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  • How to Distinguish between Good and Bad Wood in Residential Cabins

    A lot of residential cabins have emerged in different parts of the world, owing to the revival of this type of building structure in today’s construction market. The numerous benefits of owning a log house are reason enough for people to seriously consider investing in wooden houses, whether as primary residences or secondary and holiday homes. One of the most important factors to consider when investing in residential cabins is the wood or timber that is the main material for construction. The best residential cabins are well-planned especially in terms of the right wood species to build the structure. What to Look for in Wood Species for Residential Cabins The right logs are the heart and core of your wooden house construction. Choosing the right wood is an essential decision and shou... (More)
  • Residential Cabin Sliding Door Systems: How to Choose

    The classic and timeless look of a residential cabin meets the modern and contemporary features of sliding door systems. Sliding doors open horizontally through a sliding mechanism that is typically parallel to the wall. Residential cabin owners can choose from a wide range of sliding door systems from pocket doors to bypass doors and arcadia. The most common use for this type of door is on the patio, bathroom, and as glass doors, wardrobe doors, and screen doors. Things to Consider for a Residential Cabin Sliding Door System Never underestimate the importance of the materials for your sliding door system. The type of material will leave its mark on the overall aesthetics and feel of your residential cabin door. It also determines the durability and performance of the door system for a lu... (More)
  • Log Cabins – The Best Time to Buy in 2017

    Log cabins are lucrative investments especially in contemporary times when buying a house in general offers a huge return on investment. People who plan to buy a log home could choose to buy a wooden house for their primary residence, as a holiday home, or an investment property for future sales or rental purposes. One of the most important factors to consider when investing in a log home is the time of the year when it is ideal to buy. There are numerous log cabins available on the market with their unique designs and features as well as functionality. Nevertheless, timing is everything when making a sound and wise investment on your dream log home. So When Exactly is The Best Time to Buy Log Cabins in 2017? A lot of log cabin manufacturers and suppliers agree that regardless of the year... (More)
  • How Many Years Will a Log Cabin Last?

    One of the most important things to know about log cabin is its capacity to last for decades. With proper maintenance and treatment, a log house could last for over a hundred years given the evidence of century-old log houses and wooden structures all over Europe, where the first log homes originated. Thus, if you’re thinking of a good investment that would outlast you for generations, take a closer look at the log cabin and how this simple and humble abode cheats years and nature. A Log Cabin is Not Just Long-Lasting One of the main benefits of living in a log cabin is that it can last for years, decades, even centuries with proper care and maintenance. However, longevity and durability are not just the main benefits of living in a wooden house. There are other log cabin features that ... (More)
  • Workroom in a Log Cabin – Make it a Cosy Place

    A workroom in a wooden cabin is not just a simple space, it is a place where you can work or do your stuff, whether as pastime and recreation or for trade. Adding a workroom in a log house is one of the most lucrative and practical projects you could ever undertake, especially if you are going to use it for income generation. A lot of people nowadays, including retirees or stay-at-home individuals, have numerous ways to augment their income. Doing or running a business from your wooden house is a lucrative project that offers higher ROI. Workrooms are also for recreational purposes and if you are spending time in your log cabin for relaxation, a workroom could help you spend quality and productive time while on a holiday. Advantages of a Workroom in a Log Cabin There are numerous perks to... (More)
  • Michelle's bespoke log cabin

    Many of our clients have different ideas as to what a log cabin is and how it should be designed. We try to satisfy all the needs of our clients even when the design is absolutely not what we offer as standard. (check there log cabins) It is not a secret that wood is a very versatile material, being absolutely natural and having the feature of being able to keep the warmth inside. Clients who prefer a modern look often contact us looking for an extraordinary solution. Here we present an absolutely different look 5.2m x 3.7m log cabin with the small terrace. Its compact size is more than enough for its main purpose ‒ to have a small area for training. Even table tennis equipment can be easily fitted. Finding the best solution from a visual design point of view and offering the best size ... (More)
  • Tips on How to Renovate Old Residential Log Cabins

    Just like any other types of structure, a residential log cabin can also become fragile and vulnerable over time. Log homes are subject to damage from the elements that eventually weaken the cabin’s foundation and overall aesthetics. Therefore, wooden houses should also have regular maintenance and when there are obvious defects, should be treated with an overall makeover or renewal of individual parts. For smaller defects, early detection and immediate renovation are vital to saving the entirety of the structure. However, for extensive damages with radical structural changes, an overhaul is a more likely investment to make. Residential Log Cabin and Structure Integrity The integrity and longevity of the wooden structure highly depend on its foundation, drainage system, and roof. Long-t... (More)
  • The Experts’ Opinion on Wooden Houses

    Wooden houses have been around for centuries; from the first log home that was built with stacks of logs placed one on top of the other to more contemporary and advanced designs, these log structures have undoubtedly evolved and developed into remarkable options for primary housing or holiday and rental homes. Both then and now, experts have conducted various studies and come up with opinions and statements that have been helpful references in the improvement of wooden houses around the world. What do Experts Say about Wooden Houses? The use of wood in the construction of buildings dates back millennia; however, rapid industrialization, as well as the shortage of timber materials, significantly decreased the number of wooden houses. Nevertheless, in recent decades there has been a revival... (More)

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