• Raised Garden Bed Soil – Tips And Tricks

    People choose garden beds for many reasons. For one, the soil in raised garden beds tends to warm and dry out in early spring as compared to that in standard garden beds. In this way, you can start your planting ahead of people using regular beds. Secondly, you get to avoid having to deal with roots and stone, because the soil remains fluffy throughout the seasons. As with any planting, gardening in raised beds also comes with some drawbacks. When the temperatures get high, the soils in such beds tend to dry out faster than those in regular beds. Another thing is that the roots from nearby trees can gain access to your bed if left unchecked. Cats can also choose to use your garden for many reasons. However, these issues are easy to deal with provided you follow the following tips: Do Not ... (More)
  • Gardening On A Slope - Things You Need To Know

    Though it seems like a challenging task, planting on a hilly site is quite easy. There are numerous possibilities available to you such as the building of retaining walls and terraces as well as the creation of rock gardens. All these methods help you get the most out of your garden and thus help you in utilizing your space to its optimum capacity. All you require to do is choose the best method applicable to you and a crop of your choice. Selecting A Crop Before you make any changes to your garden, it is essential that you decide on what crop you intend to grow. This choice will affect the subsequent steps and is thus very crucial. You can start by visiting your local nursery and seeing what they have. A chat with gardening experts can help you narrow down on some choices as they will he... (More)
  • How To Plant Thuja

    Thuja is a native plant to North America and Eastern Asia; it also goes by the name Green Giant Arborvitae. There are several varieties of Thuja, some of which grow to heights of two hundred feet, making it an excellent tree for use when trying to achieve privacy. Planting and maintaining Thuja is quite easy and you can either do this by seeds or by way of vegetative propagation. It does best in soils pH in the ranges of six to eight. Choosing The Species There are three primary species of Thuja that you are likely to come across when looking for this plant. The first type is the Thuja green plant which is a combination of the Thuja Plicata and Thuja Standishii. This hybrid is an excellent option when one is looking for a fast growing Thuja species that can reach heights of between eighte... (More)
  • How To Plant Begonias

    Begonias appeal to gardeners because of their ease of maintenance as well as their beautiful appearance. They are annual plants which can reach heights up to fifteen inches at their point of maturity. They also tend to spread out concerning their height and are a great way to add some character to your garden. How can you get started? Preparations Without adequate preparations in place, the planting process can quickly go wrong, and it is thus essential that this step comes into play. The type When it comes down to what kind of begonia you should plant, you will find two main options: seeds and tubers. Growing a begonia from the seed stage can be very tricky as it tends to take an extended period and the results are often smaller than what one would achieve when using tubers. Tubers too a... (More)
  • How to Build A Raised Garden

    There are lots of reasons why one would consider planting crops on a raised garden bed. For one, the yields from their garden may not be in line with their expectations. For another person, they may lack adequate space in which to conduct their gardening. Raised beds come with benefits such as a need for less space and higher productivity regarding yields, and as such, they have become quite popular over time. Below you will find tips on how to build a raised garden suited to your gardening needs. Fast Methods If you can’t wait to get started on gardening and are looking for a quick solution to your farming troubles, you can use materials available to you for free or at cheap prices. Have a look at some great alternatives to farming on the ground. Old wooden boats Using a boat is one of... (More)
  • Famous Gardens Everyone Needs to See

    There are a huge number of beautiful gardens across the globe from which gardeners can get inspiration on what to plant. Here we present some of these famous gardens. Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Why? Do you have an interest in rock gardening? Well, this Denver botanic gardens stands out for its take on this concept, and for which it has received international recognition. It is thus a great way to explore this concept as you look into ways in which you could incorporate it into your backyard. Features Many people brush off the idea of planting crops in their yards on the basis that they have too many rocks. This garden seeks to do away with such notions by having more than two thousand species growing on an average five hundred tons of rock. One would think that this was not possible... (More)
  • How to Grow Grass Quickly

    Healthy grass is an excellent addition to your surroundings. Not only does it make your compound aesthetically appealing, it also prevents soil erosion, thus keeping your soil’s top layer in place. There are many methods you can put to use to ensure that your grass grows fast such as planting your seeds in early autumn and watering them frequently. Check out the following easy steps on how to grow grass quickly which will enable you to have a healthy lawn in no time. Seed Selection The type of seeds you choose should be in line with your climatic conditions. Take the example of fescue, this grass does very well in cold seasons but has a hard time surviving in hot conditions. Get a planting map which will guide you on the best types of grass to plant in your region. Some grasses do well ... (More)
  • How to Protect your Yard from Weeds

    The best yard is one that is free from the unsightly presence of weed. All gardeners and homeowners would agree that a huge amount of time is spent on weeding. Tearing up those relentless intruders may be satisfying at first but the chore is sure to take its toll on you. However, you can work smart than work hard and know the different strategies that would finally get rid of weeds. Gardens are home to various plants, foliage, and even critters that could reside here and there. These are additional places which could boost the overall quality and market value of your property. You can take good care of your garden through the use of gardening tips, especially when dealing with stubborn weeds. Steps to Clear Yards from Weeds Do you really think that a garden could be without weed and enjoy... (More)
  • Summer Activities Near A Mobile Home

    Staying in a mobile home for the summer is absolutely one of the best decisions you could ever make. You can find numerous summer activities for kids, adults, and families as well. Summer is the best time to relax and enjoy your freedom, making it easy to hang out with family and friends or just reconnect with yourself or nature. You just need to be creative in order to discover your best options and enjoy every minute of it. Activities during the summer could be classified into different categories and particularly the age group of people who will be doing the activities. It is best to consider who will be joining you for summer or if you will be spending summer all by yourself in order to determine which activity is best for you. A List of Summer Activities for Kids Staying in log cabin... (More)
  • How to Protect your Home from Ants

    Protecting your home from ants is one of the most important things you need to consider when the hot and humid months are just around the corner. Summer time can bring numerous wonderful things, such as holidays and summer adventures, longer days, and warmer nights. However, they can also bring out the worst scenarios that you hate the most, particularly ant infestations. Dealing with an Ant Invasion in a Home Homes are most susceptible to pest infestation especially ants during the summer. Ants are a hassle as they can penetrate different levels of your house and any rooms or areas where they can find unsealed morsels of food. You can typically get rid of ants through using pesticides but these usually have harsh chemicals that are harmful to both humans and pets. Some pesticides may wor... (More)

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