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  • How To Decorate Your Garden With Stones

    People are always seeking ways to decorate their gardens from having beautiful trees lining the compound, to installing wooden sheds all the way to manicured lawns. With all these things in place, you may wonder what else you can do to make your garden stand out and lucky for you; there is a simple solution in the form of stones. From pebbles to large rocks, there is a lot that you can do with stones when it comes to bringing out the beauty of your home. You can use the stones as a border or as a means to cover the soil in areas where the grass does not cover. One great use of stones is the creation of cover around your wooden shed. In this way, the stones will have a lasting visual impression that would otherwise not to be existent were the ground to be bare. Not only will it have a deco... (More)
  • Beautiful Trees To Plant In Your Garden

    There are multiple reasons why people plant trees in their yards and it is because of their many benefits. For one, trees provide shade which is useful for those warm seasons when people are looking to laze around on the lawn. They also equip people with privacy such that they can hang out in their backyards without the neighbours having a clear view of their activities. On top of these, they also brighten the appearance of one’s garden such that it becomes more appealing, giving one the feeling of being at one with nature. As such, planting trees in the garden is an excellent idea. The question thus becomes, what are the best trees to plant in the garden? Saucer Magnolia If you are in need of a beautiful tree for aesthetic appeal, then this is an excellent choice. This tree is as a res... (More)
  • How to Plant A Tree

    Our current climatic conditions call for the planting of more trees so that future generations can survive in this world. With more trees, we can benefit from increased rainfall and cleaner air than we currently have. With the detailed steps on how to plant a tree below, you will have your tree planted in no time. Tree Selection What kind of tree will you plant? This choice will be determined by the area in which you live. You can get this information from the local council, and they can guide you on the conditions in which different trees do well. Alternatively, you can do your research on the trees which you can grow in your region without encountering many problems. If your neighbours are growing trees, you can take some pointers from them, and they can even help you in the planting. C... (More)
  • How to Make A Garden Box

    Garden boxes are a great alternative to tilling the land especially when you lack adequate space to farm. Not only do they provide you with a means to access healthy produce, they are also fun to make. You get to use less effort than you would have required tilling the ground and you also save time and money. Creating a garden box is a fun way to bond with your children. Check out simple tips on how to make a garden box below and get started on your farming journey. There are three kinds of boxes which you can fashion from the materials around you: wooden, metallic and brick. They all come with their upsides and downsides, and you can base your decision on the materials available to you. Wooden Garden Boxes These boxes are quite easy to make, and they blend in with the environment. You sh... (More)
  • How to Grow Herbs Indoors

    The cultivation of herbs is an easy task which you can have lots of fun doing. Over the years, people have devised various ways in which to grow herbs including cultivating them indoors. Herbs require minimal care practices, and they tend to develop fast, ensuring that you have an endless supply of herbs. You can also use herb growing as a way to get your kids into gardening. They will learn a great deal of patience along the way. Using one of the outlined methods below on how to grow herbs indoors, you can finally save money on groceries. Method 1: From Seeds One way you can put to use in herb cultivation is growing them from scratch, i.e. by the use of seeds. The way to do this is by first figuring out which herbs you consume the most in a week. Suppose you love using rosemary in your f... (More)
  • How to Grow Vegetables

    Having a vegetable garden is an excellent way to spend time outdoors and save money on buying food. There are many places where you can grow vegetables such as your front porch or backyard. If you lack adequate space to grow crops, you can make use of containers or your deck. The following tips on how to grow vegetables will enable you to cultivate your preferred crops like an expert. What’s more, you also get to lose some weight while doing so. Preparations There is a lot of work to do before embarking on planting. The following steps will ensure that your vegetable bed is healthy enough to support the growth of crops.  Where Will You Plant the Crops? You have the option of planting your vegetables on the ground, in containers or raised beds. All these choices have their upsides and d... (More)
  • How to Start a Garden

    Starting a garden is not only a way to get access to sustainably grown produce, it also reduces one’s stress levels. As a beginner intending to start a garden but who is unsure of the best place to start, behold a few tricks and tips on how to start a garden! These tips will give you the confidence you need to get started. What’s more, the methods covered will enable you to have fun as you embark on this new path. Decide on What to Plant This decision forms the foundation upon which all other steps will get their basis. Do you know what you would like to plant in your garden? It is best to start off small then work your way to a larger scale project as you better your skills. An excellent place to begin would be by planting crops which you love to eat. If you have a family, all the be... (More)
  • How to Make the Perfect Compost for your Garden

    The perfect compost for your garden is the perfect soil amendment from nature. Composting the right way will not give you that smelly and messy scenario that you have always envisioned. All you need is a comprehensive guide to help you create compost and get the best out of it. Compost for Home Gardens Enjoying your garden becomes even better when you have a beautiful outdoor view and a productive gardening project. You can invest time and money to bring out the best returns, and nothing could be more rewarding than vigorous and healthy plants which give you a great harvest. You get a double reward when you actually keep the kitchen scraps as well as the yard waste from the landfill as your contribution to saving Mother Earth. Compost is one of the most popular trends in the gardening wor... (More)
  • 10 Vegetables that Need to be Grown in a Greenhouse

    A garden is one of the most productive features of your property. You can go for a conventional garden or a greenhouse that would absolutely transform your home outdoors into something remarkable and magical, especially for those with green fingers. Greenhouses were originally and strictly for commercial growing but not anymore. Nowadays, these structures are oftentimes becoming increasingly popular, in particular for home gardeners. Greenhouses in a Home Garden Why would you need a greenhouse in your home garden in the first place? First, these building structures help you grow your own vegetables and enjoy them without any restrictions of the season or outdoor conditions. You can extend your growing period or season by weeks or months than traditional gardening does. Second, there are v... (More)
  • How to Care of your Plants in Summer

    Your garden gives you the ultimate joy and a panoramic view all year round. However, it is more challenging to maintain the beautiful scenery outdoors if you are dealing with the heat wave of summer. Your plants need extra care and attention in order to maintain their lush green look and even survive the hot temperature. Houses are always improved with the right landscapes and gardens and you can make that possible with a well-maintained outdoors, especially when temperatures spike. Summer Plant Care for your Garden The type of plant you have for your residential landscape and garden determines what the best summer plant care is best to use. For instance, you can find sun-loving plants such as cacti and succulents, which could absolutely withstand and adapt to high temperatures. However, ... (More)

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