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  • The Best Timber for Log Cabins

    All log cabins are not created equal, especially when it comes to the kind of materials used for their construction. Log home materials vary from one timber to another and most contractors or builders make sure that you have a say when it comes to timber selection. Bespoke log cabins are on the whole more expensive than factory-built ones. You can choose to customize your log home by choosing the material for the cabin’s construction. The timber for your log cabin will determine its structural integrity and overall aesthetic once the construction is complete. The better-quality wood species influence the cost of your log home as well as its durability and strength in withstanding the elements, in particular during harsh weather conditions. Factors to Consider in Choosing Timber for Log ... (More)
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Homes

    Mobile homes are popular housing options in several corners of the world because of the practicality of their uses. However, manufactured houses in the contemporary market are now better with different styles and designs more than ever. Modern mobile houses are structures with designs that are especially adapted for occupancy and habitation. Units are built with two sections that have separate designs and construction with the use of clamps, bolts, and related devices. It is important to know the different pros and cons of owning a mobile house before you can make an informed decision for a wise venture. Discover why purchasing a mobile home is now the trend in the ever-changing housing industry. Why are some people still having second thoughts investing in them? The Upsides of Mobile Hom... (More)
  • Quick Garden featured on ITV's Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover!

    If you are ever looking for ideas on how to refresh the look of your home, garage or garden, you are probably a fan of ITV’s Peter Andre’s 60 Minutes Makeover! This extremely popular show has been running for 12 seasons now and has changed the lives of countless people. This time, we at Quick Garden were very proud to help Pete and the team go to Surrey to transform the home of a former police officer Steve Barron. The designer, Ben Hillman, had a look at our broad range of designs and picked our log cabin Jack 4m x 3m, which was the perfect size for Steve’s garden. Who can resist a spacious man cave these days? A few weeks later we delivered the cabin to Mr Barron’s premises – in fact our professional assembly team worked from the early morning, installing the base as well as t... (More)
  • Eco-Friendly Buildings – Log Cabin Positive Features

    A garden log cabin is one of the most popular options when choosing a residential or vacation home. Log houses have enjoyed a long history since their discovery centuries ago in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. One of the benefits of choosing a log house for your residential or secondary home is that it is an eco-friendly building. Individuals that want to enjoy an environment-friendly kind of lifestyle choose to live in wood or timber houses and this lifestyle suits them well. Why is a Log Cabin an Eco-Friendly Building? Log homes have a positive impact on the environment on top of the fact that this type of building gives you a comfortable and healthy place of abode in the midst of nature. The main material for a log cabin construction is wood, which has a positive impact, especia... (More)
  • Quick Garden team finishes the Monte Carlo Historique Rally Race!

    As you may probably know by now, our team is participating in the legendary Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique and as the race camet o an end, there are a few events to wrap up! On Monday, our team was 18th out of more than 250 competitors, but unfortunately they got stuck on a snowy Alps road and lost some time, as well as qualifying points. Vincent Penel, who was driving a Simca 1100 Ti blocked the road and more than 10 participants got stuck on this unpredictable mountain trap! Among them, unfortunately was also our team… This only goes to prove how unexpected this race can be. On Tuesday, the team covered more than 300 miles – this was the hardest and longest sprint distance of the whole race, and on the next day the final part of the race began. The participants reached Col de Turini... (More)
  • Things You Need to Know about When Living Green in a Log Cabin

    Living in a log cabin is the best decision you could ever make, especially if you want to have an eco-friendly lifestyle. Green living makes you healthier and allows you to reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Living in a wooden log cabin is one of the most popular options among individuals across age groups and economic status. You can be a young professional but can still choose to live in a log home if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle, along with the pollution, of urban living. Things to Know about Log Cabin and Green Living A wooden building that you can make your residential home provides a unique and healthy place of abode that you can enjoy unlike any other type of building. Check out the important things you need to know about living in a log cabin and enjoying a gre... (More)

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