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  • Andrew's Wooden Garage (Chichester)

    As the trend to have a log cabin in the garden is on the rise at the moment, more and more people struggle to find the space needed in their backyard to put a cabin, garage or any other structure. Our dear customer Andrew has contacted us with a very special request – he liked our wooden carport, he liked our wooden garage, too, and the space he had could only fit one, yet he really wanted to have both. Our architects team has drawn up some drawings of a bespoke structure, where half of it is a carport, another half is a garage. After receiving the drawings Andrew said that was exactly what he’s been looking for. Bespoke cabins take a bit longer to be manufactured, but from the final res... (More)
  • Does the Log Cabin Lose Its Positive Features After Insulation?

    A log cabin is useable space especially with proper insulation. The right insulation system for your log home helps keep it warmer during winter and cooler in summer time. However, some owners are quite reluctant because of some misconceptions. One of these mistaken beliefs is that a log cabin could possibly lose its positive features when it is being insulated. Wrong. In fact, when a log home is correctly and efficiently insulated, it boosts the functionality and market value of the entire construction. There are, however, important pointers you need to bear in mind before you invest on your log home insulation. Thermal Insulation for a Log Cabin Technically speaking, the term thermal insulation could refer to the material used for log home construction with comparatively low heat conduc... (More)
  • Make a Perfect Camp for Children in the Residential Log Cabin

    A residential log cabin makes a perfect getaway for the entire family. Thus, it is always a lucrative and practical choice to invest on one. No matter what time of the year, you can always go to your log home as a respite. This is the best sanctuary to rejuvenate and unwind. Vacations and holidays are best spent in the log cabin. You can also plan for the perfect camp that your kids will surely love. Before Planning the Perfect Residential Log Cabin Camp Your options are overflowing when it comes to the best children’s camp in your log home. Your youngsters are surely looking forward to the fun things they will do in the outdoors. However, log home camps are not only for the outdoorsy types. The residential log cabin is the best venue where you can also plan indoor bonding activities wi... (More)
  • A Perfect Place to Build a Log Cabin

    A log cabin is your retreat and hiding place from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nevertheless, it is a huge investment to begin with. So, before you shell out on a single nail, make sure that you know all the essential details of building a log cabin. Just like in other real estate projects, creating a log home requires the best location to make your investment worthwhile. The location determines the quality of your log home and tells you if it is a lucrative venture or otherwise. So where is the perfect place to build a log cabin? Choosing a Log Cabin Location 101 There are several factors that must be considered when selecting a log cabin venue. Take note that the practicality and legality of the site should be your main priorities. Buying a piece of land and building your ... (More)
  • Choosing the Perfect Windows for your Residential Cabin

    Energy efficiency is a huge factor when choosing the perfect windows for a residential cabin. Windows provide your log home with ventilation, light, and cosiness. In previous years, these benefits could compromise the energy efficiency of this part of the log cabin. Contemporary windows are now designed to provide the same advantages but with lower energy costs. Before installing or updating the windows for your residential cabin, make sure that you find products with certified energy efficient features. Facts about Modern Residential Cabin Windows There are various methods to improve the energy efficiency of your existing windows. You can add storm windows or use window treatments and coverings. Weather-stripping and caulking are also methods to ensure that your residential cabin windows... (More)
  • No Dream is Too Big (Another Happy Customer)

    You don't need to be Peter Pan to have an exclusive accommodation option. It is always a pleasure to be a part of the exciting project that you could be proud of yourself and which makes you feel special when clients trust you at a such a high level. This time high level is not just a metaphor. The architect and the rest of the team had less space to be free out wide, but more space to create something absolutely unique. Step by step building log house the idea and confirming the small details, the team went up to the stage where it became a reality. It takes a little more time to erect or to put the treatment on the timber but isn’t it worth it? The reliable structure, with its special and convenient design is now a cosy wooden house for one of our clients. The single skin walls a... (More)
  • Prevention of Allergies

    There is a significant connection between a residential log cabin and protection against allergies. Wood houses are great investments with lots of benefits to offer. Allergies are oftentimes due to dust that accumulates in rooms and corners of a typical house or building. Dust build-up happens because of the static electric power that takes place in a particular, untouched or unclean structure. Wood has electrostatic properties that prevent dust formation and accumulation, which is why a residential cabin is one of the best places for people who suffer from allergies. How to prevent allergies in a residential cabin? Although log homes are naturally resistant to the dust build-up which causes allergies, it remains important to take necessary measures of prevention. A log cabin that is cle... (More)
  • Air Circulation in the Residential Log Cabin

    Ventilation in your residential log cabin is very important. Needless to say, a log home is the same as any other construction - it is an enclosed building where moisture and heat can build up unless it is fitted with a reliable ventilation system. These types of construction are highly prone to moisture that could develop into mould and mildew buildup and many other issues. You may have heard that a residential log cabin breathes and that air flows through the timber walls. To some extent this is true. However, do not rely too much on this and neglect to do anything about your log home’s ventilation system. What happens inside an unvented residential log cabin? Imagine a log cabin buried deep in the forest with smoke curling up through a stove pipe that sticks out of the roof. The warm... (More)

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