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  • Gingerbread lodge - our cabin in the woods!

    We have learned a few things having been the route of full Planning and Building Regs, the latter still to be signed off, but along the way have carefully selected products (some I had not heard of before) that we have found to be eminently suitable for use with Quick Garden Cabin products. For the exterior, I did a lot of research on the Internet, and came up with products from Berrattine, initially a Wood Preserver and stain (Green tin, not the brown one) which with two coats has given a very good overall colour to the cabin in medium brown. This has been followed up with a product from the same company, Berrattine Decking and Log Cabin waterproofer, which is a clear waterproofing wax finish, the combination being voiced as likely to last for five years (opinions from Trade blog pages).... (More)
  • Carport Maintenance in Winter

    Carport maintenance is vital especially during winter when it comes in full force. Carports come with a wide range of features and some are integrated into the main residence while others are standalone structures. It is important to consider the best carport maintenance solutions in particular when winter is fast approaching. Prepare this essential structure in your property in order to make sure that it withstands the elements during the harshest winter condition. On top of dealing with the snow removal or ploughing and shovelling snow on the driveways and pavements, preparing your carport is essential, starting with the proper maintenance steps. Take the same precautions in your carport since you need to store your vehicle and keep it safe from the winter elements that could damage you... (More)
  • Things to Do in a Log Cabin During Christmas

    A log cabin is where you can spend Christmas with your family and loved ones, so no wonder more and more people are investing in timber houses now more than ever. You can find a wide range of log houses in different locations, depending on your interest and preferred activities. Spending Christmas in a log cabin gives you the opportunity to explore numerous fun stuff and things to do that you could never enjoy elsewhere. Enjoy the yuletide season in your log home, whether it is your primary residence or a vacation house that you occasionally use. Fun Christmas Activities in a Log Cabin The holidays offer free time for busy individuals and you can absolutely make the most of your free time when you spend it with family and loved ones in a log cabin. There are just so many activities and th... (More)
  • Prepare for Christmas in your Wooden House

    A wooden house offers a classic look that immediately gives you an attractive aesthetic but it becomes so much better during Christmas. Pour out your creative juices in preparing for Christmas and making your log home as beautiful and colourful as possible. However, you must also remember that wooden homes are not like your usual brick and mortar building that is not as prone to fire and similar mishaps. Decorate your log home to make it captivating but make sure that it is primarily safe and accident-free. How to Prepare your Wooden House for Christmas Your residential log cabin deserves the traditional yuletide look with all the conventional and modern aesthetics. However, there are important things you need to consider first before you go on ahead with the cosmetic value. The classic b... (More)
  • Log Cabin Christmas Decorations – Top Tips for the Holidays

    A log cabin is one of the most popular vacation homes, especially during the yuletide season. A lot of people are drawn to log home living because of the numerous benefits that wooden structures have to offer. You can easily transform your timber house into a remarkable venue where you can stay and celebrate the holidays with family and loved ones. Christmas is just around the corner thus, here are a few decoration tips that will instantly give your log cabin the spirit of the season. Log Cabin Christmas Decoration Ideas and More A rustic Christmas is one of the most popular styles in today’s residential and commercial interior design trends. Even urban homes are aiming for something as relaxing and laidback as living in the countryside with the taste of being in a log home, even if it ... (More)

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