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  • Everything You Need to Know about Cucumber Growing

    Spruce up your garden with the fastest growing and easy to grow cucumber. You can find numerous cucumber varieties to grow such as marketmore, baby Persian, and homemade pickles. Lemon cucumbers are also fun to grow because you needn’t dedicate all your time and energy into your crop. Plant cucumbers from seed and see the plant in no time, giving more colour and fun to your log cabin like no other. Growing Cucumbers in your Garden The truth about cucumber is that they are easy-care and low-maintenance vegetables that love water and sun. They grow almost immediately and quickly flourish, especially if you give them a consistent supply of water and they are planted in areas with good exposure to the sun. These vegetables are not space consuming when it comes to the amount of space you all... (More)
  • The Most Important Tools to Have in your Garden Shed

    A garden shed is an important structure in your home serving numerous functions. Contemporary sheds have more features and designs, making them the best source of aesthetic enhancement for every property. One of the most important things you need to consider is the tools that you need to store in your shed, helping it achieve its main purpose from the outset. So, what exactly are the most important and useful tools that your garden shed should have? Essential Tools for your Garden Shed Garden tools help you carry out your numerous jobs in the garden, helping you to do them smoothly and hassle-free. Different tools in your garden shed serve different purposes, from the most basic chores to the most complicated and demanding work. Garden shed tools are designed to cut grass, plant flowers,... (More)
  • Things You Need to Know about BBQ Hut Fixing/Restoring

    You enjoy your BBQ hut more than anything else in your property and that is totally understandable. This timber structure is where you can enjoy an afternoon of barbecue with family and friends. Contemporary BBQ hut designs and layouts could even make the wooden structure more flexible and functional than ever. You can make it multi-functional so that you can transform it into a place where you can comfortably lounge and cook up your favourite BBQ dishes at the same time. Thus, it is imperative to consider fixing and restoring your barbecue hut if there are damages and defects incurred over time. Before Fixing and Restoring your BBQ Hut The need to repair, restore, or fix your barbecue hut is only practical if you have the right reasons to embark on the project in the first place. Should ... (More)
  • 7 Most Beautiful and Easy Growing Flowers for your Mobile Home Garden

    Flowers are a remarkable addition to any garden that surrounds a mobile home. Practical landscaping includes easy to grow and beautiful floral species that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property in an instant. The truth is that there are so many captivating and fragrant flowers to choose from for your mobile home garden. Therefore, it helps to first know some important landscaping tips before you slave the hours away cultivating and growing flowers that will make a world of difference for your type of home. Mobile Home Garden Landscaping Tips Your mobile home getaway provides a cosy and relaxing haven where you can enjoy just being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can decorate the house from the inside all you want. However, it is a different story if you appr... (More)

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