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  • Dave's Wooden Garage

    Even though we have recently increased our range of wooden garages by adding a couple of new designs, we are always happy to manufacture a bespoke log cabin on request. Dave from York had some extra space in his back garden and he wanted to put a wooden garage - workshop where he could keep his car safe as well as store his gardening equipment. He already had a base ready for a bigger unit rather than our standard garages, so we asked Dave to provide us with a simple hand-drawn sketch – our architect then adjusted it, made an exact floor plan and elevations and Dave decided to go ahead with a wooden garage 4m x 9m. A couple weeks later, the garage was delivered to his premises in which we not only offered an installation service, but all of our products, even the bespoke ones, were... (More)
  • 10 Most Interesting Wooden Buildings around the World

    A simple residential cabin may well be your cup of tea, but did you know that there are many interesting wooden buildings in different parts of the globe? You will never again look at cookie-cutter homes after your discover these amazing, eccentric, and one-of-a-kind wooden buildings. There are some structures in the list that are solely for commercial purposes, however you will be amazed at how the owners of some of these peculiar wooden buildings also use the structure just like any other ordinary residential cabin. Residential Cabin or the World’s most Amazing House The world is undeniably full of surprises, especially when it comes to woodworking. You will be surprised at how some people have the ingenuity to transfer a simple wooden residential cabin into one of the world’s most ... (More)
  • Nature Colours in a Log Cabin Interior

    The colours of a log cabin could either make or break the entire structure. Thus, it requires optimal output as well as careful discernment and selection of the colour for your interior. You can easily search the web for the latest and even classic colours for different log houses. The choices are endless, it all depends on your personal palate and preference as to what shade you choose for your log home’s interior. The important thing is that your log cabin reflects your personality and style and the aesthetics give you that sense of fulfilment and bliss. Guide to Log Cabin Colours and Painting Walls Painting your interior log walls is quite an adventure if you decide on a DIY project. However, it could also be a task for the professionals, especially if you don’t have the luxury of ... (More)
  • John's log cabin (Barnsley)

    John and Sue from Barnsley had some extra space in their garden and wanted to use as much of it as possible. They wanted something really quick and without the need to apply for planning permission; and so they chose the log cabin OAK – which at less than 30 square metres and with a ridge height lower than 2.5 metres is perfect for anyone who does not want to apply for planning permission! John had thought of using our professional builders team, but after taking a look at the installation instructions, he decided he would do it himself. After finishing the assembly, he commented that “it was really easy, like building a 3D jigsaw”. John decided to split the cabin into two parts, turning one part into a workshop, where he can work with his tools, and another part into an office, whe... (More)
  • A Guarantee of Longevity for Residential Cabins

    Not everyone can enjoy the luxury of residential cabins, nevertheless, it is a remarkable investment that offers a handsome return. Most importantly, residential log homes are lucrative and long-lasting. With this kind of investment you could never go wrong. The most important thing to remember before shelling out cash for your log cabin is to find the right supplier or builder. Residential cabins are not created equal, thus, make sure that you check out the quality available before you progress any further. Quality Guarantee for Long-Lasting Residential Cabins Different producers and builders of residential log cabins have their own standards and methods. However, there are general qualifications and features that make a log cabin high in quality and design. Go for manufacturers of resid... (More)
  • New Tendencies of Wood in the Interior of Log Cabin

    A log cabin is made up of basic components, for instance wood is one of its main composites. Thus, those who want to make a significant investment in this particular type of dwelling should first contemplate on the best wood to use or look for. Quality log cabins are built with numerous wood species, which depends on various factors. Wood offers the widest variety when it comes to characteristics, aesthetics, value, price, and so much more. The new tendencies of wood play a crucial role in the interior of a log cabin. The type of wood that is best for your log home has different characteristics, depending on the type you choose. Types of Wood - Characteristics and Tendencies in Log Cabin Investment in a log home is as valuable and demanding as it is in a regular place of abode. You need t... (More)
  • Is It Worth Insuring Your Residential Cabin

    A residential cabin can also be considered a vacation property. If you are planning to take out an insurance policy for your log home, there are some basics to know and understand. A log cabin is a vacation property basically because you are not residing there on a full-time basis. Therefore, there is different insurance coverage that is offered for this type of property. Take note that the insurance coverage necessary for a residential cabin mainly depends on how you use the property. Residential log cabins are often used as temporary accommodation, and for some owners the property is for a summer or winter retreat. However, there are also cases when regular weekend visits are made or the residential cabin is occupied year round. In this case, a more comprehensive insurance coverage is h... (More)
  • Robert's Wooden Carport (Sleaford)

    Our customer Robert found our website while searching for a timber carport for his brand new Land Rover. Unfortunately, our standard carports were not tall enough for this particular car as they are taller than the average car – and obviously he did not want to scratch it! Luckily for Rob we were able to manufacture a special carport  which had longer uprights. And just to make doubly sure we also made a precise drawing to avoid any confusion. Six weeks later the carport was installed on Rob’s premises. Another job delivered a... (More)
  • 10 Interesting Workshop Ideas in a Log Cabin

    A wooden cabin is a multi-functional structure, making it a lucrative investment and meaning that you could receive more money in return than you initially invested. Log homes are perfect places to improve your skills and indulge your creativity. Being more than a sanctuary and a place of respite, log homes are essentially the best places to provide isolation in order to hone your hobby for recreation and even business. Thus, it is important to carefully explore some of the most interesting workshop ideas in a log cabin. Transform your rustic log home into a centre of artistic inclinations and realizations. Top 10 Log Cabin Workshop Ideas It is always a good time to maximize the purpose and function of your residential log home. Often people invest in a cottage to have a place to go to an... (More)

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