Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas That Will Inspire You to be Bold

You spend a lot of time in the bathroom. On average, you will spend an hour in the bathroom each day, which amounts to about thirty hours each month. And that is for the people who dash in, take a quick shower and leave. This time increases for people who spend time checking their makeup, dancing in front of the mirror and other such things. It is thus evident that bathrooms are essentials spaces in wooden houses. For this reason, you should make some changes to their designs to make them more appealing.

There are many ways in which you can achieve a new look for these spaces, one of which is the use of wallpapers. Over time, these attractions have proven to be gems when it comes to decorating bathrooms. For one, they add color to the spaces, livening them up. Secondly, they add to the aesthetic of these spaces.

Why Wallpaper?

You may wonder why one would opt to use wallpaper over the other options on the market. Well, there is variety in the selection, and you are thus able to get something that works for your space. Additionally, wallpaper is fast and easy to install. You can, therefore, change the look of your bathroom within hours. It also helps that wallpaper does not cost much. When you compare the price of tiling to that of lining your walls with wallpapers, the latter is the more affordable option. Moreover, removing wallpaper is not hard if you get the ‘peelable’ type. In this way, you can change the look as much as you would like throughout the year.

Bathroom Wallpapers: Yay or Nay?

Some people believe that using wallpaper in the bathroom is not a good idea. However, this is not necessarily true. It comes down to the ventilation in the room. As long as it does not come into direct contact with water, and there is an adequate flow of air, the wallpaper will be okay. Accidents happen, and you may find that you have splashed the paper with water. You can wipe down the wallpaper, especially if it is washable, and it will be fine. However, avoid having the wallpaper in the shower, basin, or bath. When you do this, trouble will follow you.

At present, there are many designs on the market which work for wooden houses. It can thus prove to be confusing when it comes to making a selection. Here are some ideas which you can use and how they would work for your home:

Bring in the Tropics

Many people have dull white bathrooms which exude elegance and cleanliness. While this look may work, it gets old over time. It, therefore, helps to bring in a wallpaper that will add a splash of color to the room. And what better way to do this than by using a vibrant wallpaper with a tropical theme? The upside of using such a design is that you can complement it with towels and plants. You can go with many colors in this regard, ranging from pink to aqua blue. Since there are tons of tropical designs on the market, you will have quite a selection. Alternatively, you could design one and use it in your room.

Go Down Memory Lane

Yes, there are many designs on the market, yet you will find that very few will speak to you as a person. You have been to places where you have had your share of experiences. Maybe you love hiking or have visited Hawaii at some point. Choosing a wallpaper that reminds you of a particular place or a person is an easy way to decorate your space. When selecting the wallpaper, check if its color will blend in with the other hues in the room. You can get a different wallpaper or paint the room to match the design. Positioning the wallpaper is also important as you want a continuous flow throughout the space. It is only in this way that you can feel at peace when in the room.

Make a Statement

You do not have to paper the entire space, and you can focus the design on one wall. In this way, you can have a smooth transition from one side of the room to the other. The advantage of using this design is that you can keep the wallpaper as far away from the water as is possible. Additionally, it will cost you less to decorate one side. As such, you can splurge on the most expensive wallpaper and make quite the statement in doing so.

Be One with Nature

Having a botanical wallpaper will add to the natural feel of the space, more so when it comes to wooden houses. When choosing a design, go for one that is colorful. The colors should balance with those in the room, and it is thus essential to work with pale shades. If you get the balance right, the room should feel calming and will stand out as compared to a non-papered room.

Add a Touch of Wood

If you want to add a twist of luxury in the country, this is the way to go. Wood paneling creates an elegant look in any space. Thus, having it in a bathroom is a sure way to up the aesthetics of the space. Now add a floral wallpaper and watch the two designs merge to create an eye-catching conventional display. Have the wallpaper on the upper sides of the wall with the panels on the lower side. Also, the panels should be in areas with water to protect the paper from getting damaged.

Marbled Paper

Do you want to stare at your design over and over without ever getting tired of its look? If yes, marble is the way to go. These patterns are quite attractive and there is no telling what swirls the marbling will create.


Suppose you want to protect your wallpaper from water, using tiles is an excellent idea. Tile to the point where water cannot reach before lining the wall with wallpaper. Thus, the wallpaper will start from the ceiling to the water point, creating an elegant yet smart look. This idea also works great for anyone who is on the fence regarding the use of wallpaper.

Have fun choosing your wallpaper designs and be sure to get the durable types. Using vinyl-coated wallpapers is a great idea. Good luck!

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