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  • Gerald's custom wooden garage (Eastleigh)

    Gerald lives in a suburb of Eastleigh (Southampton) and has a huge backyard where he wanted to have a decently-sized timber garage to keep his cars and store gardening equipment. Gerald needed a space for two cars but he wanted something special, so he asked us to create a custom-made garage according to his personal needs. Our architects came up with the project, Gerald confirmed it, and within 6 weeks we had the garage made. The wooden garage was then delivered to Gerald and installed by our team. We send our sincere thanks to Gerald and trust his garage wi... (More)
  • The wooden garage you need to keep your car in top condition

    Maximum protection for your car Placed inside the wood garage, your car is fully protected against accidental damage to its exterior. It is also kept concealed and no longer an easy target for car thieves. This additional protection will help you get the cost of your insurance down and save you a lot of money. If it rains you do not need to worry about the water damage. Likewise, if it snows or if there is a storm, the garage serves as a shield for your car. If you are home during the day, you also benefit from sun protection. The sun is one of the leading causes of car body damage. If you are travelling or not using your car for a period of time, having it inside a garage will help keep the paint job intact. The wooden garage is a car owner's best friend and the secret to keeping your c... (More)
  • For your Rest During the Whole Year - Residential Log Cabin

    For those who seek recluse in a calm and peaceful environment, there can be no better match than a residential log cabin. Situated away from all the pollution, noise and crowd of a city, a residential log cabin is the source of a healthy and serene life. These cabins, due to the inherent traits of the wood and the natural locations where they are situated, are the best living abode for the entire year. No matter which season it is or what time of the year, residential log cabins offer a relaxing and comfortable environment where you can rest and improve your mental wellbeing and physical health. Insulating properties of the wood Residential log cabins, as the name suggests are made of wooden logs. Wood is a very good natural insulator that keeps the internal temperatures at a relatively ... (More)
  • Choose the NICA residential log cabin as your second home

    Small residential log cabin This garden house is both spacious and cosy. It comes with a glass door and two windows. Leaving the windows open allows air to freely circulate inside the log cabin on warm days. When it gets cold keeping them closed will help maintain the cabin warm as the windows are double-glazed. This makes the perfect quiet space for an office with minimal noise coming in from the outside. The timber used to make the NICA is high quality slow-growing pine from forests that are managed sustainably. Suited for a variety of uses The NICA log cabin makes an excellent guest house. It can be set up and furnished in such a way that your guests have everything that they need for the duration of their stay with you. They will have their own a kitchen, washroom, living and dining r... (More)
  • The double carport log cabin protects your cars for less

    Large enough for two cars and more The timber carport log cabin is a wide structure under which you can park your cars when they are not in use. This double garage is built to fit up to two cars side by side. It is large and tall enough for small trucks. With two vehicles parked in, you will have no issues opening doors and boots. You can park motor bikes or other small vehicles as well. Your tools and supplies can also be safely stored alongside your cars. More than a log cabin One of the major benefits of the double carport log cabin is that it provides a shelter for your cars. Unlike traditional garages with doors and walls it also lets you access your car very easily. There are no doors to open or close as you enter or exit the garage. Therefore you save time when it comes to parking... (More)
  • Len's residential cabin on Airbnb (Dorset)

    Len ordered a customised 2-bedroom Hymer residential log cabin from us and installed it by himself near his home in Mannington (Dorset). After the cabin had been erected we asked him if he liked his cabin and if there was anything we could do to assist him. To our surprise Len told us that he is going rent his cabin to anybody wanting to stay in Mannington. It will be available soon on AirBnB! So, if you would like to spend a day or two in Len’s log house, you can contact him direct by phone on 0120281407... (More)
  • 10 Facts You Need To Know About Wooden House Buildings

    Living in a residential log cabin is an experience that can be hardly matched by any other kind of living. These wooden house buildings are the best way to relax and enjoy a happy and healthy life. Residential log cabins offer a peaceful and calm life and are a brilliant getaway from the noise, pollution and crowd of the cities. Log homes are situated in natural habitats and this results in a better physical and mental health. Wood, in itself has several properties that are beneficial for humans. This article enumerates few of them. Natural Insulation Wood is a natural insulator. It means that those living in a residential log cabin are protected from the severity of the external climatic conditions. Even if it is very cold outside in winters, the internal temperature of a residential log... (More)
  • Tips How To Create A Light Log Cabin Interior

    The most beautiful thing in the world is simplicity. But, simplicity is also the most difficult thing to achieve. Whether its life in general or any part of the life in particular, simplicity is the best way to deal with things. When it comes to creating the interiors of a log cabin, keeping it simple is the most efficient way to make it look attractive. A light log cabin interior is the direct result of a simple and minimalistic interior design. Log cabins with light interiors, which is a direct result of adopting a simplistic approach give the most stunning looks and the feeling of living in a cosy environment. This article provides few tips on how to create a log cabin with light interiors to achieve simplicity and to give it the perfect look. Minimalist interiors Keep the number of el... (More)
  • Log Cabin a Perfect Place for Hunters

    The primary advantages of log cabins is that they are a getaway from the mundane, boring and unhealthy city lives. These cabins are the perfect place to spend some quality time in close proximity to nature. (check there to know more about log cabins) Log cabins are generally situated away from the cities and close to the wild woods. While these cabins are perfect for a family outing or spending the vacation time, these cabins are also the perfect abode for hunters who like to go to the wood and hunt a few wild animals. Factors such as being situated close to the woods, a calm wooden structure, a peaceful ambience and a warm interior, make log cabins perfect place for hunters. Natural habitat Log cabins are usually situated in places that are surrounded by a more natural environment. It is... (More)

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