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  • Straw Bale Gardening: Instructions On How To Do It

    Alternative vegetable gardening has recently become an entire craze as people actively seek ways in which they can make use of the materials available to them. This system of cultivation has especially appealed to people who are short of space as well as those whose gardens have poor quality soil. The good thing about this form of gardening is that you can achieve it with anything that can hold some soil or other elements that work to promote the growth of plants. People are even growing plants successfully in what was otherwise known as the concrete jungle, and it is therefore not surprising that straw bale gardening has now entered the fray. Unlike in the traditional form of cultivation where people rely on soil to grow their plants, in straw bale gardening people use straw bales. In th... (More)
  • Onion Varieties Which You Can Grow In Your Garden

    The most common onion type that you are likely to come across in many a home garden is the Allium cepa, which is quite a favorite vegetable. The main reason why people grow onions is because of their adaptability, in that they can withstand the varying weather conditions associated with each region. You can also alter the growing conditions by having them grow in a garden shed where you can provide them with the required nutrients, water, and sunlight. Another reason why people love onions is their versatility when it comes to meal preparation. From stews to salads, there is always something that one can do with these fantastic vegetables. Onions come in different species which call for varying exposure to sunlight. In many plants, you will notice that exposure to adequate sunlight works ... (More)
  • How To Grow Patisson And How It Can Be Fermented

    It doesn’t take much for patisson to grow and it is quite easy to create the ideal conditions for its growth. All you need is a lot of sunlight and well-draining soil in your garden. And the good thing about patisson is that both the summer and winter varieties call for the same requirements and you thus don’t need to change much when alternating between the two. You can also create the right conditions indoors where you plant patisson in a garden sheds or other suitable space. As long as the location you choose has adequate access to sunlight for at least six hours or more each day and the pH is in the right range, your plants are sure to thrive in no time. Here is how to grow patisson and how it can be fermented: Site Selection It is all about ensuring that the conditions in play ar... (More)
  • Hay Bale Gardening: An Alternative To Growing In Soil

    In the past, gardeners relied on the use of vegetable gardens to grow their vegetables and while this method worked it proved to be unfeasible for people who did not have adequate space to house such uses. Many people thus had to do away with the notion of gardening or had to plant the little they could. Many years later, a solution to this problem has come in the form of hay bale gardening which is a boon to people with limited space, such as those in urban dwellings. Many people are not quite sure how this gardening works and the best way to describe it would be a situation where you plant your seeds and plants in straw bales, rather than in the soil which has been the conventional way of doing things. The good thing about hay bale gardening is that it allows you to grow flowers, herbs,... (More)

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