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  • Peter's Stronghold Log Cabin

    Even though our log cabin range is quite broad, recently we introduced the Stronghold log cabin, which is narrow and long, meaning it is perfect for anyone who just has a narrow space in their back garden. Our customer Peter was looking for something to fit in his garden between another shed and a fence – the space he had was just under 4 metres so the 3m x 6m Stronghold log cabin fitted his needs perfectly. A couple of weeks later our builders had arrived on site and after 6 hours the cabin was up and finished. So please tak... (More)
  • Tips on How to Make a Sauna in a Residential Log Cabin

    A residential log cabin is a rewarding and lucrative investment with functional and aesthetic values. You can upgrade your log home to something better and more convenient such as making a sauna in the structure. You may also opt for a sauna log cabin if this type of relaxation is your main objective in the first place. Before you explore the techniques on how to plan and create your very own sauna in your log house, it is best to know the other options available. Residential Log Cabin with Built-In Sauna As the name implies, this type of log cabin is fully equipped with a sauna for the ultimate respite and invigoration. A lot of log home owners consider this option so that there is no longer the need to create or upgrade the structure to integrate a sauna. It is a simpler and more conven... (More)
  • The Most Important Things You Need to Know about Log Cabins for Sale in Yorkshire

    Yorkshire is one of the best places in England if you want something diverse, unique, and new every waking day. It is a very popular destination, which is why investing in log cabins for sale in Yorkshire makes a lot of financial sense. There are lots of places and scenarios to choose from within its different locations such as the Yorkshire Dales, the Yorkshire Coast, and the North York Moors among others. Why Invest in Log Cabins for Sale in Yorkshire? There are numerous things you can do with a Yorkshire lodge or log cabin aside from making it your secondary or holiday home. A lot of people now consider permanently residing in these laidback and rustic settings, making log homes a popular option for primary residences. The good news is that you can find a smorgasbord of log cabins avai... (More)
  • Susan's fully insulated Log Cabin Clockhouse

    Here’s another Clockhouse 5.5m x 4m design for you to peruse. There is no question as to why this is one of the most popular log cabins in our range. The open area shows off the benefits of its classic style design, with a lot windows that offer plenty of light inside. Can you imagine the feeling you get after opening those double-glazed French doors? Enjoy the view of your kids playing football, watch your garden blossom, the autumn colors or maybe some snow is expected as well? Our client agreed with our recommendation to choose the fully insulated double skin log cabin option, which gives the best comfort no ma... (More)
  • Log Cabin Homes – For or Against?

    Nowadays, the building of log cabin homes is on the rise in various parts of the world. From the very first log cabins in the UK, this type of wood structure has gained popularity in here and other locations around the globe. Moreover, log homes have evolved from the simple log upon log construction to log houses with fully-packed features and contemporary designs. Log houses have made a major comeback due to the numerous advantages that these types of houses have to offer. However, there are also a few drawbacks that make some people still doubtful about making a log house investment. Top Reasons FOR Log Cabin Homes Log houses could be your primary and permanent residence or just a holiday home that you go to on a particular season of the year. No matter what your log cabin is for, there... (More)
  • What Happens When You Buy Easy to Construct Log Cabin Kits

    Log cabin kits basically do all the work for you, from the notching or shaping of the logs down to the selection and provision of the smallest materials to complete your log home. These kits come in a wide variety of materials, some are complete and others are not that comprehensive. There are kits that have pre-assembled walls or energy-efficient windows with prefabricated and pre-cut window frames. You have the luxury of choice to pick the perfect log cabin for your dream home. What to Know about Log Cabin Kits Log cabin contractors and their products are not created equal. Thus, the first thing you need to consider when looking for a log home kit is the type of kit you need from a reputable contractor. A fully equipped and comprehensive kit includes all the necessary materials that yo... (More)
  • John's log cabins

    One of our dear customers, John, contacted us in regards to buying three log structures – two garden sheds and one garage. He had plenty of space in his garden but no base ready, so there was plenty of time to discuss style and sizes among our various options available. After some thought, John decided to go for 2 Rennes Garden cabins as well as a 5x6 wooden garage. A couple of weeks later we had his delivery organized and the assembly had begun. Instead of the classic shingles roof covering John decided to use Firestone EPDM roof covering material for all of the log cabin structures. The builders finished it all in the late afternoon and last remnants of sunshine allowed John to capture these gor... (More)
  • The Ultimate Benefits of Double Wooden Garages That You’re Sure to Be Happy About

    There’s a functional side and an aesthetic side to double wooden garage structures. It’s an upgrade from the usual and conventional garage that you’ve been used to all these years. As the name implies, this type of garage features a dual door with a wide and generously spacious interior, meaning the garage accommodates multiple vehicles at the same time. The right construction and materials, such as double doors, offer an aesthetically appealing finish. Moreover, it guarantees lower electricity consumption and more market value to your home. Benefits of Double Garage Doors One of the top and obvious reasons that homeowners upgrade their wooden garage to a dual-door system is due to the need for a much bigger and more spacious carport. However, there are other perks that having this ... (More)
  • Make Furniture for Your Log Cabin by Yourself

    Your log cabin is like your fortress and sanctuary but you need more than that to make it home. Why not create your own furniture ensemble to design and accessorize your log home with? The best thing is that you can actually make furniture all by yourself. You may think this is a task for master builders or at least those with basic woodworking skills. You’d be mistaken in this assumption. Everyone can whip up a DIY furniture project. All you have to do is get the right woodworking plan or blueprint for your DIY task and you are good to go. It’s not just furniture making, it’s giving that personal touch on your dream log home. Why go for DIY furniture projects for your log cabin? Before you take on the DIY world full force, it is best to know the details as to why making your furnit... (More)

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