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  • Tips for Saving Electricity Energy Costs in your Wooden House

    Saving electricity and energy costs in your wooden house is important if you are looking for more ways to make the most out of your rustic living. Living in a log home is healthy and eco-friendly but it is also a great way to significantly cut costs on your electricity consumption. How do you save electricity while enjoying log cabin living and still experience the benefits of modern conveniences? Important Tips to Save Electricity in a Wooden House You don’t need to switch to a caveman’s lifestyle if you want to save on energy costs while living in your log home. There are effective ways of saving electricity expenses and still enjoy the advantages of modern comforts. Here are some helpful tips you can try:    *  Choose the Right Wood Species The wood that you choose to manufactur... (More)
  • Insulated Garden Buildings for All Seasons

    Insulated garden buildings are highly recommended and lucrative investments. Log cabins, garden rooms, and wooden garages are just a few of the garden structures that must have proper and extensive insulation. Constructing a garden building with log or timber materials is useless if you do not invest in pre-treatment that insulate the structure from top to bottom. Insulated garden buildings are ideal to live in regardless of the season; these remarkable structures can accommodate you all year-round. Insulated Garden Buildings for Energy Efficiency Garden buildings from log or timber materials could be pre-cut or site-built, depending on the needs and preferences of the owner. Modern log homes, garden rooms, or wooden garages are customizable in terms of design and feature. Insulated garde... (More)
  • 5 Ways to Use Alternative Energy in Your Log Cabin

    Powering your log cabin using renewable alternative energy is a daunting challenge but it could offer you countless rewards if you successfully reach your goals. Technological advancements make it possible to use alternative energy to power up your log home and help you save on your utility bills. Renewable energy resources are eco-friendly because you do not use fossil fuel and other resources that cannot be easily replenished. Five Ways to Use Renewable Log Cabin Energy Limited resources that generate power dramatically hurt the environment and take their toll on nature over time. Replacing these limited resources with renewable alternative ones is the best way to protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. There are five effective ways how you can actually use alternative... (More)
  • The Main Tips for Log Garages Maintenance

    Log garages are practical and lucrative features of your property. These are functional structures that serve as a carport or parking space for your vehicles. Moreover, you can maximize the space and convert the garage into a more liveable space. Nowadays, wooden garages are becoming the trend but they also need the right upkeep and maintenance to remain in top shape and condition. How do you maintain the beautiful aesthetics and function of your wooden garage? Top Tips for Maintenance of Log Garages A timber garage or carport goes beyond its usual function, which is to provide shelter and protection for your valued car or other vehicle. Wooden garages accentuate the looks and aesthetics of your property, boosting its curb appeal and market value over the long run. However, this wood stru... (More)
  • The importance of guttering

    We have recently launched a new vlog section on our youtube channel, where we discuss various tips and tricks related to log cabins. Today's vlog features a residential log cabin which has guttering installed on it. To view the vlog, please follow the link below: http... (More)

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