7 Most Beautiful and Easy Growing Flowers for your Mobile Home Garden

Flowers are a remarkable addition to any garden that surrounds a mobile home. Practical landscaping includes easy to grow and beautiful floral species that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property in an instant. The truth is that there are so many captivating and fragrant flowers to choose from for your mobile home garden.


Therefore, it helps to first know some important landscaping tips before you slave the hours away cultivating and growing flowers that will make a world of difference for your type of home.

Mobile Home Garden Landscaping Tips

Your mobile home getaway provides a cosy and relaxing haven where you can enjoy just being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can decorate the house from the inside all you want. However, it is a different story if you approach your property from the outside because there are more challenges to deal with, particularly a mobile home garden cultivation.

Landscaping is the ideal solution for a mobile house that also requires privacy above beauty and value. Landscape projects instantly spruce up a mobile house, enhancing its curb appeal and eventually boosting its market value to a much bigger degree. Before you think of the floral species that best suit your mobile home garden, make sure you are 100% clear of the best landscaping ideas and practices.

What should you remember in mobile home landscaping?

Be flexible and broadminded when it comes to your mobile house garden because it is not enough to settle just on manicured garden beds. Check for underground utilities with official marks in order to avoid accidents such as digging into buried pipes and wires. Look for trees or shrubs with the right width and height. This is to make sure that they do not have the tendency to overgrow that they would eventually grow into your mobile home or overhead power lines. Position plants not too close to your house.


Mobile home gardens look great with native plants and flowers so go natural instead of opting for a formal manicured landscape. Blend natural landscaping into everything and you’ll see how it has a remarkable impact on your garden. Check out the available space you have around your mobile house and see what type of flowers and plants match the venue instead of the other way around.

Top Perennial Flowers for Mobile Home Gardens

Having a profound idea as to how to go about your landscaping project is the key to a successful mobile home garden. It is high time you make a good checklist of the possible floral species that perfectly match your garden, depending on the available space you have. Check out the following perennials that are easy to grow and instantly beautify every outdoor space for a beautiful mobile house investment:

 1.  Blanket Flower (Gaillardia)

This perennial wildflower is highly recommended for your mobile home garden because it is heat-resistant and drought-tolerant. It offers long-lasting colours even when it grows in sunny borders with relatively poor soil quality. The flower shows off a daisy-like aesthetic in brown, red, and gold shades. It could have single or double blooms that could last from summer through to autumn. Although it has a shorter lifespan for a wildflower, blanket flowers are easy to grow and fast to bloom.

 2.  Tall Garden Phlox

Phlox paniculata or border, tall, or garden phlox are some of the best choices for your mobile home garden and landscaping project. They bear fragrant flowers in large trusses, which grow from three to four feet tall. The perennial floral species shows its bloom from summer to early autumn. Many floral enthusiasts consider this species an old-fashioned favourite due to its colour display and light. Most importantly, it emits a sweet fragrance that could instantly make your mobile home or cottage gardens the best place to enjoy different times of the day.


 3.  Hybrid Perennial Sage

This floral species is also a favourite in the herb garden category. Enhance your mobile home garden with this floral species that displays spikes of white, purple, and blue shades. It has attractive foliage with grey-green hues, which could grow in the middle or front of the border with access to a sunny ambiance. The May Night variety of the hybrid perennial sage grows and thrives in different environments because of its cold-hardy yet showy features.

 4.  Asters

The staple in mobile home gardens during autumn, this floral species bursts with that classic garden look through its star-like aesthetic. The perennial flower blooms during late summer through autumn. There are varieties of asters in bloom colours such as ruby reds, rich pinks, blues, and purples. The soaring height of the plant could reach up to 5 feet depending on the variety or species you grow. Spruce up your mobile home garden with asters that match borders and beds outdoors as well as pots that you can display indoors.

 5.  Yarrow

Yarrow is one of the easiest to grow floral species for your mobile home garden and landscaping project. You can grow yarrow even if it is your first time to gardening and touching the soil. It takes little effort to plant and cultivate this floral species, which is an amazing perennial with hardy features. It can withstand cold, heat, and drought but have that soft and dainty aesthetic despite its tough growing properties. Yarrow varieties include grey-green, dark green, or ferny aesthetics with spicy-scented fragrance. It comes in clusters of red, yellow, white, or pink during late spring to early autumn.


 6.  Peonies

A popular floral choice for your mobile home garden, peonies have sweet fragrance and captivating bicolour features. Peony clumps grow up to 4 feet tall with its shrub-like bunches. Colour varieties for peonies are in almost all ranges of colours except blue with blooming periods from spring to summer.

 7.  Purple Coneflower

Accentuate your mobile home garden with this wildflower. It gives a level of sophistication with its Magnus variety. It is easy to grow because of its tolerance to drought and heat.

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