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  • The Differences of Quality Log Homes Prices

    The budget for your log home plays a vital role in building this lucrative investment. There are different quality log homes prices to choose from. The good news is that you can find a wide range of prices that cater for different budgets, from shoestring to the most expensive. It is also imperative to calculate and estimate the cost of building so that you have a good basis for your intended project. Do not make the common mistake of delving into overpriced log structures and overshooting your project to failure. Log Cabin Prices and Costs The cost of building a cabin is usually broken down into various segments such as the groundwork and foundation to the doors and windows, roofing, flooring, and insulation. There are professional log home companies that can offer assistance to enable... (More)
  • Malcolm's Log Cabin

    Malcolm has had some extra space in the garden where he wanted to put a log cabin to relax as well as extra shed, however both of the structures would take up too much area! Luckily our sales representatives have suggested Malcolm to have a look at our log cabin Benington – which is ideal for someone who needs a separate storage room in a cabin. Even though the Summer is over, Malcolm can still enjoy the last sunny days of Autumn in his log cabin; having all of the gardening tools stored in a separate area as the view sur... (More)
  • The Most Popular Places for Building Log Cabins in the UK

    The first log cabins in the world were created in the UK. In fact, history records that log building became a construction method many years ago and has been around for hundreds of years. The origin of this trade can be traced back centuries to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. The first people who made log homes created their first structure through stacking tree trunks and overlapping them at the corners. Soft materials such as moss was then inserted into the joints to make the structure air-tight and insulated. Nowadays, log homes have evolved into numerous designs, themes, and materials used for their construction. Nonetheless, the UK is still considered the best place to build and realize your dream of owning a log home. There are various highly recommended places for log cabins in the... (More)
  • Insulated Log Cabin for Autumn

    An insulated log cabin is not necessarily a given thing upon the construction of a log home. You need to have your log home insulated the right way in order to protect your log cabin from the chill of winter and the heat of summer. Although logs are naturally good insulators, you still need to have your log home treated in order to become energy efficient. Take note that without the right insulation, your log home could lose 70% of the heat in your cabin through the floor and roof. Why invest in an insulated log cabin? Energy efficiency is the top reason why it is a good idea to invest in an insulation system for your log home. You’re able to avoid using the costly heating and cooling utilities if your log home is well-insulated. Moreover, an insulated log cabin maintains and regulates ... (More)
  • Everything You Need to Know about Garden Log Cabins

    With the growing popularity of garden log cabins within the housing market, it is not surprising that more and more homeowners are making this profitable investment. A log home in your back garden is a good option if you want a separate hobby room, liveable space to hang out in, or somewhere to simply escape. Wooden cabins located in your garden are attractive as well as functional. It is a profitable extension, but it can also be a costly business. Basics of Garden Log Cabins There are many sizes and specifications that fit your choices for your log cabin investment. Log homes for gardens may vary from single door, one window structures to more complex and substantial models that are ideal for personal and commercial use. You can find different garden log cabins with industry grade mater... (More)
  • Nicola's Fully Insulated Log Cabin

    Our valued customer Nicola came across our website and instantly became interested in one of our Twin-Skin fully insulated log cabins.  Her favourite among the cabins we offer was the fully insulated log cabin Oak. She wanted to have some under the-roof storage space so we suggested that she look at our optional accessories – a canopy was the perfect fit for her cabin and we must agree – it looks very impressive! The red shingles on top of the roof give the log cabin an elegant look, and we are pretty sure ... (More)
  • Different Uses of Wooden Carports

    One of the best elements of modern homes these days is a timber carport, whether they are attached to your house as an integral part of it, or as a free-standing structure. There are numerous designs for wooden carports, depending on your budget and personal taste. Different designs of carports with wooden features also have their distinct uses and advantages. It is always best to know the basics of timber-made carports before you make a financial investment. What are the uses of timber carports? A wooden carport serves numerous functions, making it a feature in numerous homes today. The outdoor wooden structure generally consists of a roof with open sides. However, there are other designs that are more complex than the usual plain and simple. A lot of timber carports are now designed for... (More)
  • The Benefits of a 2 Bedroom Residential Log Cabin

    There are various types of log homes, but a 2 bedroom log cabin is becoming the most popular choice. A bigger and more spacious cabin gives substantial space for all your belongings, both on a temporary or a permanent basis. More and more people are planning to invest in log cabins, especially those with multiple rooms. The reason for this is that log homes are no longer just occasional places of abode or getaway venues. Log homes are becoming more of a place to stay in most times of the year. Before embarking on a financially demanding investment, it is always wise to know the pros and plausible cons of purchasing a log home, particularly a 2 bedroom log cabin. Benefits of a 2 Bedroom Log Cabin Owning a log cabin is a trendsetting option in the housing niche. They are primarily used as a... (More)
  • How to Prepare your Residential Cabin for Autumn?

    A residential log house is your home in the lap of nature and to make it a useable and liveable space, even in the coldest of seasons, autumn is the season you need to prepare for. So how do you exactly prepare your log cabin and get it ready for this time of year? Remember that living in a log home requires maintenance activities in order to cope with seasonal variations. There are inevitable changes when the season changes and living close to nature makes you more prone to these changes. Residential Cabin Care Tips in Autumn As autumn approaches, the right maintenance should be planned out and followed to keep your log home safe, clean, and liveable. The temperature is going to go down during this particular season and leaves in your garden will drop and pile up. A residential cabin ha... (More)
  • Reviews from People Living in a Log Cabin

    Log structures are now icons of American architecture and unlike in previous decades when log homes were more popular in Russia, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe, they have become more and more popular in the US in recent years. Thus, living in a log cabin is becoming a trend among Americans with varying lifestyles and age brackets. Modern log homes are diverse with numerous sizes and styles to choose from and just like any home investment they are also financially demanding. So, before you embark on purchasing a log home, make sure you discover the important facts about log cabins, including reviews from people who are currently log home owners. What do people say about living in a log cabin? Word of mouth is one of the most reliable and accurate ways to know about log homes. Most contrac... (More)

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