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  • Residential Cabin DIJON

    A residential log cabin is a great retreat for spending your vacations or holidays and a spacious cabin with sufficient space to accommodate you, your friends or family and your things is what you need. When it comes to these requirements, there’s no residential log cabin better than the Residential Cabin DIJON. DIJON is a spacious 6.5 metres X 7.8 metres chalet residential cabin which it the apt choice for your second home. This compact yet spacious residential log cabin makes efficient use of the available space. The cabin has four rooms with large windows in each one of them. The double glazed windows have neatly designed shutters. The cabin has two bedrooms and a small bathroom making it a complete home. Properties of the cabin The DIJON residential log cabin is made of fine quali... (More)
  • Roy's wooden garage (Wolverley)

    Even the most uneven surfaces don’t stand a chance against our wooden garages. Roy had a piece of land where he wanted to keep his cars as well as his tools, so he decided to contact us regarding a wooden garage. After the base had been built our assembly team erected the garage and just take a look at the result – it is a spacious, shiny, well-built 6m by 12m wooden garage able to keep all of Roy’s cars and tool... (More)
  • Garden Cabin Rennes

    Log cabins have multiple applications and can be used for a broad range of purposes. Based on what you’re requirements are, you can choose from wide ranges of log cabins. Rennes garden log cabins are perfect when it comes to the small non-residential log cabin. Although it can be used as a residential place, it’s also an ideal choice for a small office, playhouse for the kids or a storage space. These 4 metre X 3 metre cabins have sufficient space to enable you to use them as a warehouse, storeroom, and an office or a playroom. The fine quality timber used to construct these cabins keep them cosy round the year. Whether it is winter or summer, these garden cabins maintain their internal temperatures at a pleasant level due to the efficient insulation provided by them. Wood Quality Th... (More)
  • The history of residential log cabins in Scotland

    Residential log cabins have existed since ancient times and continue being popular as the dwelling places that offer the most natural living conditions. Europe is the birthplace of residential log cabins from where they spread throughout the world and are now among the most popular vacation and holiday homes. Whenever an allusion to the history of residential log cabins is made, the first thought that comes to the mind is of wooden structures made of conical trees in Scandinavia. It is that part of Europe which is considered to be the birthplace of log homes. However, any reference to log cabins is Scotland is not given much importance as not many believe that Scotland has made any significant contribution to the development of residential log cabins. But, contrary to the popular belief, ... (More)
  • Summer log cabins in Southend on Sea

    Spending time in summer in a log cabin is an excellent way to fight the scorching summer heat. The cool breeze flowing from the garden into the log cabin and the relaxed and peaceful environment help the mind and the body to relax. Southend on Sea is the place many prefer for its natural beauty. It’s the place where thousands flock each year to spend their summer. This little resort town on the seaside is the perfect place to be when the mercury rises and living in a log cabin in the Southend is one of the best ways to spend your summer. In this article, we have identified some of the perfect options for spending your summer, living in a log cabin in Southend on Sea. You have the choice to rent a log cabin for the season, or if your budget permits and you have planned to spend every sum... (More)
  • Steven's extension log cabin (Barnsley)

    Steven contacted us regarding a bespoke project – an extension log cabin.  Our architect designed a custom insulated cabin for him and after a few months it was delivered to Steve. Thanks to our assembly team, a cabin was installed and insulated in one day so Steve could start enjoying his brand... (More)
  • Aluminium Carport Colombe

    When it comes to describing our products, wood is the material that is associated with us. It is our expertise in manufacturing wooden products that has helped us become a premium maker of wooden cabins, log homes, carports and garden cabins. Therefore, watching us selling an aluminium product could be a shocker to many. Although we specialise in wooden products, the beauty and elegance of the Colombe Aluminium Carport were too powerful to be avoided. It has therefore encouraged us strongly to manufacture, sell and promote it as one of our most important products. The design, exquisiteness and grace of this aluminium carport is truly unmatched. The stylish aluminium carport The aluminium carport has an excellent design which is unique and splendid. It looks graceful and has a fantastic de... (More)
  • Wooden Garage perfect for a Workshop

    Constructing a house, workshop or garage requires the input of money and several other resources. The requirement for these resources is substantial and therefore, it is critical that the final result serves the intended purpose to justify the money and time invested. But, what if you could build a multipurpose structure that offers you sufficient space to serve several different purposes and also be affordable? The Wooden Workshop Garage is the finest example of how a single cost-efficient building can act as both, a garage and a workshop simultaneously. Efficient utilisation of space This wooden garage provides ample space for parking your vehicles and also using it as a storage space or workshop. It is possible to park your cars or other vehicles in the front part of the garage and hav... (More)
  • Nathan's log cabin (Birmingham)

    Nathan contacted us saying he wanted to buy a log cabin that he could use as an office. We immediately recommended him to look at our log cabins and he’s chosen the beautiful log cabin NICA 17' x 17'. He says he’s always wanted to have a cosy and solid place that wouldn’t be too big where he could work and relax. As per Nathan’s request we manufactured a cabin where the walls were thickened to 58mm instead of the standard 44mm. Our assembly team laid the base, installed the cabin and painted it. Please see an ... (More)
  • How Warm are Log Homes

    Log homes have existed for centuries and were the most preferred type of homes in ancient and medieval Europe for their warm and cosy interior. These homes were also easy to build as wood was available in abundance. In the cold climates of Northern Europe, conical trees served as the perfect kind of timber for building these houses and, therefore, it was much easier to build wooden homes. Log homes provided the necessary warmth in the freezing climate of North Europe. Log homes are warm and cosy, and it is the reason they can still be found in the rural areas of Europe. Despite the fact that wooden homes were replaced by concrete and brick houses a couple of centuries ago, there is a growing interest in them in the recent times. Among the various benefits offered by log homes, natural in... (More)

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