The Advantages of Having a Mobile Home in the Mountains

Why do lots of people in the United States and Europe live in mobile homes? For many Americans and Europeans, a mobile home is a cheap or a highly affordable type of housing for everyone. As a matter of fact, many people who live in far-flung places have this type of housing due to its ability to travel or move around whenever necessary. With such thing in mind, does this seem quite good enough to convince mountain dwellers to own a mobile home as their official home in the mountains?


Mobile Home: an Overview

A mobile home is a large house trailer that is parked in one particular place. It is commonly used as a permanent living accommodation. But if you look closely, you will find out that a mobile home does not look like a trailer in the conventional sense. In fact, the inner portion of such kind of home is usually spacious with two to three bedrooms, something which is good enough to accommodate a small to a medium-sized family.

A regular mobile home also usually comes with a fitted washer and a dryer, a couple of bathrooms which commonly includes an oval bath and an island breakfast bar in the kitchen. Asking people who make use of a mobile home as their permanent abode usually brings the answer that picking this kind of housing instead of a fixed home is all about freedom and choice. People who are very much adventurous in life choose this kind of housing because it allows them to free themselves from getting stuck in just one place. Having a mobile home, they can have the independence to move it to anywhere they want.

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Now, if you are thinking about living in the mountains, how can a mobile home be of great advantage to you? The following are some of the many benefits that you will most likely get and enjoy when you own a mobile while living in the mountains:

Lower Cost

One of the most promising advantages of having a mobile home in the mountains is its low cost. As of the present day, building and constructing a home in the mountains can be a very costly option. Prices of construction materials and labour cost tend to escalate in a very dramatic way. Not to mention that you will be spending a lot when you need to haul all the construction materials to the mountain where you will be building your home.

With a mobile home everyone gets the opportunity to achieve homeownership the easier and cheaper way. In addition, the cost of a mobile home per square foot usually costs much less than a stick built home, meaning you will be able to get the chance to save a lot of your money. Thus, there is no need to worry about buying expensive materials, paying expensive labour and hauling costs when you opt for a mobile home if you decide to live in the mountains.



Another advantage that you can expect from a mobile home is flexibility. Such kind of home is coined as something semi-permanent. For example, if you own some land, this gives you the opportunity to place your mobile home right now. This also gives you the chance to remove it when you think about not wanting to stay on that land in the future. This can be a very effective and practical option for you, especially when you are thinking about owning a piece of land on a long-term basis.

Thus, having a stick built home on your land may not be a good idea if you think of moving to a different place or location in the future, or if you find the price of a stick built home to be extremely unaffordable. So, if you own a parcel of land and that land is situated in the mountains, you can simply live there in a mobile home with a great deal of comfort and convenience, since it allows you to relocate whenever you think of doing so.


Built in Controlled Environments

Another great advantage of having a mobile home is high standard. All mobile homes are built in a controlled environment, which simply means that they are built to a high standard. Owing to this reality, construction delays due to bad or poor weather are literally avoided. Any delays in construction are also never a problem, since you won’t be dealing with the difficulty of scheduling contractors.

So, even when there is bad weather in the mountains you can have the assurance of staying safe and secure inside your mobile home. There is nothing much to worry about outside because the mobile home is built to resist severe weather conditions. Even when it rains hard or when the wind blows strongly and persistently, rest assured that you will not be affected much along the way.

Enhanced Mobility

Staying in a permanent home requires you to go out and spend much of your time driving and travelling whenever you need to go to a particular place. This may sound very inconvenient, especially when you need to travel for hours just to reach the market. By simply having a mobile home as your home in the mountains, you can have the liberty to drive to the nearest market whenever you need to do so.


And since you will be taking your mobile home along with you, buying things that you need for a specific period of time is easy. For example, you can buy grocery items and other essentials that you can stock for a month-long stay in the mountains. When your supply is nearly consumed, scheduling the next trip to the market is easy and convenient with your mobile home.

There may be more benefits and advantages that you can discover when you live in a mobile home. Whether you live in the countryside, in the suburb or in the mountains a mobile home simply makes a practical and effective housing solution for you.

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