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  • A Residential Log Cabin Interior with Various Shades of Green

    The shades of green have always been associated with nature so it’s no wonder that a residential log cabin with a green-themed interior design is a no-brainer. Log home owners make their indoors an extension of the natural breathtaking backdrop outside their cabin. Green is a diverse and fun shade that makes your log home decorating even more exciting. The possibilities are endless when searching for the best green-themed log cabin interior design. Explore the Greens for your Residential Log Cabin The varieties of green technically differ in saturation or intensity, hue, and lightness. They may also vary in tone, brightness, and value. There is nothing absolute when it comes to the green family. You can find green colours with a mix of other colours that create a much larger spectrum. T... (More)
  • David's Wooden Garage for a Classic Car

    If you are the owner of a classic car and you want to make sure that it remains safe and protected for a long time – wooden garages are the perfect choice to keep your car safe and sound. One of our customers, David, who owns this classic British Humber Limited car contacted us in regards to purchasing a secure and solid wooden garage structure. Our garage doors, being heavy duty and reinforced with a metal frame from the inside, were exactly what the client was looking for. Most of our garage sizes are currently in stock and on sale, so why not have a look at our range now while stocks last! In the meantime, feast your eyes on this gorgeous car, which is now protec... (More)
  • Log Cabin Foundation and Finishing Details that You Need to Know

    There are 2 important things to consider in the construction of your log cabin. First, you need to put 100% resources on your log home’s foundation. Second, the finishing of your cabin is as equally important as its base or foundation. Without these two elements, your log structure suffers from sub-standard value. It will be prone to damage and other related structural problems. Things to Know about the Log Cabin Foundation The foundation of your log home technically and safely transfers the load and weight of the structure through the ground. The rule of thumb in every construction project is that the base or foundation should be strong and durable before building the log home upon it. A log cabin foundation must have the strength and stability in order to protect the cabin from 2 thin... (More)
  • Rain Pipe System in a Log Cabin: Things You Need to Know

    One of the most important utilities for your log cabin is the rainwater pipe system. A rain pipe is also known as a downspout. This pipe collects and disperses the accumulated water from the gutter of the log structure, being located and attached to the side of the cabin. The rainwater basically passes through the rain pipe and in most cases it is harvested. There are also other options on what to do with the collected rainwater. It could either be allowed to seep and infiltrate the ground or pushed towards a sewer near the log home. Log Cabin Rain Pipe System Overview Practicality is one of the main reasons why a rain pipe system is important in your log home. Most cabin owners utilize the harvested rainwater for various purposes. There are numerous uses for your accumulated rainwater. F... (More)
  • Margot's Residential Log Cabin

    Where should you start with your new dream? You need an idea and if your idea happens to be to have a residential log cabin surrounded by nature, then your next step should be to give us a call. We received a request from our client who wanted to have something compact but at the same time enough space for 3 bedrooms. Our Alex Residential log cabin was the perfect fit as one of the bedrooms can be situated on a mezzanine floor. This is one of the main benefits of this design; the other great benefit is the large terrace, which gives you enough space to decide if you would like to enjoy the sun or maybe have a cup of tea in the shade. You will experience all the most important things with this... (More)
  • Heated Floor in a Residential Log Cabin – Things You Need to Know

    How do you keep your residential log cabin warm and cosy? A heated floor is one of the top choices for log homes to have regulated indoor temperature despite the cold weather outside. Log structures are typically insulated, especially if you choose the right wood species with the required thickness and density. Nevertheless, there are remarkable heating systems and technologies that are designed for contemporary log homes. What Warms a Residential Log Cabin Floor? Underfloor heating is quite popular in numerous log homes in Northern Europe. This type of heating system is becoming a more preferable alternative to conventional radiators. It is quite different than centralized radiator-operated heating. Underfloor heating uses a combination of convection and radiated heat in order to power u... (More)
  • Things You Need to Know about the Hedge

    A log cabin garden is never complete without a hedge or hedgerow. Hedge refers to a line of shrubs that are closely spaced, planted, and trimmed to form a certain barrier or boundary mark. Some tree species are also used as hedges, depending on your preferred landscape. A log home increases its market value, curb appeal, and privacy if there are hedges surrounding the property. The Relationship between Log Cabin and Hedges Most log home gardens are accentuated with low, medium, and towering hedges. Contrary to the popular notion, these well-maintained shrubs and foliage come in a wide variety of plant species. To the question: what type of hedge is perfect for your log cabin? The answer would usually depend on the type of garden you cultivate and your needs for aesthetics, privacy, and ot... (More)
  • Storing Your Classic Car in a Wooden Garage Over Winter

    Every classic car owner scrupulously maintains their beloved classic car and does everything to have their dream vehicle in as mint condition as possible. So as a rule, classic car owners not only maintain the technical and visual elements of the car, they also strive to eliminate all factors that might have a harmful effect to on their cherished vehicle. Most car owners know that it is harmful for any vehicle not to be driven for a long time, because it results in electricity related and other mechanical issues (rust etc.). Therefore, in this article we have gathered together some of the best advice on how a classic car should be stored during winter, in order for it to be in as good a condition as it was before the winter started. Storage Location It is very important to keep your car in... (More)
  • Matthew's Bike Showroom

    Our dear customer, Matthew, has been a big fan of motorcycles since his early childhood, so he wasn’t able to resist his passion when it came time to making a decision about choosing a job. As a result, he established his bike selling business called Mid Essex Motorcycles. Matthew is always happy to consult or advise his customers on bikes and accessories, so it’s not a surprise that the new bikes that he buys don’t stay in his showroom for long. As growing demand forced Matthew to expand his supply, he contacted us in regards to a bigger wooden garage  that would be spacious enough to be both a showroom and a place to store all his bikes, as well as being a convenient office. We were not able to offer Matthew anything suitable from our standard wooden garage range, however our arc... (More)
  • 5 Ways to Make an Awesome Garden Log Cabin Bathroom

    A garden log cabin could be one of the most lucrative investments you ever make. More and more people each year venture into garden cabins to use as a vacation or even a primary residence. Decorating your log home is one of the most important things to consider if you want a coherent feel of the rustic lifestyle. You can start with creating the perfect bathroom that suits a small garden cabin. 5 Tips to Create the Best Garden Log Cabin Bathroom There are numerous options you can explore when planning a bathroom construction or remodelling your log home. Creative ideas incorporate different elements that accentuate and highlight the best features of the room. A garden log cabin bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house, accommodating high foot traffic. So how do you build or decora... (More)

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