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  • How to Make Perfect Ventilation In Your Summer Wooden House?

    Without proper ventilation in summer houses, you put your health at risk. This owes to the creation of a breeding environment for all kinds of organisms. Lack of adequate air circulation is evident when houses do not smell fresh. If this happens, it is highly likely that the spaces you have in the house are not sufficient. Now, you have two choices in this case. You can go for a full system like what you would use in a conventional home. Alternatively, you can invest in vents to allow the natural circulation of air. The latter is the best option when dealing with garden buildings, and this article will shed some light on this issue. Ventilation Variations You need vents in your garden building as they aid in the removal of heat and moisture from your space. This ensures that the space fee... (More)
  • Designing A New Bathroom on A Budget: How To Make Cheap Tiles Look More Expensive

    We spend hours in the bathroom and it follows that these spaces should be havens of some sort. As the kitchen is the heart of the home, the bathroom is the relaxation room. That’s where you go to soak in the bath or run a hot shower at the end of the day. It is where you go through your face and hair care routines. And with residential log cabins, these spaces are even more magnificent, with light spilling in from the windows. Redesigning your bathroom is sure to come to your mind now and then, as you look at revamping this space. But a short tour of a tile store will have you wondering if you have the money to spare to do this. Sure, many of the options available are enough to earn your home a slot in a magazine, but the price may force you to make compromises on the design that you ha... (More)

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