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  • Dreux Garden Log Cabin

    How often do you have the feeling that you need to change your environment to refresh your thoughts and forget about everything. Our Dreux log cabin 5m x 4m is the ideal solution to create a separate world in a small garden and is spacious enough to create anything you can imagine. Perhaps you fancy a gym, meditation room or an art studio? Spoil yourself with something different from your main house. You can leave the natural wood or maybe add some special colour to the finished product. The big overh... (More)
  • The Popularity of Wooden Houses in the UK

    Wooden houses have a significant place in the history of the UK. Log structures in England, for instance, have had great influence in the field of building construction and architecture, with log houses in the UK being around for several centuries. Contemporary log cabins have evolved from their simple and basic features to more complex, aesthetically remarkable, and functional units. There is no doubt that timber houses are extremely popular in the UK and other corners of the globe. Wooden Houses in Ancient Britain Based on historical accounts, the first log homes were built in the northern regions of Europe over 5000 years ago. The origins of wooden houses have been traced back to the Scandinavians. Some of the oldest and even millennia old log structures were found in Scarborough in cl... (More)
  • How To Build Log Cabins For The Garden By Yourself

    Building log cabins for your garden is not something that you can do when you suddenly decide to. It takes careful planning and all the necessary resources to begin a DIY garden log cabin. Log structures within the confines of your property are remarkable investments. They offer a wide range of benefits from increasing the market value of your property to giving you another liveable space. You can build your very own garden log cabin as your extended home office or additional space with the help of some practical and useful tips. What to do before building log cabins for the garden? Embarking on a DIY log cabin project for your garden is a demanding task. There are things you need to do before you commence your project: Plot Your Land Decide on the best and most practical location for... (More)
  • Natalie's Wooden Garage

    Recently we have introduced new modern style wooden garages into our standard garages range.Natalie has liked the Wooden Garage Modern 4m x 6m the most and decided to go ahead with it also ordering our professional assembly service. A couple of weeks later we had a delivery date and Natalie has requested the installation to happen as soon as possible. Next day our builders showed up, finish the wooden garage  in one go so take a look at this gorgeous garage with some windows near the roofs, that allow that extra s... (More)
  • Various Technologies of Wooden House Building

    Wooden houses have taken the world by storm and are not going anywhere any time soon. In fact, more and more technologies are now being developed for the building of log houses. The emergence of these log home building technologies pave the way for more innovative structures and you get to experience beautiful log houses that function as holiday homes and primary residences. That’s exactly why log house investment has become a lucrative choice. Enhance Wooden Houses Building with these Technologies The construction of wooden houses has come a long way from its first appearance in history 5000 years ago. Nowadays, newer and greener technologies take charge and make log house building better and more efficient. A lot of log home contractors and manufacturers have adapted the concept of ec... (More)
  • Clockhouse Style Log Cabin

    Something classic? Something filled with light? Why not choose the log cabin Clockhouse? The cosy classic design of this log cabin’s roof is the perfect way to create the atmosphere for your garden office. The Clockhouse 4m x 3m has a very compact size but at the same time gives enough space inside to fit in all the required features that you may need. 44mm thick walls give the perfect structural stability and a great appearance. In addition, if the cabin needs to be erected close to the garden fence, due to its unique characteristics this won’t pose a problem to our builders, meaning the space in front of the log cabin can be kept for additional space in the garden. It’s the small details that make this cabin special. Clockhouse log cabin now on a special offer only at www.qu... (More)
  • Log Cabin Home vs Brick House

    A log cabin home is entirely different from a brick house. There are significant features between these two structures that make a world of difference. The looks or aesthetics of a log cabin are uniquely distinct, while a brick house also has its own recognizable features. The functionality of both structural buildings also has its own upsides and downsides. Get to know the differences between a log home and a brick house before you make your investment. Log Cabin Home and Brick House: Factors & Features BRICK HOUSE First let’s look at brick houses. This is the most common type of house construction in Britain ‒ brick is a popular building material used to build walls, pavements, floors, and other elements. It has been a mainstay in masonry construction, then and now. A log home ... (More)
  • How to Keep your Residential Log Cabin More Natural

    A residential log cabin is one of the most popular choices in the real estate market nowadays. This structural type now leans more towards becoming a primary residential option rather than just a holiday home. Log structures have come a long way from their former distinct locations in Europe such as Russia, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe and the U.S. In fact, log cabins are now celebrated and sought-after parts of American architecture. One of the most pressing concerns among log cabin owners and would-be buyers is on how to keep the log home more natural. Secrets of an All-Natural Residential Log Cabin What makes a residential log structure more natural? Log homes are uniquely natural due to their features, inside and out. Log house differ in sizes, styles, landscapes, interior designs... (More)

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