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  • Residential Log Cabin Floor Plans: Which One to Choose?

    Are you thinking about the right floor plan for your residential log cabin? Here, you can get the help you need to bring your dreams and ideas closer to reality. The following are different types of floor plans that will be ideal for you depending on your personal taste and preference. Solid Wood Flooring There are three major types of solid wood flooring and each type is available in a pre-finished and unfinished version. Generally, the unfinished type needs to be sanded onsite and immediately finished after installation. On the other hand, pre-finished solid wood flooring comes already sanded and finished. This means that it is ready to install the moment it has been delivered to you. Here are the three major types of solid wood flooring: 1. Parquet Flooring Compared to typical hardwood... (More)
  • Wooden Garage 6m X 6m

    When it comes to building a cost and space efficient garage, a wooden garage is an ideal choice. The properties of wood give the garage a long life and also protects the vehicles parked in it from harsh weather. Wooden Garage 6m X 6m is a high-quality garage with exquisite looks. It has sufficient space for parking your car, motorbikes, kids’ bicycles and additional area to store your tools. If you install this garage in your garden, you can also safely keep your garden equipment and easily access them. The garage also features a small door towards the side from where you can pick and store the tools without having to open the front door. The garage is quite spacious, and you can also have a small storeroom in one of the corners. It will let you keep things for which there is insufficie... (More)
  • Insulated Log Cabin POOLHOUSE 13’ X 10’

    If you are looking for that perfect poolhouse where you can spend holidays and weekends with families and also invite friends and relatives for a vacation or Christmas, the Insulated Log Cabin POOLHOUSE is exactly what you need. A poolhouse made of wooden logs is the perfect companion for any pool to give the entire set-up a perfectly natural look. The qualities of this poolhouse keep it well-insulated so that no matter how bad the weather is outside, it will always be comfortable inside. The best thing about this poolhouse is the way it is insulated. Wood has natural insulating properties both thermal and noise. It absorbs noise and prevents the loss and transfer of heat. Hence, living in a log cabin is a fantastic experience with little noise and comfortable internal temperature. The sp... (More)
  • Residential Cabin Roof: When to Repair and When to Replace?

    Everybody knows quite well that the roof of their residential cabin is simply the winning hand in a poker game. In this regard, it is important to note that you should not be leaving its upkeep to chances. The saying “when to hold them, when to fold them” best applies to this matter. The fact is that there are certain questions on this that can be very tough, making you feel like you are grasping for an answer in the darkness. For example, if you were asked about when to bite the bullet and have the roof replaced with something that you have been thinking about for years or months, you will probably agree that this kind of question seems to be a very tough one.  A more pressing concern is when you make use of your residential cabin frequently. Yet, nobody wants to write a cheque with... (More)
  • The Problems of Log Cabins: Timber Cracking and Splitting

    Log cabins are lucrative investments ‒ they are remarkable sanctuaries where you can simply relax and unwind. And whether they are used for seasonal vacation or a regular place of abode, log cabins are always worth the money. The most prevalent material used for log cabins is timber and therefore it is as extremely important to know and understand timber as it is to master the ins and outs of a log cabin. Timber issues The timber industry specifically experiences great losses during summer and it is during this time of the year that countless customers question the quality of timber. There are various products made from timber and quality issues significantly impact these businesses and niches. One of the most common problems that are known to affect the industry during summer is timber... (More)
  • Enjoy a Great Vacation with Log Cabins in Cornwall

    On the rugged southwest tip of England is the county known as Cornwall. It actually forms a peninsula that encompasses hundreds of beautiful and inviting sandy beaches and wild moorlands. All of these culminate at the popular Land’s End. The southern coast of Cornwall is known as the Cornish Riviera, a beautiful spot which is dubbed as the home to picturesque and panoramic harbour villages like Falmouth and Fowey. On the other side, the northern coast is etched with towering cliffs and welcoming beach resorts like Newquay, a famous spot for surf enthusiasts. Holidaying in Cornwall Spending a holiday or vacation in Cornwall is a great choice. Many people from different countries take time to visit Cornwall due to its magnificent sceneries and panoramic views. If you are among the countle... (More)
  • A Closer Look at the Log Cabin Benington

    Are you looking forward to buying a log cabin that you can call your own? Today, owning one is easy when you buy the Log Cabin Benington which measures 4.5 metres by 3 metres. It is made from Nordic or Scandinavian spruce pine at a thickness of 34mm. With this type of wood, you can be certain of enjoying natural insulation the whole year round. Furthermore, this cabin can be the perfect place where you can do the things that you love. Alternatively, you can make use of this log cabin as an elegant and beautiful storage space for your valuable tools and belongings. Benington Log Cabin Description An extra shed could be installed on either the right or the left side of the cabin. This is possible because all of the log cabins that are sold come with walls that are interchangeable. The roof... (More)
  • How to Weatherproof your Log Cabin?

    If you ask around you will discover that many people love to stay in a log cabin because of the rustic feel it offers. If you have vacationed in another place and have experienced staying in a log cabin then you are probably familiar with this – the smell, look and feel of timber is absolutely fantastic. However, it’s important to realize that despite the rustic feel, a few dangers lurk along the way. While a timber’s exposed form comes with many visual benefits, it remains very important to weatherproof your cabin and give it the treatment it needs to avoid potential problems and worries along the way. Giving protection and maintenance to your timber can be an easy task but the sad truth is that many log cabin owners seem to forget or neglect this important area. Don’t be like th... (More)
  • George's Residential Cabin (Lincoln)

    Our client George (from Lincoln) came to us with a special request – a two storey residential cabin Langon with extra skylights to be incorporated into the roof. After various discussions with our professional assembly team George decided on the precise location of the window so that he could enjoy starry nights without venturing outside. Three days of hard work later the Langon is ready to soak up the sun and clear skies in Thorpe On The Hill. Just a few more final cuts and it’ll be ready to go. It’s important not forget that the log house has to be treated, ideally with paint, so George’s La... (More)

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