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  • How to Plant a Rose Bush?

    Wooden houses (check there wooden houses) are attractive on their own. However, you could add a twist to this beauty by having rose bushes in your yard. These traditional and aesthetically appealing flowers are quite the eye-catchers. And what’s more, they leave the outdoors smelling great. A beginner may wonder if these are the flowers for them owing to care practices. While many people may shy away from rose bushes due to high maintenance needs, there is a way around this. It comes down to adequate preparation before planting the bushes. If you ensure that they have sufficient sun and are in well-draining soil, the rest will come easy. So how can you be successful in planting rose bushes? Read on for tips on this: Preparation Much of the landscaping business involves preparation. It ... (More)
  • Customers Share Experience: Modified Residential Cabin LANGON

    One of our clients sharing pictures of his newly built bespoke residential LANGON cabin. Residential cabin LANGON is a two-storey home. This residential cabin has a spacious living room with a kitchen, a bathroom, and two bedrooms and a delightful terrace. For weekends, vacations or even for permanent living, LANGON is perfect. LANGON log cabin is manufactured using only slow-growing Scandinavian spruce and Nordic pine. With this slow-growing timber being more resistant to moisture, we can offer a 10-year anti-rot warranty on all of our products produced with 44mm-thick walls and above.  Residential log cabin LANGON has 3 different versions of wall thickness. You can choose between Residential log cabin with 66mm wall thickness, TwinSkin wooden cabin with double walls of 44mm or 50mm... (More)
  • Light Fixtures For Your Wooden Summer House Kitchen Island

    Having a kitchen island in your wooden summer house is a great idea. For one, it serves a lot of purposes as it is quite the multi-functional feature. You can use it for breakfast servings, as a workplace as you work on cakes, as well as a dining area. There is a lot that you can do with this space, which makes it all the more appealing. Having all these possibilities may have you wondering what the best way forward regarding lighting should be. You want something that can efficiently serve all these needs. Thus, it can come in handy when entertaining guests over the holidays. And it will still be eye-catching when making food for your kids along with anything else that you would like to do in the kitchen. As you work on finding versatile lights, you should also ensure that the choice com... (More)
  • Outdoor Dining Garden: How to Create a Cozy Space

    Having a summer house allows you to experiment with a lot of ideas, one of which being an outdoor dining space. When the temperatures are high, and the skies are clear, what better way to bond with your loved ones other than eating out? Having such a space will add to the thrill that you get out of being outdoors. But getting the most out of it will depend on the touches you put in it. Without further ado, here is how you can create such a space with ease: Emphasis on Comfort Being outside may be fun, but it can only last as long as people are comfortable. Thus, everything you put in the space should gear towards making it cozy. A round table is a great idea, it feels warm, and people have an easier time leaning into the conversation. It is much unlike what you would have with a square or... (More)
  • Colorful Flowers in Your Garden Space

    Many people wish to have beautiful flowers in their yard. Not only do they have a positive aesthetic impact on the outdoors, they also increase the value of the home. More so when they are next to garden sheds. This combo is simply out of this world. Nevertheless, there is a problem with all this: some flowers are unable to tolerate the intensity of the sun when it gets hot. Thus, you find that they droop around midday and stay that way for a while. Over time, they could die from exposure, and nobody wants that. What is the answer to this question? Well, planting hardy flowers is your best bet. In this way, you have a beautiful garden year-round. The following list of flowers that will flourish regardless of your region. It is also easy for beginners to successfully plant these flowers. W... (More)

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