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  • Ben's Mobile Home Boston (Cornwall)

    Our BOSTON mobile home is the largest building in our range that complies with the caravan act. It is a great option for a temporary home not requiring full planning permission. Mobile homes  can be just what you are looking for if you own or are thinking of starting a holiday letting company or you just enjoy the look of these mobile homes! They only take 3-5 days to build and they blend in well with the surrounding nature! The BOSTON mobile home can have up to 5 bedrooms inside in addition to a kitchen/lounge. The large French doors provide a nice touch, mak... (More)
  • Useful Advice for Renting Your Residential Log Cabin

    Many people today who own a residential log cabin think about renting their property. These owners usually have different reasons for doing so, such as paying off their mortgage sooner. For others, renting their log cabin is just a way for them to earn extra money, especially when the cabin is not being used for a long time. Regardless of these reasons, the act of renting out your log cabin is an effective tool to help you in offsetting the costs of owning it. (check there residential log cabins) The majority of log cabin owners tend to rent out their property because of the financial benefits that they can get from it. Taking the time to rent out the cabin for about seventeen weeks each year is good enough to cover the yearly mortgage costs including all other associated rental bills. No... (More)
  • The List of Things to Do Around the Log Cabin after Winter

    The deep and freezing weather is vanishing away and the smell of spring is now being felt by everyone. It‘s all everyone is waiting for after the long days and nights of snow-covered surroundings. When winter is over, everyone seems to party, but before doing this it is important to know about the important things that you need to do around your log cabin after the winter. While you have been rattling off a list of things that you need to do, getting around to making that to-do list can be a little daunting, right? The following are some important things that you need to remember to do around your log cabin when the winter is through: Remove the Seal from your Drafty Windows Your windows were sealed just before the start of the winter season so as not to allow the heat in your house to ... (More)
  • Signs That Tell You it‘s Time to Change the Flooring in a Log Cabin

    The flooring of your log cabin has a strong impact on its general internal look. It is also the flooring which is considered a very tactile aspect of your wooden cabin due to the reason that it receives the most impact on a daily basis. Another significant aspect is the serviceability of the type of floor you have chosen. This simply means how good it is for certain activities to be done in a particular room and how simple and easy it is to maintain and keep them clean all the time. Cost plays a very crucial role in the selection of flooring type for your log cabin but it is also important to always keep in mind the longevity of a particular type of flooring. Flooring in Different Areas of a Log Cabin It isn’t necessary that the entire log cabin has to have a similar look; and this prov... (More)
  • John's Wooden Garage (Nottingham)

    Our customer John from Nottingham contacted us with a very special request – he needed a garage spacious enough to house three cars at once.As we do not have any standard wooden garages with this feature our architect team started to work on a bespoke project. A few days later the drawings were sent out for John’s approval and the next day he had placed an order! Just a couple of weeks later our professional installation team arrived at John’s premises and started work right away – John had asked us if it was possible to finish the wooden garage in one day as he wanted to use it immediately. Please take a look at this incredible triple wooden garage! ... (More)
  • How to Choose the Right Log Cabin

    Log cabins are very popular nowadays, they can be relatively cheap alternatives to renting an office, building a brick house, or any other reason you might use it for. There are a number of companies which offer these cabins and it can be very difficult to figure out which company offers the best value for money! Below is a list of things you need to consider before buying your log cabin. Planning issues. First and foremost you need to know what size your cabin is going to be and what purpose it will have; this will influence what sort of planning permission you might need. It is very difficult to say what specifications are required to obtain planning permission as every council has different regulations. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose someone who will supply you with detailed p... (More)
  • Residential Log Cabin Foundation: Damage after Winter

    If you own a residential log cabin that’s situated in a place with extreme cold temperature you may not be aware of the fact regarding the adverse effects that cold or freezing temperature has on your log cabin’s foundation. A foundation which is covered with soil may not experience heaving but an uncovered foundation will not be very lucky. The surprising thing to learn about foundation damage is that it usually occurs before the temperature reaches freezing point. A lot of log cabin owners usually have an unclear understanding about the distinction between freezing and cold weather and this has increased the onset of damage occurring in the foundations of their log cabins. The reality is that when the temperature falls below forty degrees for three straight days, the possibility of e... (More)
  • Log Cabin Exterior: The Most Popular Colours in 2017

    It‘s now 2017 and you are thinking about giving your log cabin a facelift. Whether you are planning to sell your property or you just want to enhance its curb appeal, changing its exterior colour is an effective way to do it. The fact is that there are so many elements outside that are at play when it comes to this project and it is highly recommended that you should take the time to consider them before choosing a specific colour scheme. Here are some important things that you need to consider when planning to paint the exterior of your log cabin: 1. The Roof If your cabin comes with a brown roof then you should steer towards a warm siding colour. If your roof is black or grey then your siding colour should be cooler. Take the time to survey the fixed and other non-paintable parts of y... (More)
  • The Best Time for Seeding Vegetables

    A log cabin is a great investment for home buyers and property investors. Nowadays, people invest in log houses to use as a primary residence or for rental purposes to augment their income. Whatever motivation you have in owning a log cabin, the investment is definitely worth it. There are various features to closely look into if you’re a log house owner and a garden is absolutely one of them. Gardens boost the curb appeal of the log structure from the outside and they also make the log home a peaceful and rejuvenating place to live in. Log Cabin Garden and Vegetable Seeding Invest your time, energy, and your available resources in your log cabin garden and you’ll surely reap the fruits of your investment. Gardens are remarkable features and offer a fantastic return on investment from... (More)
  • Log Cabin Royal

    Meet one more special member of our log cabin family – the Royal 5m x 5m. What is special about it? It is an all in one – a quality interior area with a spacious terrace combined. Having these two features combined you can enjoy the outside and inside in any weather conditions. If you do not have a big plot of land, we always recommend choosing this option. This was the very reason why our client decided to go for the Royal log cabin with a 5m x 1.2m terrace. With its great location nature needs to be the key focal point. The big double-glazed windows and French doors create a very cosy atmosphere and satisfy the need for daylight. The terrace floor is offered the same 20mm thickness to make sure that the interior and exterior quality meets the best standards. Maybe this is similar to... (More)

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