How to Build A Raised Garden

There are lots of reasons why one would consider planting crops on a raised garden bed. For one, the yields from their garden may not be in line with their expectations. For another person, they may lack adequate space in which to conduct their gardening. Raised beds come with benefits such as a need for less space and higher productivity regarding yields, and as such, they have become quite popular over time. Below you will find tips on how to build a raised garden suited to your gardening needs.

How to Build A Raised Garden

Fast Methods

If you can’t wait to get started on gardening and are looking for a quick solution to your farming troubles, you can use materials available to you for free or at cheap prices. Have a look at some great alternatives to farming on the ground.

Old wooden boats

Using a boat is one of the simplest ways to make a raised garden while achieving a unique look. If you do not have one lying around, you can look around in local sailing shops or find one online. Your carpentry skills will come in handy at this point. An excellent way to save money on this venture would be to settle on one which is no longer in use as people will offer it at a low price.

If you wish to, you can give it a new coat of paint, dependent on its state. If not, you can get started on drilling some holes at the bottom to allow for adequate drainage. Dig a shallow trench on your preferred garden site and place the boat such that it is steady. Line the bottom with materials such as rocks to even it out then fill the rest of it with soil. Just like that, you can get started on cultivation.

Old bed frame

If you happen to have a wooden frame lying about and have no clue where to use it, you can incorporate it in your raised garden. Not only will you achieve a quirky look, you will also save a lot of money. Using a frame can lead to difficulties in reaching the centre. You can do away with this problem by using a child’s twin bed instead.

Old bed frame

In the case where the bed’s sideboards are attached to the bed frame, you can add more boards to create a box on it. Nail the boards to the bed, fill the frame with soil and start planting.

Wine crates (wooden)

Using wooden containers is the most straightforward method of the three covered. All you need to do is to poke holes at the bottom, fill the wooden crate with soil and plant your preferred crops.


Supposing you are not in much of a hurry and would prefer to make the raised garden from scratch, there is a simple yet effective way to achieve your goal. This method will help you achieve your preferred design to enable you to accommodate all the plants you want, and it will make maintenance practices a breeze.

Design stage

You require coming up with a design for the raised bed. Do not worry as the process is much more straightforward than it sounds. Raised beds are quite simple to build, and all you need to plan out is the shape you want. Raised beds are open at the top and bottom with frames on the side, much like the forms used in building construction.

Design stage

Take measurements of the space in which you plan to place the raised bed and use these dimensions to determine how many materials you will require for the construction. Building materials should not be a problem as all you need is anything which can hold soil. As such, you have tons of options ranging from bricks to plastic to any material available to you, so long as it can hold down the fort.

Lumber is the best building material in this case, based on its ease of use and durability. However, feel free to use the best alternative in your case. Cut your material into the required lengths, at least sixty centimetres in size. The number of sides will depend on the shape you have in mind. For example, a triangular raised bed will need three planes.

The Building Stage

Post placing

You will need a lot of precision at this stage to achieve a stable raised garden. Cut 4x4s to double the height of your bed and place half of their heights into the ground. Ensure that they are level and correctly positioned as per your drawings. Be sure to anchor the posts for added support.

The Building Stage

Measure the long side between the posts, as well as the width of the wooden post and use these dimensions to cut the long sides of your bed. Use nails or screws to attach the boards onto the posts and ensure that the planes are at the predetermined height. If not, cut them till they fit the dimensions. Measure the length between the edges of the long side boards and use this to reduce the shorter boards. Attach the boards to the posts, ensuring that they are at the predetermined height of the raised garden.

If you wish, you can create a lip and place it on the upper edge to make your garden aesthetically appealing. Using a barrier beneath the raised garden goes a long way in keeping weeds out. Materials such as cardboard and damp newspapers should do the trick. Your raised garden is now ready for use.

Using the Raised Garden

Having placed your garden bed into its position, you can then fill it with soil and add manure for nutrients. The fertilizer should occupy the bottom layer while the other two-thirds should have soil. Use soil which has undergone testing to ensure that it is suitable for use in the garden. You can also use fertilizers such as wood ash to increase the soil’s productivity levels.

Using the Raised Garden

These tips on how to build a raised garden are not only simple, they also enable you to create a long-lasting structure. With a raised garden, your options are limitless, and you can plant crops such as vegetables all the way to flowers. The choice is yours. Crops grown in raised beds require as much care as those cultivated in the field. As such, make a point of watering your plants as often as needed and protect them from the elements.

You can opt to place your raised garden bed in a garden room for enhanced protection and better environmental control. With their use of SIPS technology in all their structures, Quick Garden can provide you with a stable and durable building for your gardening needs.

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