8 Mistakes People Make When Renovating A Bathroom

Homes are important spaces. Whether you are working from home or dashing in at the end of a long workday, this space should make you feel calm. You want to feel comfortable and happy in your home, and to do this you may need to make many changes. From buying portraits to remodelling the kitchen, there is a lot you can do to achieve that perfect finish. With log homes, you want the bathroom to feel as welcoming as the wood on your porch. The only way to do this is to renovate the space and make it look and feel the way you desire. Isn’t that so?

But wait, before you decide on a design and start working on achieving it, there is something you should know. Many people have been down this road, and they have scary stories to tell. You can avoid being part of the statistics by learning from their lessons as follows:

Not Having A Budget

Having a budget is one thing, but staying within the limit can be difficult. Most times, you will hear people talk about how they planned on spending a thousand pounds only to spend two thousand. Avoid being in such a situation as it could seriously mess up your finances. First off, figure out what you can afford. That means you should talk to contractors and get their quotes based on the work at hand. You can then scale this up or down based on the amount you wish to spend. Do not cut corners to fit more things into your budget as you will end up with a subpar bathroom. Also, make an allowance for where the costs end up being much higher than expected. Ten per cent on top of the projected cost should give you some insurance.

Relocating Fixtures

The excitement of a remodel is often high. After all, you get to have what you want where you want it and when you want it. What could be better than that? As such, you can get carried away and start moving things around.

A good example would be the toilet. Many people have tried moving their toilets for one reason or the other. While this may be a good idea, you should note that you will need more plumbing for this. That is a cost that you may not have accounted for in your budget. Is it necessary to move those fixtures? Can you afford the time and money spent on the move, or would you be better off with smaller changes?

Neglecting Water Damage

Water damage is unsightly. You could have beautiful fixtures in place, but with mildew on your walls, this is all you would see for the most part. And not only does water damage look bad, it could also be a health hazard. People often develop respiratory problems from inhaling mould. As such, figure out if you have a reason for concern and deal with this above all else. You could even skip the new things and deal with this problem, saving the remodel for later.

Lack Of Emphasis On Functionality

Do not forget that each fixture should serve a purpose in the bathroom. Suppose you want to bring in a set of expensive cabinets. The first thing you should do is measure the space where you intend to place them. Also, consider how easy it will be to open the doors and if this will impede other activities. Think ahead and everything will fit in perfectly.

Ignoring The Need For Caulk

Doing away with caulking is an easy way to bring the costs down. As such, the idea may prove to be tempting. However, you should not think of doing so as you will end up paying dearly for this. You can DIY the caulking to save on expenses as long as you follow the instructions as needed. Alternatively, you could hire a licensed contractor who can handle the task and give you service that will last you through the years.

Not Having P Traps

Back in the day, plumbing did not have these traps. As such, sewer gas could leak into the home, interfering with activities and posing a danger to the occupants. You should thus look into the presence of this trap as it creates a barrier between the sewer gases and the living area. The last thing you want is to sip on a cup of coffee only to get a whiff of the untold. Get a trap in place, and enjoy the ease in unclogging the drains as well as peace in mind. Log homes also need these traps, so be sure to look into this.

Leaving Little Storage Space

Your bathroom should have enough space for cosmetics, medicines, towels, and other such items. As such, you should ensure that you have a fixture in place to accommodate your storage needs. Often, people will work on the tubs, showers, mirrors, and other such items, only to forget the required space. Think of the number of people who will use the bathroom and their needs. It is better to have more space than to create inconvenience by having minimal storage.

Neglecting Ventilation

You need ventilation in the bathroom. For one, it ensures that moisture does not linger in the air, and this prevents that musty feel. Secondly, adequate ventilation ensures that there are no foul smells in the bathroom. Figure out how much ventilation you need and make plans to install windows in the room. You can use a ventilation fan where there are no windows in the room. The ventilation should lead towards the outdoors or you will have water damage problems in no time. While on this note, you should also pay attention to the available lighting and your need for more lights.

You should plan for any renovation as this will help you gauge what is necessary and what is not. By having a design and layout on paper, you can work out how much space you will need. You can also think of the need for relocation and how much the project will cost. Remember, failing to plan amounts to planning to fail. All the best of luck to you!

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