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  • How to Build A Raised Garden

    There are lots of reasons why one would consider planting crops on a raised garden bed. For one, the yields from their garden may not be in line with their expectations. For another person, they may lack adequate space in which to conduct their gardening. Raised beds come with benefits such as a need for less space and higher productivity regarding yields, and as such, they have become quite popular over time. Below you will find tips on how to build a raised garden suited to your gardening needs. Fast Methods If you can’t wait to get started on gardening and are looking for a quick solution to your farming troubles, you can use materials available to you for free or at cheap prices. Have a look at some great alternatives to farming on the ground. Old wooden boats Using a boat is one of... (More)
  • How to Plant A Tree

    Our current climatic conditions call for the planting of more trees so that future generations can survive in this world. With more trees, we can benefit from increased rainfall and cleaner air than we currently have. With the detailed steps on how to plant a tree below, you will have your tree planted in no time. Tree Selection What kind of tree will you plant? This choice will be determined by the area in which you live. You can get this information from the local council, and they can guide you on the conditions in which different trees do well. Alternatively, you can do your research on the trees which you can grow in your region without encountering many problems. If your neighbours are growing trees, you can take some pointers from them, and they can even help you in the planting. C... (More)
  • Famous Gardens Everyone Needs to See

    There are a huge number of beautiful gardens across the globe from which gardeners can get inspiration on what to plant. Here we present some of these famous gardens. Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Why? Do you have an interest in rock gardening? Well, this Denver botanic gardens stands out for its take on this concept, and for which it has received international recognition. It is thus a great way to explore this concept as you look into ways in which you could incorporate it into your backyard. Features Many people brush off the idea of planting crops in their yards on the basis that they have too many rocks. This garden seeks to do away with such notions by having more than two thousand species growing on an average five hundred tons of rock. One would think that this was not possible... (More)
  • How to Keep Cats Out of Your Garden

    Gardens are quite precious, and it can be frustrating when neighbourhood cats decide to use your farming space as a litter box. Some cats also tend to nibble on your crops, thus frustrating your efforts to have healthy produce. There are tons of methods you can put to use to keep cats from your garden such as scaring them off and creating a barrier. Sometimes, these methods fail, and people resort to striking a truce with cats. Below are some ways on how to keep cats out of garden so that you can harvest your produce in peace. Physical Barrier Obstacles Cats love having space in which they can move around and dig. You can limit their play area by inserting wooden chopsticks or plastic forks into the ground. The obstacles should be at least ten inches high and should get firmly implanted ... (More)

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