Best Grass Trimming Tools

Keeping a healthy garden lawn enhances the appearance of your outdoors and adds value to your log cabin home. It is thus essential to use the best grass trimming tools on which you can lay your hands. But how can you know what is right for you with all the options out there? The key lies in knowing what different tools can do. Let’s get into it:

One of the options you are likely to come across in this quest is lawn shears. The downside to using them is that they are heavy and will thus strain your back and neck. What’s more, they are short, and you, therefore, end up bending a lot to get the work done, and this hampers your efficiency. Luckily for you, there are tons of long-bladed and light options which you can use.

Take the example of electric grass trimmers. If you have a small lawn, this may be the best option for you. They also work for long grass around trees and walls, as well as any other areas where you may have trouble trimming. The good thing with this option is that there are models on the market that cut vertically and you can thus use them as an alternative for heavy shears.

Also, they vary in cutting capacity such that the lighter they get, the less work they do. Some also only work on flat areas, and you should consider the terrain of your outdoors before making a purchase. In this category, there are heavy options with handles, and these allow you to have more control over the operation. The main problem that you are likely to face with these trimmers is the jamming of the nylon cords, as this is hard to fix.

Let’s have a look at the various kinds of trimming tools, their features, and advantages:

Long-Handled Lightweight Lawn Shears

These tools feature light, and long-lasting aluminum handles with soft rubber grips, which allows you to use them for extended periods without getting blistered. Their comfort makes them an attractive choice for anyone who wants to avoid the strain that comes with maintaining lawns. You can adjust the blades as you wish to achieve the cut that you want. The length of the blade and the handles is such that you will not have to bend and you can get the work done while chatting with a friend.

Lightweight Telescopic Lawn Shears

These tools feature adjustable handles that allow you to set the positioning that works for you. Thus, there is no need to bend to get the right cut. You can also operate them while seated without putting any strain on your hands as they are lightweight. The beauty of these tools is that you can adjust the handles separately such that if you wish to take the pressure off one arm or shoulder, it is possible.

One-handed Lawn Shears

If you wish to trim or neaten your lawn, you can use these fantastic tools which require the use of one hand. The beauty of the blades is that they easily switch from a vertical to a horizontal cut, allowing you to trim both the sides and the top of your lawn. Most of these devices work through trigger actions, and they feature steel-coated blades for durability. Given that the handles aren’t adjustable, you should check out the length and see if it works for you before making a purchase. These tools work best for people who have trouble bending, those with weak grips, those who prefer sitting down while trimming and those who can only use one hand.

String Trimmers

In places you cannot reach with a lawn mower such as near the walls and fences, these machines come in handy. They feature rotating nylon strings which rotate the blades at high speeds to cut the grass. Be careful with these machines as they can be quite dangerous when mishandled.

Grass Collectors

These trays attach to shear blades with magnets such that they can collect the cuttings as you move across the lawn. In this way, you get to avoid raking once you finish clearing the place. It is ideal for people who have trouble bending, those with a weak grip and those who prefer working on the lawn while seated. You can easily remove the tray once it requires emptying and move on to another patch of grass.

Lawn Mowers

Once your grass is very tall and feels spiky, this is an excellent tool to use on the grass. You can opt for the powered ones or the traditional type. For the latter, be ready to put in a lot of energy as the machine’s efficiency will depend on your effort. With a powered device, you get to enjoy minimal maintenance costs and efforts.

What's more, if you get the electric type, you are making an eco-friendly purchase. You could also opt for the ride-on models which work great for big lawns. The result of mowing the lawn is soft and less spiky grass, which enables you to host picnic and playdates on your lawn.

Battery-Powered Shears

These tools feature rechargeable batteries which enable them to run for a long time. Some of the models come with extension handles, which make them easy to use. You can use these shears to manage a lawn with grass and soft foliage, and you can rotate the blades to work on various surfaces as you enjoy a comfortable grip. The shears are light on the hands and can run for up to an hour before they need charging.

You also get to enjoy a long handle that will allow you to avoid bending. These tools work best for people with weak grips, those with trouble bending, those who prefer working while seated, and those who work with one hand.

Auto-Feed Trimmers

If you want something that feels light on your hands and is easy to operate, this is the way to go. These machines are ideal for people using one hand, those with trouble bending, and those who prefer to work while seated.

Any of the above tools will enable you to maintain a lawn that will be the envy of many. What is your pick?

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