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  • Our Residential Log Cabin in the Garden (Alan and Dee)

    After falling in love with a derelict house being sold at auction, we decided to be brave and bid. Overjoyed at winning the house we needed an immediate solution to the problem of how do we live for the two years while work commenced, we knew a caravan was not on option for us, even though we had lots of garden. We settled on a wooden house and searched the internet. Quick Garden gave us the perfect answer. The team were wonderful from our first tentative contact. Although there were no show properties or sales people to visit, they introduced us to a customer close by with the style of cabin we were interested in. This was more helpful and useful than you could imagine. We gained a true and unbiased insight into this expensive purchase, this was so much better than talking to a sales per... (More)
  • The Prices of Mobile Homes in Winter

    Mobile homes have typical prices especially during the winter season when most holiday breaks now are fun when you spend it inside your cozy house. It is a popular option although there are numerous misconceptions that could malign this component of the housing stock. Manufactured homes are popular holiday venues where you can enjoy quality time and fun activities with family and loved ones. Most property developers are investing in mobile homes and use them for rental purposes, which hit sky-high during the holidays. Mobile Homes – Prices in Winter and More The prices of manufactured homes vary at different times of the year. The holiday is when most people are looking for mobile homes either for purchase or rental purposes. You can find less expensive mobile houses that are the best a... (More)
  • 5 Ways to Make a Garden Office into a Guest House

    A garden office is a great feature in your home with numerous purposes on top of being just a simple garden structure that could serve as your storage space. You can transform this garden structure into a more liveable and useful space, especially for accommodating visitors or guests who spend the night or two. A temporary guest house is an additional property feature that could make a world of difference in the overall value of your home. Convert your garden office into a guest house and see how it can improve the functionality of this garden structure upfront. You need not worry about space constraints anymore because your garden office is easy to make into a guest room right away; you just need some basic knowledge and skills to make the transformation. You can also consult with the pr... (More)
  • Quick Garden blogs - an inspiration to others

    Our blog section  is being updated constantly with various tips on the maintenance of wooden structures as well as it's surroundings. As our blogs attract a lot of daily readers, so it happens that one of our readers is Jess from Jen Reviews! She has read our article on main points you should remember when buying things for your BBQ hut and got so inspired that she wrote her own post on how to choose a decent grill! It is loaded with practical tips and a... (More)
  • How to Install Wooden Shelves in your Wooden Garage

    A wooden garage can be used as storage space for all the available items in this particular area of the property. Timber garages are quite popular because of their remarkable features and functions. One of the best uses of a wooden carport or garage is for storage where you need wooden shelves to accommodate your stuff. Even a conventional carport would still need some shelving and storage solutions for mechanical auto tools. So, how do you build wooden shelves to match your wooden garage? Wooden Garage – Useful Tips to Build and Install Wooden Shelves Simple wooden shelves for your garage can go a long way, especially if you are innovative and creative about your DIY project. A wooden garage needs some storage and shelving solutions in order to stay organized, clean, and clutter-free.... (More)
  • Which Wood is usually Used when Manufacturing Garden Cabin?

    We choose what is best for our home from the best furniture to the best little decorations, and just like those you also have to choose what’s best when building a garden cabin. Different types of wood have different types of textures and different kinds of colours. You may choose a type of wood because it’s cheap or it’s what you chose randomly but you have to ensure the durability, decay resistance, appearance and strength of the wood you’re considering as your supplies for your construction. In choosing a specific wood for a garden cabin you have to know its stability, the wood’s reaction to insects and climate changes and the strength in holding your cabin together. Here are the types of wood often used to build garden cabins. The Best Wood Species for Garden Cabins Here is ... (More)

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