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  • Log Cabin Olymp: A Multi-Function Haven for the Outdoors

    Nothing beats the restful and serene retreat you get in an Olymp wooden cabin. Log cabins are timeless places of abode where you can enjoy a respite and be close to nature. Through the years, log cabins have evolved from the classic simple lodge to more complex and multi-functional venues. Nowadays, log cabins offer the widest array of features and benefits for owners, especially outdoor enthusiasts. This liveable space option could become an integral structure for your primary residence or a standalone building for a gym or an outdoor office. Log Cabin Olymp Basic Features It is essential to know the dimensional features of the Olymp log cabin before you decide to commit to this investment. Log cabins are practical and viable investments to begin with, however, you need to make sure tha... (More)
  • Easily Build A Sturdy Log Cabin!

    Building your own home is easier than you may think if you opt for a log home. In addition to being robust and cosy, log cabins are an affordable solution for owning a home. This particular article is not a tutorial or a step by step guide on how to build a log cabin; this is a simple overview of how to do it. You can´t expect to find a complete guide on how to build a log home in one article, that would be unrealistic. However, our intention is to let you know that it is feasible to build yourself a home without having to spend huge amounts of money. You don´t even need to waste your money buying a log cabin building kit ‒ there are basically three main construction methods for log homes: Saddlenotch, Scandinavian Chinkless, and Butt and Pass. Construction: The Butt and Pass Method T... (More)
  • Stephen's Residential Log Cabin (Northampton)

    We had been dealing with Steve for about one year and a half before we finally agreed on a Hymer twin-skin residential log cabin. After a few weeks of work in the factory and a couple of days of assembly, this fully insulated log cabin is now proudly standing in the grounds of Towcester. Double 44mm thick walls with insulation in between as well as under the floor and on the roof will keep this cabin warm all year round – and let’s not forget to mention the double-glazed windows and doors that come as standard. We have advised Steve to treat his log house every two years in order for it to mainta... (More)
  • Painting your Residential Cabin with Oil-based Paint

    When decorating a log house people often focus on painting the interior walls to make the home warmer or to match the overall decorating style of the house, however, attention should also be paid to the exterior walls. This essential area of maintenance needs to combine with what you want to achieve within the interior´s décor. Painting the exterior More to the point, the exterior of your residential cabin is the first thing that people will see. Therefore, painting the exterior walls is a quick way to transform the appearance of your home, with the added bonus that you can give your home a new look and refresh it simply by adding a coat of paint. Additionally, the exterior of your residential cabin is exposed to the elements, so over time the exterior colour starts to fade and lose it... (More)
  • EPDM roof coating for log cabins

    Log cabins kits usually come with sloped or flat roofs and roofing felt is commonly used to make roll roofing and roof shingles. As a separate option, anyone who owns a log cabin can have a far more superior and reliable roofing material called EPDM. EPDM – What is it? EPDM is an acronym which stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer, a very durable membrane made of rubber and commonly used for roofing purposes. It has two major ingredients ‒ Propylene and Ethylene, which are byproducts of natural gas and oil. For more than four decades now, EPDM has been widely used in the construction of flat roofs for log cabins. It comes with the following technical features:    *  A cyclical membrane to resist fatigue    *  Proven strong resistance against hail    *  Resistant to... (More)
  • Advantages of Living in a Log Cabin

    The main advantages of the log cabins are simple maintenance, noise reduction, and energy efficiency. These buildings have comfortable majestic appearance and charm. However, there are many people who say that these buildings are of short-term value and cold during the winter. We think that the great look of your building can increase the value of the land and the price of your own log cabin is really reasonable. Your home must be a comfortable, warm, beautiful, and great place for you, your friends, and family members to meet and spend leisure time. Today the building standards that are used for cabins are really high so you will definitely get a high quality, comfortable, energy-efficient, beautiful, healthy, and unique home. What is more, warm and sturdy cabins seem to be making a come... (More)
  • David's log cabin video (Birmingham)

    David is a client of ours who had a very specific request regarding his log cabin. Following our architects going over and analysing David’s drawings, we manufactured a bespoke project which was delivered to Birmingham, where our assembly team were waiting to erect it. In less than 8 hours David’s garden had been upgraded to include a shiny, well-built wooden log cabin. Luckily David had his camera handy and he has recorded a beautiful time-lapse video (video you can find here) of the installation of the cabin! We hope you enjoy it – cabin manu... (More)
  • Cumbria and log cabins

    Cumbria is an English county situated in the North West of England and has always been a popular tourist attraction. Tourists from around the world visit Cumbria every year. Although the county has a population of just five million people, in terms of its area Cumbria ranks third among the Ceremonial Counties in the country. It has a population density of just over 73 persons per square kilometre, which is among the lowest in England. The county has Scotland to the north and the Irish Sea to the west. Cumbria comprises of six districts, which are – Allerdale, Barrow in Furness, Carlisle, Copeland, Eden and South Lakeland. The Lake District and the Lake District National Park are important parts of Cumbria and are among the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Almost the ent... (More)

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