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  • Fermented Vegetables

    The health benefits of fermented vegetables are undeniable. But did you know how easy it is to grow and ferment them yourself? If you are a beginner, you will benefit from what I learned after days of research. Fermenting Vegetables There are a few vegetables we are going to focus on for fermentation. These are: carrots, shell or snap peas, kohlrabi, and green or red cabbage. We recommend the edibles on this list as the easiest to plant, grow, harvest, and ferment at home. Carrots Carrots are great, because you can technically grow them year around. If you want to ferment 20 pounds of carrots, grow 20 row feet. The 1:1 ratio can be applied if you want more or less. After fermentation, you can dry them, pickle them, refrigerate them, or freeze them. Shell or Snap Pea The key to fermenting ... (More)
  • Wooden Ornaments For The Home

    This is the perfect time of year to begin making wooden ornaments to hang around your home. These could be put on the tree, hung from the fireplace, or included in a wreath. In fact, there is nothing to limit you besides your imagination! Our 3 Favourite Wooden Ornaments Wooden Frame Ornaments This is one of the easiest on the list, making it perfect for children and adults. Making a wooden picture frame as an ornament is a touching gift or stocking filler. Who doesn’t like receiving photos of themselves and their loved ones? Materials   * Acrylic paint   * Paint brushes   * Photo(s)   * Bells for jingling   * Ribbon   * Mod podge (or glue)   * Eye hooks   * Wooden plaques (you can find these at any craft store, and even supercenters) Instructions 1. Choose a festive paint colou... (More)
  • Christmas Vegetables

    Growing outdoor vegetables in the winter can be done, and you can do it! Cold-season veggies are not an impossible goal. In fact, having a successful winter garden is much easier than you think. Some say it’s even more laid back than traditional gardening! How to Grow Christmas Vegetables in Your Garden Choose the Right Vegetables and Tools The best edibles to grow in cold weather are hardy and strong. Leafy veggies, root veg, and brassicas are all fantastic Christmas vegetable choices. Aren’t sure what other edibles to choose? We can help you decide on the best Christmas vegetables to grow in your garden. If you already have a wooden shed, you don’t have to worry about storing your tools for the winter. Just make sure to organize it before the cold weather hits. Only keep out what ... (More)
  • Gardener Monica: How To Plant Ginger

    Ginger is a great herb which comes in handy when making concoctions to treat common colds and adding a spicy taste to foods and teas. As such, it is an excellent plant to have in your garden. Growing it is quite a simple process and what you need most is adequate water and patience in the process. Both edible and ornamental gingers exist, and they all require the following steps during growth. The Planting Stage Suitable conditions The time at which you plant your ginger determines how well it does. Ginger does not grow well in cold conditions, and it is thus crucial that you start cultivation towards the middle of spring. If you live in the tropics, the best time to begin planting would be at the beginning of the wet season. Supposing you live in an area with a limited growing season, yo... (More)

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