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  • How to Build Your Own BBQ Hut

    Learning how to build your own BBQ hut is one of the most rewarding things to do, especially if you are a fan of outdoor cookouts and dining. Before you learn the basics on how to build your own BBQ hut there are a few important things you need to know and understand. Build your Own BBQ Hut – The Basics Outdoor BBQ cookouts have become extremely popular among Europeans and people in other parts of the world. However, one of the first barbecue huts introduced within the industry was created having a Scottish or Scandinavian background. Just like log cabins, BBQ huts may have similar concepts of design and construction. A self-service BBQ hut has become a recent trend and although it has a traditional anathema for the rich and the elite, anyone can enjoy this remarkable structure. You can... (More)
  • Sally's wooden garage

    Sally came to us in need of a bigger storage facility, we offered her our standard 5m x 6m garage, which would be more than enough for storage, and having our big barn - style doors ensures there will not be any issues when loading larger items. We advised her to go to our showroom to have a look at this particular garage. After seeing it with her own eyes, she soon realized that it was exactly what she was looking for! The garage was in stock, so after a couple of weeks it was up and running! Sally decided to go for our green shingle tile effect. Have a look and see if t... (More)
  • The Foundation of Residential Log Cabin Building

    A residential log cabin foundation is the very core of the structural building. The base layer serves as support for the entire structure, meaning it could make or break the entire unit. Before you venture further into the design of your contemporary or period log home, looking into the foundation is a must. A residential log house requires the absolute best foundation if you don’t want your investment to go to waste. Residential Log Cabin Building Foundation Basics Log cabin foundations are not just the base layer where the entire building is built upon. This particular layer safely and technically transfers the weight and load of the wooden structure through the ground. The foundation or base of any construction project should be durable and strong and that is a general rule of thumb ... (More)
  • Tips on How to Build a Garden Office from Scratch

    Learning how to build a garden offices from scratch is one of the most productive ventures you could ever invest your resources into. Even if you don’t have the technical and mechanical knowledge with regard to creating your own garden room or office, there are detailed guides that can help you with your DIY project. Before knowing the step-by-step ways on how to build a garden office from scratch, there are essential factors to consider. Before You Build a Garden Office There are key elements in building a garden office from zero and knowing these essential elements is a must. Take a closer look at some of the most important things to look into for a successful garden office project: Foundation Different contractors and guides to build a garden office from scratch have varying choices ... (More)
  • Allan's bespoke log cabin

    Even though we offer quite a wide range of standard products, our dear customer Allan had a very special request. We have modified our standard log cabin Nica. Allan wanted to have 3 sets of doors on the front elevation and that’s not a problem – moreover he wanted to have this modern look rather than have Georgian bars. Our architect has quickly design him some plans and elevations and after the customer has confirmed them we have proceeded with the manufacture. Few weeks later our professional assembly team has arrived on site and installed this custom log cabin in Allan’s garden. To add extra protection and warmth for the long winter evening’s the builders have covered the roof with some insulation. Allan owns a roofing company so he is going to install his own roof covering lat... (More)
  • 10 Most Beautiful Garden Room Design Plans

    There is a garden room design plan that would instantly make your property more beautiful and valuable on the market. Garden rooms like these are basically outdoor structures that provide additional space for your existing property. A stunning outdoor room dramatically spruces up the feel and aesthetics of your home and landscape. It is a private sanctuary or it could be an income generator depending on the garden room design plans you choose. 10 Garden Room Design Plans Today The most beautiful and breathtaking garden rooms have different themes and features, depending on your personal style and taste. There are online guides that provide the best options for the ideal garden room or office based on different inspirations and themes. Your dream garden room design plans are your first ste... (More)
  • Say Goodbye to Concrete Structures

    Wooden homes are now the most in demand types of housing and have surpassed the demands for concrete structures. In various parts of the world, modern wooden houses such as timber and log cabins are becoming more and more popular among home buyers and property investors. The overflowing benefits of wooden structural buildings are the main reasons why log cabins and wooden homes are the best options for contemporary housing. Why Go for Modern Wooden Homes? Aside from the obvious difference in aesthetics, wooden houses and structural buildings are definitely more advantageous compared to their concrete counterparts. Here are some of the top noteworthy benefits of a contemporary wooden home compared to a concrete building or housing: Energy Efficient and Exceptional Insulation Wood is a high... (More)
  • Advantages of Wooden Garages with a Room Above

    Wooden garages with a room above are becoming more in demand nowadays. These wooden structures are not your ordinary carport or storage area owing to the fact that there are more features available. Having an upper floor with the additional room is quite an interesting feature and more and more homeowners are joining the bandwagon. Is having a wooden garage complete with an upper layer room a lucrative and wise investment? Or is it a total waste of resources? The Benefits of Wooden Garages with a Room Above There are numerous reasons why venturing into a wooden garage with an upper layer project is an excellent and practical choice for you. Having this particular structure in your property is a great opportunity ‒ the wooden structure in itself is already a great investment with high po... (More)

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