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  • Garden House Living Room Plan

    Creating a layout for log cabins is an easy process with some steps in place. And no, it is not only about coming up with pictures of seats and putting these together. But instead, it is a process of deciding what you would want in the space and planning for it. In this way, you can come up with a practical yet visually appealing living room. If the layout goes hand in hand with the décor, you will end up with a beautiful space. But if the décor doesn’t fit into the space owing to lack of functionality, you will face many challenges. Let’s start with the definition of a living room. What is it to you? It goes by many names. To some people, it is a lounge room, to others, it is a family room, while to others it is a gathering place. The layout of the room should be in line with the p... (More)
  • How To Choose The Best Stone Countertop In The Kitchen

    The kitchen is the heart of the home and this is something most people have come to accept. From breakfast to brunch to lunch to evening snacks through to dinner, it is a busy space. And when you have an island kitchen this is a place to converge, chat, share and interact with your loved ones. This space has memories and tons of stories tied to it. And it thus holds that it should look as unique as it feels. One way to enhance the look of kitchens in wooden houses is through the use of countertops. While wooden countertops are often great for use in wooden houses, there are tons of stone options that could catch your eye. When choosing a countertop, the large variety of choices on offer can be unsettling. There are tons of materials available in varying colours. And when you are not worki... (More)
  • Outdoor vs. Indoor Home Sauna - Which One to Choose

    Using saunas has proven to be beneficial for both mental and physical health. Thus, having one in your home would go a long way to improving your well-being. When it comes to garden rooms, having an outdoor sauna feels like a great idea. But how do you choose between being out in nature and installing a sauna in your home? Here are some of the things you should consider: Outdoor Saunas Garden rooms are visually appealing as they add to the feeling of being out in nature. Large windows that pour light into the interior and floorboards all around you; what could be more at one with nature than that? Then add a sauna, and you can enhance your outdoor experience like never before. Should you add a sauna, though? Well, there are benefits to this. Advantages For one, you can relax outside in na... (More)
  • DIY A Faux Fireplace In Your Wooden House Bedroom

    What is the thing that everyone feels about residential log cabins other than their oneness with nature? They are cosy and in a good way. Walking into one feels like home, more so on those cold winter months. And having a fireplace in sight adds to their beauty. It brings everything together while ensuring that the natural flow does not come to a stop. Fireplaces are not only for the lounge but also for the bedroom. They add an aspect of comfort, and you can envision watching embers from flames lighting up your room. While having a fireplace in the bedroom may not be practical, you can create the illusion of one in a few simple steps. It will add to the cosiness of the space and will help you work on your DIY skills. And with the way the world is heading, these skills will be a must-have ... (More)

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