Beautiful Trees To Plant In Your Garden

There are multiple reasons why people plant trees in their yards and it is because of their many benefits. For one, trees provide shade which is useful for those warm seasons when people are looking to laze around on the lawn. They also equip people with privacy such that they can hang out in their backyards without the neighbours having a clear view of their activities. On top of these, they also brighten the appearance of one’s garden such that it becomes more appealing, giving one the feeling of being at one with nature. As such, planting trees in the garden is an excellent idea. The question thus becomes, what are the best trees to plant in the garden?

Saucer Magnolia

If you are in need of a beautiful tree for aesthetic appeal, then this is an excellent choice. This tree is as a result of the combination of two magnolia species sourced from China, and it produces beautiful flowers with hues of pink and white. It is quite bushy and can grow to a height of twenty-five feet, making it a great addition to a garden. Favourable conditions for its growth are zones between four to nine and well-drained soils.

The Green Giant Arborvitae

One of the main reasons why people plant trees in their backyards is that they wish to have some privacy when relaxing in their homes. There aren’t many trees which can grow within short periods of time, and as such this species has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving. It is available in many varieties, all of which can reach tall heights and at incredible rates. In this way, you get to enjoy a lot of privacy as you also take in its evergreen beauty. This tree does well in most soils, provided that it has adequate water and it takes a beautiful conical shape as it matures.

The American Holly

This tree is an excellent idea as it comes with an array of benefits. For one, it stays green throughout the seasons, ensuring that your backyard will be beautiful through the year. Another fantastic thing about it is that it can grow to the heights of fifty feet, making it suitable for use in situations where you wish to have some privacy. Thanks to its production of red berries in the fall, your backyard will be home to tons of creatures such as birds, and thus it will have an exciting feel.

The Red Oak

This tree gets its name from the beautiful red hue which its leaves display during the fall season. It is similar to the giant arborvitae when it comes to fast growth rates, and hardiness and these factors have made it a favourite addition to gardens. This tree can grow up to seventy-five feet, thus providing shade over a large area, and is therefore an ideal choice for anyone with a big garden. It is a magnificent tree with lots of advantages to a homeowner including privacy and aesthetic appeal.


When people think of ornamental trees, dogwood is one of the names that come to mind, and it is not for naught. Their most attractive features are their ability to adapt to most growing zones and the beautiful foliages which they display during the fall. During winter, your backyard will have a compelling aesthetic appeal once its leaves drop and its branches begin to show.

The Sugar Maple

Are you looking to add a sweet feel to your garden? Well, this Sugar Maple tree is an excellent choice for this owing to its juicy benefits. These trees are quite famous across the globe, so much so that four states recognize them as their state trees. Though most of its use revolves around the production of maple syrup, this tree is also a beautiful addition to one’s garden. It can grow to heights in the ranges of seventy-five feet, and it boasts of a spreading canopy that will provide you with adequate shade in the warm seasons. It also has an attractive appearance that will enhance the look of your outdoors.

The Eastern Redbud

Contrary to its name, this tree produces flowers in the ranges of purple and pink, shortly after the ends of winter. It grows to heights of between twenty and thirty feet and it spreads out just as much, providing you with adequate shade beneath its blooming flowers. Once the flowers and leaves drop towards the beginning of winter, you get to enjoy the beauty that comes from its widespread branches. Your backyard should have well-drained soils and should be in a zone ranging from four to nine for you to grow this beauty.

The Tulip Tree

Do you want a tree that can provide both ornamental and shade benefits? If this is the case, then the tulip tree will please you. In the springtime, your garden will be home to beautiful tulip-shaped flowers, and in the fall, this tree will excite you with its yellow leaves. Favourable conditions for this tree include well-drained soils, access to sunlight and zones in the ranges of four to nine. They grow quite fast and their maintenance needs are low.

The Silver Maple

This tree has for long been used in the shading of streets and avenues, owing to its high height and spread canopy. It grows quite fast, and in as little as five years your garden will be home to an evergreen beauty which will not only add to the privacy of your home but will also attract many birds to your compound. Given its deep green hue, one might wonder where it got its name. Its leaves, though green on the upper side, tend to have a silver lining underneath and this underside results in a shimmering appearance when there is a breeze. When planting this tree, it is essential that you take great care not to have it around your home or sewer lines as its root system is quite vast. This maple can serve your garden needs for up to five decades provided the necessary care routines are in place.

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