you use big pots which will allow you to plant many basil crops. In this way, you can harvest fresh herbs from your indoor garden on a daily basis without running out. What are s... (More)
  • Raised Garden Bed Soil – Tips And Tricks

    People choose garden beds for many reasons. For one, the soil in raised garden beds tends to warm and dry out in early spring as compared to that in standard garden beds. In this way, you can start your planting ahead of people using regular beds. Secondly, you get to avoid having to deal with roots and stone, because the soil remains fluffy throughout the seasons. As with any planting, gardening in raised beds also comes with some drawbacks. When the temperatures get high, the soils in such beds tend to dry out faster than those in regular beds. Another thing is that the roots from nearby trees can gain access to your bed if left unchecked. Cats can also choose to use your garden for many reasons. However, these issues are easy to deal with provided you follow the following tips: Do Not ... (More)
  • Gardening On A Slope - Things You Need To Know

    Though it seems like a challenging task, planting on a hilly site is quite easy. There are numerous possibilities available to you such as the building of retaining walls and terraces as well as the creation of rock gardens. All these methods help you get the most out of your garden and thus help you in utilizing your space to its optimum capacity. All you require to do is choose the best method applicable to you and a crop of your choice. Selecting A Crop Before you make any changes to your garden, it is essential that you decide on what crop you intend to grow. This choice will affect the subsequent steps and is thus very crucial. You can start by visiting your local nursery and seeing what they have. A chat with gardening experts can help you narrow down on some choices as they will he... (More)

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