Autumn – The Best Time to Own a Mobile Home

Autumn is the time of the year when it is most lucrative and profitable to buy mobile homes. Portable homes are undoubtedly major financial investments, thus, you need careful planning and preparation before you decide to buy one. On top of making that property investment during the autumn season, there are other important things to consider. Learning the basics on how to buy a mobile home is essential because some of the significant decisions you make will spell a world of difference in your overall investment.

Autumn – The Best Time to Own a Mobile Home

Why Mobile Homes in Autumn?

The time of the year for a mobile house purchase could be as resilient as the different types and designs of this housing option. The real estate market, particularly for this category, has trouble and sometimes the situation is unpredictable. Nevertheless, there are certain months of the year when the timing is perfect for a new investment, particularly for mobile homes. Autumn is usually when the supply and demand factor is most applicable. Manufactured mobile houses are quite affordable especially when there is a widening gap between supply and demand.

Consider buying a mobile house when the market is slow because it is when everything is easier to acquire. For instance, manufacturers offer loan facilitation so that you have an easy financing option to assist you with your purchase. A slow market for mobile homes also means interest rates decrease and the inflation rate will not likely affect the price and your loan options.

Are Mobile Houses Good Investments?

Before you decide on the time of the year when to purchase a mobile housing unit, the first thing you need to consider is the viability of your investment. Is it wise and profitable to buy a mobile home instead of the traditional house?

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There are contemporary mobile house units that you can actually get on a budget. Nowadays, you can find different categories that suit your available budget from affordable to high-end units. One of the top reasons why some homeowners prefer mobile houses is that you can skip the expenditure on the traditional construction and go directly to spending on the improvement of the property itself.

Important Tips when Buying Mobile Homes

On top of knowing the best time to purchase a mobile house, there are several factors that you need to consider before making this major investment. Here are some things you need to do for a lucrative and wise investment:

What Type of Mobile Home Suits You

Different mobile houses have their own features and designs. Decide on the size of the mobile house, particularly on how much interior space you prefer and need. There are different sizes along with the corresponding amount of bedrooms in varied mobile homes. The number of occupants also plays a crucial role in your overall and final decision.


There are three different types of mobile homes depending on the size and width of the unit:

   1.  Single Wide

This type of mobile house has long, narrow rooms for its structural design. The multiple rooms connect to each other without hallways.

   2.  Double Wide

As the name implies, this mobile home is twice the width of the single wide unit. It also has hallways that connect the rooms inside the mobile house.

   3.  Triple Wide

The largest in the brood of typical mobile houses, this unit typically has 3 to 4 bedrooms. Hallways are also available and they are significantly wider with more open spaces.

Take note that mobile houses or trailers, just like conventional houses, also require a foundation. For the best mobility and a truly on-the-go experience, the best option for you would be a camper trailer, RV, or recreational vehicle.


Used versus New Mobile Homes

Used mobile houses and new units have significant differences. For instance, new units from mobile home companies require a much bigger expenditure than getting pre-owned houses. You need to check that the mobile home company is a reputable and trusted supplier who sells mobiles houses in compliance with local building codes and other requirements. There are resources that could help you know the necessary codes and requirements in your area.

Mobile Home from Local Companies

There are local and out-of-state mobile home companies to choose from but if you want to easily return or keep in touch with the company, the best way is to look for companies locally. Moreover, purchasing a mobile house from local suppliers reduces your shipping cost as well as the time of delivery due to the distance.

Autumn and Mobile Home Prices

There are no fixed dates as to when mobile house prices become affordable but in most cases autumn is the perfect time of the year. During the autumn months or towards the start of winter, the mobile home market is relatively slow and the demand goes down. Compare the prices between different manufacturers and the months when there are pricing fluctuations. Take advantage of the lower prices or markdowns and discounts in order to get the most out of your mobile home investment.


Budget, Financial Loans, and Affordability

Your budget plays a crucial role in your decision to purchase and own a mobile house. Check your finances and see how much you can actually afford the down payment and your monthly mortgage. Do your pre-purchase research specifically for financial institutions that provide loans for mobile houses. Some credit unions and smaller banks could be the best place to start. You can also check for government-issued loans that cater to mobile home buyers and owners. There are various online resources to use as reference and where you can apply for a loan.

Autumn is no doubt the best time for you to make that investment in mobile homes. Check out other important factors that help you ensure a lucrative and quality investment with hassle-free financing.

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