5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home

Most people tend to leave their cleaning until spring, hence the term spring cleaning. And with the continued decluttering processes over the years, homes can smell as good as they did when new. Residential log cabins are not left out in this process as they, too, need some work done in order to maintain their appeal. You can clear out your storage space to see what you should keep and what needs to go. A thorough cleaning of the house will also go a long way in keeping it fresh. And here are some other ideas which you could incorporate in this process:

Use Scents

Scents are great for homes. Not only do they make them smell fresh, but they can also trigger nostalgic memories. Studies show that different smells work for various purposes. Suppose you have been feeling low, citrus scents can help lift your spirits. If you want to create a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy a good read, try lavender. Essential oils are great options when you are looking to diffuse scents throughout the house. Also, you can make sprays with the smells and use them in selected areas. Go for a natural fragrance, one that can help you feel at one with nature while in the cabin.

Maybe, you are not one for scents, and you prefer to have pure air in the house. In this case, you can do without the fragrances and focus on airing the space. Start by working on the ventilation and opening the windows during the day. Open most, if not all, the windows as this will encourage cross ventilation and will make the room smell great.

Sometimes, you may find that you cannot open the windows as the weather is unfavorable. At such times, you can rely on air conditioning. If you notice that the air smells terrible, there could be an issue with the air conditioning unit. You can take a look at it, if you have the expertise, or call for help.

Work on the Outside

When going about general cleaning, people tend to focus on what is on the inside. They will rummage through drawers as they get rid of unwanted stuff. The clothes in closets will be strewn all over in a bid to choose what’s hot and what’s not. The kitchen is also a point of emphasis as people tinker about with the cookware, deciding if it is time for an upgrade. All these efforts go a long way in keeping a house tidy and fresh.

But residential log cabins (check there log homes for sale uk) need more than interior order. You should also think about the outside. Keep in mind that your home is wooden, and you should thus ensure that it is safe from the elements. Check the gutters and see if the walls are dirty from rain splashes and check if the trees are growing too close to the house. While you are at it, look out for any areas which may need repairs. Do the walls appear faded or cracked? Could the garage do with a new coat of paint? Work from the inside as you move out. If everything is in place, maybe you could scrub those walls and seal them.

Update Your Kitchen

You probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen. And being around the same things all the time can get to you in the wrong way. It could be time to make a change. It does not have to be significant. You could opt to change the color scheme and embrace something that gets you excited about the space. Or you could go bigger and replace the hardware in the kitchen for a new look. If you are committed to a significant change, you could go all out and do a kitchen remodel. The last option requires a ton of patience, so be sure to gear up for the ride. Whether you go small or big, a change will do you good.

Stay Organized

Being in a cluttered room is not suitable for you. With things lying around, your senses receive different stimuli, which makes you restless. Where your stress levels are high, clutter could make the situation worse for you. Cleaning the house would thus not only leave the cabin fresh but would also lift your spirits.

Staying organized requires that you plan where everything will be. Suppose you are organizing books and haven’t got a set place for them, it will not work. In no time they will be back where you got them. A quick way to solve this problem would be to set out a place for them. Also, think about the uses of the things in your home. Do you need them? You could save a lot of time and energy by giving away what you no longer use.

You may find that being organized does not come easy to you, and you often fall back into old habits. Getting a professional is an alternative you may want to consider.

Expand Your Space

You could give away what you don’t need, update the look of your home, and organize your stuff, only to end up feeling cramped. If you have done all that you can think of and it does not seem to work, here is another option. You could add more room to the house. Not only will it make the home feel more open, but it could give you the extra space you need to organize your stuff better. The expansion does not have to be big, and you can make do with one spare room. The other option would be to repurpose another room. Take your garage as an example − yes, it serves as a space to store your vehicles, but it can do more than that. With some tweaks in place, it can work as a storage space, a parking area, and an office. In doing this, you will have added more room to your home. Think about other places that can serve more than one use and get creative.

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