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  • Log cabin Sunflower for summer

    Summer is the time to relax and enjoy the sun, but too much exposure to the sun can be dangerous and can burn your skin. However, with due care you can enjoy a fantastic summer. To make the most of the summer it is advisable that you choose your abode wisely and among the top options available on the market today is the log cabin “Summer House Sunflower Plus”. This exquisite log cabin is the perfect summer retreat. Made from the slow growing Scandinavian spruce or Nordic pine, this cabin protects the interiors from the scorching heat outside. No matter how hot it is outside, the interior will remain cosy and relatively cooler. The double-glazed windows and doors further prevent the heat from entering the house and the fine quality timber used for the construction of this home ensures ... (More)
  • Residential Log Cabin Alex - Perfect For Cosy Time In Nature.

    Residential Cabin Alex is the perfect example of what should be an excellent log cabin for your garden or any other place covered with natural elements such as trees and flowers. One of the main advantages of this cabin is that it can be used for several purposes. If you install in the garden outside your home, the Residential Cabin Alex becomes even more useful. It can be utilised as a guesthouse to allow your guests the experience of living in a log cabin and enjoy the surrounding nature. Alternately, it can be used as a shed or a storeroom for garden tools. In addition, you can also use it as a summer home. Made from the elegant and premium quality slow growing Nordic pine or Scandinavian spruce, the cabin offers efficient natural insulation to keep the interiors cool in summer. Anothe... (More)
  • Double wooden carport with a shed - everything you need

    Wooden carports look elegant and also make efficient use of the available space. One of the best options for you to explore is the Carport Double + Shed. Being an ideal choice if you have sufficient space in your garden, this carport has sufficient area for two cars and a closed shed which can be used for storing your tools, equipment or machinery. It can also be used as a warehouse making your carport a multipurpose solution. This two-in-one structure, combining a classical wooden carport with an additional shed allows you to optimally use the area in your garden. Installing this double carport means you can park two cars in a single carport without the need for an additional one for your second car. An excellent feature of this double carport is the ability to park the cars either from ... (More)
  • Everything About Log Cabin Contraction

    During these days, many owners of log cabins usually render and file odd complaints to their roofing contractors. In most cases, these complainants usually have had their cabins installed during the early spring, autumn and winter season. Thus, the peak of such complaints usually piles up in contractors’’ offices between the months of July and August. While some customers are nice and would usually ask advice, others would simply launch a huge complaint. Such complainants are not very pleasant and nice to deal with. But contractors have to be nice when dealing with their customers. Through proper inspection, most cases can be resolved and one hundred percent of these are due to the customers’ own making. Common Types of Seasonal Complaints Regarding Log Cabins There are various type... (More)
  • Tips How to Arrange Entrance to the Residential Cabin

    A residential cabin is a place of respite and a stress-free hiatus. Nowadays, investing in a log cabin is a substantial, yet lucrative venture. Log or wood cabins are almost always associated with the outdoors, forests, mountains, brooks, and everything natural. One of the most important things to consider when starting up your residential cabin project is the entrance to the cabin. There are various ideas for cabin entrances and entryways. Making your dream cabin come true is both a challenging and self-rewarding venture. Follow your own style and make your cabin a reflection of your own personality and passion. Options to Arrange your Residential Cabin Entrance When it comes to entrances, there are various elements that you must consider. For instance, you need to look into doors and th... (More)
  • Residential Cabin UZES: Enjoying a beautiful living space outdoors

    Typical homes receive a remarkable twist with the residential cabin UZES. This collection of top quality cabins is one of the most popular models for residential wood cabins today. Customers are taken with the beautiful aesthetics of the cabin as well as its innovative design. There are tons of impressive features that make the log cabin an instant hit among unconventional home owners that want something different up front. The Residential Cabin UZES up close This home-like chalet is the newest addition to the line of high grade wood cabins that appear on the market today. It helps to know the log house UZES up close in order to discover the fascinating structural and aesthetic features you are about to enjoy for this lucrative investment. Here are some of the major points and highlights ... (More)

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