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  • Phil's log cabin FILL

    Phil wanted a two-bedrooms summerhouse where he can spend his warm summer days. We offered a few options and the one that stuck with him was the log Fill cabin, no idea why! The design was just what he was looking for except for some layout and window/door changes. However, after sending the plan back and forth a few times for correction we finally agreed on the design! What came out - you can see for yourself. Phil decided to keep the color of the wood and decorated the interior to give it a nice rustic feel. The cabin looks very cosy inside ant might be just what you need to relax in the summer. It was built with the upgraded 66mm walls logs and that is all you need for a summerhouse. What about you would you go for a contemporary look or this rustic design makes you feel right at home? ... (More)
  • Timber Garages – Things You Need to Know

    When it comes to purchases and decisions, it is important to note that such things usually entail pros and cons and buying timber garages is not an exception. With a garage added to your home you have the opportunity to make use of it for various purposes such as providing added value to your home, embellishing your home’s overall appearance, adding protection and security to your family and vehicles, and much more. Thus, it is important to consult a professional contractor first before making a purchase or before taking the time to build and construct one. Nowadays, the market is teeming with so many options and one of the most popular choices is timber garages. If your house is made in a modern manner, then it would be a great idea to add a wooden garage next to it. As a matter of fac... (More)
  • Build Your Own Carport in 5 Simple Steps

    A carport is a covered or sheltered structure which is commonly used to offer limited protection and security to vehicles, especially cars. Cars also need protection from rain and snow so that they last for a much longer period of time. It can either be attached to the wall of your house or it can be free-standing all by itself. Compared to other structures, a carport isn’t necessarily built to have four walls. In fact, it only has one or two. A carport is often made of metal – most often steel or aluminium so as to give optimum protection to your cars from the harmful rays of the sun and the hazardous effects of heavy storms. And since it is only made of a frame and a covering, this gives you an open feel. Moreover, building a carport is proven to be more economical than building an ... (More)
  • BBQ Hut for Summer Entertaining: Quick Buying Tips You Should Remember

    How much do you like having your own BBQ hut in your place? The fact is that there are many ways by which you can use a barbecue hut. With this kind of structure you can use it as a place for self-service barbecuing and cooking your own food choices. And since BBQ entails food in most senses, we cannot deny the fact that BBQ huts are also excellent for entertainment purposes. It simply gives you the idea of having an event or occasion where you can eat and drink as you are entertained by chosen performers. Are BBQ huts a popular option these days? Yes, they are. As a matter of fact, the use of such kinds of structures is not only limited to Europe but are used in many different parts of the globe as well. What makes these huts truly popular? The popularity of such structures is due to the... (More)
  • Barry's fancy Clockhouse log cabin

    Why not to add some Mediterranean look to your cabin? Our customers happen to have very delicate tastes when it comes to decorating their gardens. One of our customers had an idea of putting a small log cabin into his garden which would add a decorative touch as well as provide some cozy space for his family. Out of our whole range he chose a small cabin with a clock tower - and indeed a cabin with a dormer, large windows and French door proves to be a very nice and attractive design. But not only that. The customer decided to choose Mediterranean style and combined white and blue colours to paint the cabin – as a result he had a lovely design cabin, with dominating white colour while the doors and the windows were painted in light blue colour. The pots with vivid flowers added a final t... (More)
  • Wooden Houses – 10 Times Better Energy Efficient Construction

    With the fast and continuous development of life in the city, more and more people are choosing to live in the eco-friendly log house, suburbs and in the countryside. The development of society has brought tumultuous changes in the current state of the existing environment, and this goes some way to explaining the tendency of many people to live and dwell close to nature. It also encompasses the use of certain methods which are known to be energy-saving. The construction of eco-friendly homes such as wooden houses is another modern tendency. As a matter of fact, you may be surprised to see lots of houses and buildings which are now built and constructed using wood. However, the construction of wooden-inspired buildings and houses will never be fulfilled without the strict implementation a... (More)
  • Christophoros's log cabins in Cyprus

    There are no limits to the design ideas or to the destinations for our products as our experience has shown again and again. When one of our clients contacted us he already had a great idea for the accommodation business in Cyprus. The assistance required from our team was to find the best design and to ship it to its sunny new place. Our standard Nica 5m x 5m design was perfect as it is a compact size with one big area and separate shower room. This is more than enough for 2-3 people to stay in. Clay tiles were chosen as the roof covering to strengthen the cosy look of the wooden building. The installation of our products is easy and the assembly instructions are always supplied together with the product. Due to this, it was easy to find a local team, even in Cyprus, to assemble our produ... (More)

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