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  • Wooden House Doors – Warmth and Security

    One of the most important components of your wooden house is the door. Entry doors, for instance, should be tough enough so as to withstand the elements, such as the scorching sun, rain, snow, or would-be intruders. Tough doors must also have the aesthetic appeal to boost your property’s curb appeal and make a good impression. These are the requirements that your entry or front door should have, or any other doors in your house, for that matter. A wooden house is not just a place of relaxation and fun but it must also be a safe and secure fortress for you and your loved ones. Facts about Wooden House Doors There are different types of doors for your log house with different features that would surely enhance the beauty and safety of your home. Different door types have their own charact... (More)
  • Sue's and Martyn's pottery studio log cabin

    Our dear customers, Sue and her husband Martyn, recently purchased a bespoke log cabin Benington (more information about log cabin Benington) to use as a pottery studio with an under-cover outdoor kitchen alongside. They both commented that the cabin was very easy to put up – it was fully installed by both of them, with a little help from their grandson. As Sue lives on a steep hill with a terraced garden, she can enjoy the gorgeous views that open up from the cabin! After the cabin had been put up, they painted the front and stained the sides. You can tell by the way it looks that the neighbours must be a tiny bit jealous! Take a look... (More)
  • Where is the Best Place to Build Residentia Log Cabin In the UK?

    A residential log cabin is one of the best investments you could ever make, given the numerous benefits of having a log home as your primary or holiday residence. As a primary home, a log house is the best option, especially for retirees who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. As an investment option, buying a residential log cabin and converting it into a rental property for the holidays or other times of the year significantly augments your income. Whatever purpose you may have for your log house, the end result is a lucrative and beneficial one. One of the most important things to consider when buying a log house is the location. Where is the Best Place to Build a Residential Log Cabin in the UK? The first-ever log cabins were created in Scandinavia and other plac... (More)
  • A Shelter from the Rain and Snow - Wooden Carport

    A wooden carport is one of the features of your property that has both functional and aesthetic value, particularly in sheltering your vehicle or stored equipment from rain and snow. There are different types of timber carports that are available today, all with their own designs and looks. Carports made from wood or timber materials also have their function and benefits to offer, depending on your needs and preferences. If you’re planning to have a wooden carport as part of your home or property, make sure you know the essentials of this structure in order to maximize its full potential. Different Types of Wooden Carport Popular designs for wooden or timber carports have their distinct features that meet different shelter requirements. Here are some of the options available to you: Sta... (More)
  • Log Cabin Essex: Option for All Year Round

    We often receive enquiries from people of all ages which shows that wood is one of the most popular options for the vast majority of people. Parents look for something to be built for their children when they arrive for a visit and children look for that something special for their parents. There is always a question of how big the building needs to be. The answer is simple; you can accommodate everything in a 22 square meters place! We present our adjusted Essex twin skin fully insulated garden cabin, with its amazing Scandinavian interior, small kitchen and dining area for romantic lunches. The insulated option gives you the advantage to be able to use the log cabin all year round and feel comfortable at any temperature. Do you have your ideas for a small guest area? Go ahead – we’... (More)
  • Residential Log Cabin Windows: The Best Suitable Opening Mechanism

    Choosing the best residential log cabin window is not a piece of cake; in fact, it is one of the most daunting and challenging tasks you will ever make, especially without the right guidance and recommendation. There are numerous options for the windows and window treatments of your log home and sometimes these overwhelming choices can leave you more confused than ever. It helps to know the different features of these windows, specifically their opening mechanisms, to determine if they are the perfect fit for your residential log cabin. Types of Windows for Your Residential Log Cabin There are traditional windows with their corresponding opening mechanism and new and more innovative ones with more advanced methods of operations. Check out the different window types for today’s log house... (More)
  • Residential Log Cabin Trends in the UK in 2017

    A residential log cabin is a real icon in the real estate niche both in the past and now. Thus, there are new trends developing, especially for log homes in the UK this coming 2017. From their first existence in the 1700s to the present, log cabins have evolved into remarkable structures that will certainly be a significant part of the housing trend now and in the future. Wooden structures have become the best options for those who want to invest in secondary or holiday homes. However, they are also considered investment properties that could help you augment your income through rental means. The sky is the limit when it comes to log home trends and possibilities in the coming years. 2017 Residential Log Cabin Predictions There is nothing old and outdated with today’s log houses because... (More)
  • Residential Log Cabin Stairs: The Choice of Structure and Style

    A residential log cabin staircase is one of the many systems in the structure that offers functionality and aesthetics all in one. In most cases, the staircase and the railing system makes a great centrepiece for the entire wooden structure. Thus, if you are looking for the best stair system for your log home, make sure you have the right information at hand. What Are the Different Structures and Styles of a Residential Log Cabin Staircase? The best thing about modern log homes is that you can find a smorgasbord of stair designs, styles, and structures to cater to your needs. All you have to do is know exactly what you want and find resources that could help you narrow down your choices. What are the different stair systems for a residential log cabin? A great log home should primarily ha... (More)

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