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  • Garden Log Cabin: Worms in the Yard. What Should You Do?

    Your garden log cabin will definitely benefit from the presence of worms in your yard. If you are starting a garden around your log home, it’s important that you know and understand why having worms in your yard is a good thing. Worms play a crucial role in construction of the soil as well as the recycling of organic wastes. There is a network of useful and beneficial organisms in the soil that contribute to nutrient rich soil and the worm is definitely part of this network. Your garden log cabin would absolutely look great with a lush and green garden and those seemingly insignificant, oftentimes nasty wriggly creatures are a useful component. Worms and your Log Cabin Garden Imagine a lush and beautiful garden accessorizing your outdoors, boosting the overall aesthetic and curb appeal ... (More)
  • The Cases When Building Permits for Residential Log Cabins are Necessary

    Residential log cabin buildings are lucrative investments but you cannot build them just anywhere. One of the most important things to consider when planning for a log homes investment is knowing and understanding the log cabin planning permission in your area. It is easy to purchase a plot of land and build your dream log home but make sure that you are building in compliance with the rules and regulations or else you just might end up violating the law with all your investments gone to waste. When Do You Need Building Permits for Residential Log Cabin Building regulations and planning laws are important especially when constructing your log home. There are relevant and essential rules and regulations to adhere to before you even start the construction. Learn the basics of these permissi... (More)
  • Garden Structures Made of Wood: Things You Need to Know

    Garden structures make your backyard and overall property value even better because these features are additional selling points. No matter what type of wooden garden structure you have, the aesthetic value and curb appeal of your property instantly go up. A garden is basically a place where you can unwind, relax, and just appreciate the beauty of nature, especially if you have a well-maintained landscape. Adding wooden garden structures on the site could make a world of difference. Why are Garden Structures of Wood Important When you have wooden structures in your garden, you’ll be able to spend more quality time in this area, allowing you to relax and refresh. It is also an ideal spot where you can bond and spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones away from all the hustle ... (More)
  • Quick Garden cabins on BBC

    You might have seen the recent BBC article about David Cameron’s designer shed, where the former PM bought his shed for £25,000 to write a book in. In the article, another person was mentioned who claimed that the former PM was ‘just starting out in the world of sheds’! It just so happens that the person mentioned was other David, who is one of Quick Garden’s customers, and is more than happy that his shed cost him £19,000.00 less and in his words ‘ his shed is nothing compared to mine’. We are very happy that our customer is so pleased with their garden cabin. What makes our cabin stand out in terms of value for money is that it is made by our family business and we own our factories instead of buying garden cabins from other manufacturers, no other third parties are involv... (More)
  • Building a Log Cabin: When is the Perfect Time to Prepare the Foundation?

    A log cabin foundation is vital in the overall quality of the wooden structure. Foundations safely transfer the load and weight of the log house through the ground, consequently making the wooden house more durable and strong. One of the most important things to consider when preparing a log cabin foundation is the time when to set the foundation in the first place. The Best Time to Prepare a Log Cabin Foundation You can choose when to start with the constructions of your log cabin, but you need to make sure that it is during the off season when there is low demand for log house materials from timber to other hardware materials. The lower the demand for log cabin materials, the lower or cheaper they would cost since most suppliers would rather sell off their stocks or supplies rather than... (More)
  • How to Choose the Right Wooden Garden Office?

    Wooden garden offices are great investments although they can be financially demanding. Nevertheless, having a wooden office away from your main house is a remarkable venture, especially if you want to separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of your primary household. Working from home is becoming a very popular trend for most people and a garden office would certainly make a difference in your productivity and work environment. Most importantly, wooden garden offices boost the market value of your property if you plan to put it up for sale in the future. The Benefits of Wooden Garden Offices One of the most pressing questions to ask yourself is why should you invest in a wooden garden room or office? Homeowners discover the numerous benefits of owning a timber garden office, not jus... (More)
  • Log Cabin Price Changes in Summer

    The log cabin industry is one of the most dynamic niches in the world, with cabin prices fluctuating and changing every now and then. The price of log houses usually changes depending on the time of the year, mainly due to the law of supply and demand. The price of log cabin changes in summer, particularly the summer holidays when the sales begin steadily dropping. Thus, if you really want to get the most out of your investment and take advantage of the low prices on high-quality log cabins, summer is the best time of the year to buy one. Why do Log Cabin Prices Drop in Summer? The prices of log houses typically drop as soon as the summer holidays take place and experience the lowest rate when the leaves start dropping for autumn. When the industry becomes suddenly quiet and everyone else... (More)
  • Residential Cabin: Things You Need to Know about Fences

    Residential cabin fences are essential components of your property. They keep away intruders and uninvited guests as well as preventing stray animals from entering your land and log house. There are different types of fences that ideally suit your log homes and property but you must also understand certain planning permission and regulations in order to properly add or erect a fence or gate around the property lines. Residential Cabin Fence Regulations It is important to know the rules first before you put up a fence for your log house. Planning permission is necessary for all fences, gates, or walls that are over 1 metre high and located near the highway for vehicle access or even next to the highway footpath. You will, however, not need any permit to erect or put up your fence if you ar... (More)
  • 10 Vegetables You Need to Plant this Year

    A log cabin garden makes a remarkable addition to your property, providing you with more benefits than any other feature in your timber house. Vegetable gardening is always popular among log home owners, however, the type of garden you cultivate and grow mainly depends on the most prevalent weather in your place or location. There are summer to winter gardens to choose from, all with varied features and upsides. Benefits of a Log Cabin Garden The best thing about log cabin gardens is that you can plant the vegetable of your choice and save on your own food bills through consuming your own produce. A vegetable garden ensures you eat safe and healthy food because you organically grow your produce yourself. Growing and cultivating a vegetable garden in your log cabin is a remarkably worthwhi... (More)

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