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  • Building a Log Cabin in Autumn? Follow These Tips!

    Many people ask whether autumn is the perfect time to build a log cabin; the success of your log house investment depends on several factors and choosing the right time of year for its construction makes all the difference. Why would you choose autumn to build or buy a timber cabin instead of winter, summer or spring? There are many debates regarding the best time for a log cabin investment but every expert agrees that timing is everything in the log construction industry. Thus, if you want to multiply your return on your investment and increase your chances of enjoying a hassle-free and smooth log home construction, make sure you know the tips when building a log house in autumn. Helpful Tips in Building a Log Cabin in Autumn Making a good log cabin investment does not take a rocket scie... (More)
  • Garden Rooms – Everything You Need to Know

    Log cabins can become one of your garden rooms that offer the ideal space with the outdoors as your perfect backdrop. In essence, it is a building structure with tiled roofs and different construction materials of your choice. However, in most cases, garden rooms just like log cabins, use high-quality timber that gives a timeless natural aesthetic. Contemporary structures have tiled roofs for practical purposes, specifically for buffering the changing temperature in summer and winter. Modern garden rooms and log cabins have complete insulation for comfortable usage, all year-round. What You Need to Know about Garden Rooms and Log Cabins Garden rooms and log cabins are the ideal choices for combining the beauty of nature and the outdoors with the comfort of a conventional room. Many homeow... (More)
  • How to Take Care of your Log Cabins’ Rainwater Pipes in Autumn

    Rainwater pipes are important features in log cabins; timber structures are prone to the elements such as water and moisture, resulting in rotting and similar damages. High-quality rainwater pipes and gutter systems for your log home offer years of durable service, but there is also a need for regular inspection as well as routine maintenance. You need to keep your rainwater pipes in top shape and the best time to take care of these features is during autumn. How to Take Care of Rainwater Pipes for Log Cabins The first step to taking care of the rainwater pipes and gutter systems in log cabins is regular inspection. You can periodically check these features yourself or you can hire a professional to do the job. It helps to find a service provider that specializes in this particular field ... (More)

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