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  • Alto – The perfect residential log cabin

    Residential log cabins are among the best of the houses to live and spend time in a relaxing and cosy environment. These cabins have excellent designs and offer luxurious and comfortable living conditions. The best of the residential log cabins are a milieu of style, attractiveness, utility, strength, durability and comfort. Alto is the perfect example of how a residential log cabin should be and is a fantastic combination of all the necessary ingredients that make a residential log cabin the best in the class. Alto – the versatile residential log cabin Alto is not a typical residential log cabin with limited use. It is a versatile building that has multiple applications and can be used for several purposes. It is indeed a fantastic cabin that can be used as a residence, but it can also... (More)
  • MALTA – A World Class Storage Log Cabin

    Garden Buildings serve several purposes. From being a place to store your equipment to rest on a lazy summer afternoon, these log cabins have multiple applications and offer great convenience and style at an affordable price range. Garden log cabins are aesthetically attractive, structurally robust and excellently designed to meet your various needs. They represent a unique combination of beauty and usefulness which will make your garden look even more attractive. The wooden building segment offers a range of garden log cabin products, but not many can match the grace and elegance of MALTA. Designed with the intent of delivering the highest value to our clients, MALTA offers great value for money. MALTA storage garden log cabins provide more space in less area due to their design feature... (More)
  • Why People Build Wooden Cabins?

    Among the alternatives for regular concrete constructions, wooden cabins occupy the top spot. A wooden cabin is the most preferred holiday home for people who wish to spend their vacation in a peaceful environment. A wooden cabin represents class and grace. It has a beautiful structure that is aesthetically pleasing as well as the strength to endure even the severest of the weathers. There are several reasons why people build wooden cabins. These range from health benefits to simply spending some quality time with the family. If you are planning to build a holiday home, or want to explore an alternative to regular homes, a wooden cabin is the perfect option for you. Few reasons why building a wooden cabin is preferred by people are enumerated in this article. Natural Wooden cabins are t... (More)
  • What do you need to know before building a log cabin?

    Before you begin constructing a house, it’s important to have the complete information in advance. There are several factors which require due attention before you begin building your home. Adherence to specific guidelines and other crucial elements will help you build your home efficiently and without any hassles. To get the best results, having sufficient information in advance is beneficial. The need to have the appropriate knowledge becomes even more critical if you are building a log cabin. Due to the environmental and ecological factors that are usually associated with the process of building a log cabin, it becomes even more crucial that you have the right information available to you. Some of these vital points are explained in this article. Understanding local environmental law... (More)
  • Are residential log cabins difficult to maintain?

    The beauty of a house depends on not just how it’s built but also how it’s maintained. Maintenance is the key to keeping the house in a good condition for a long time and also protect the investment that you’ve made in building it. Maintaining a home is not an easy activity and requires following the right methods. Residential log cabins are considered harder to be maintained as these are made from materials that are more prone to damages. They are situated away from the population where it’s difficult to keep them well maintained due to lack of resources that are otherwise easily available in a city. However, by following a few simple tips, you can ensure that your residential log cabin is kept in an excellent condition for a long time, and you can follow all the maintenance acti... (More)
  • The history of wooden houses in the UK

    Wooden houses such as log cabins are popular in the United Kingdom as vacation or weekend homes. However, there is more to wooden houses than just being an alternative to the boisterous urban life. Wooden houses are said to have existed in the UK since the ancient times. This article takes a ride back in the history to find the origins of wooden houses in the UK. The oldest wooden house in the United Kingdom According to a report in Telegraph, the oldest house in what is the modern day United Kingdom is almost eleven and a half millennia old, and it was made of wood. Archaeologists have discovered the platform of a house made by hewing and splitting timber. It is a circular shaped structure found close to Scarborough near the Northern Yorkshire. According to the archaeological team that h... (More)

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